Band of Brothers - Day of days

Part two - Day of Days

Muck: "Smith! Give me a light!"

Buck: "Lip! Did Evans make it?"

Lip: "Yes, sir! He's in Lt. Meehan's stick, sir!"

Anonymous soldier: "Lt. Meehan! Lt. Meehan! Will could use some help!"

Meehan: "Will! Hey, Will! I need your help here!"

Winters: "Get ready! Stand up! Hook up! Equipment check! Sound off for equipment check!"

Anonymous Easy soldiers: "Ten okay! Nine okay! Eight okay! Seven okay! Six okay!"

Grant: "Five okay!"

Anonymous Easy soldiers: "Four okay! Three okay!"

Roe: "Two okay!"

Winters: "One okay!"

Sisk: "Jesus Christ! Let's go! Let's go!"

Lipton: "Does that light look green to you!?"

Sisk: "Let's go!"

Cobb: "I'm hit!"

Pilot (in Meehan's plane): "Jesus! Tell Meehan to get them out of there!"

Pilot: "Two o'clock!"

Pilot (in Meehan's plane): "Oh, Jesus Christ!"

Cobb: "I wanna jump, sir!"

Lipton: "Don't listen to him! He's staying on the plane! He's not jumping!"

Anonymous soldier (to Lip): "He's okay! Go, sir! Go!"

Lipton: "All right!"

Cobb: "Son of a bitch..."

Pilot #1 (in Winters' plane): "Where's the goddamn DZ?"

Pilot #2 (in Winters' plane): "Maybe it's three more minutes on this bearing!"

Muck: "We get any lower, we ain't gonna nead any frigging parachutes!"

Pilot #2 (in Winters' plane): "Slow down!"

Pilot #1 (in Winters' plane): "We gotta get some altitude!"

Pilot #2 (in Winters' plane): "They can't jump at this speed!"

Pilot #1 (in Winters' plane): "We there? Oh God! Oh no!"

Winters: "Let's go!"


Winters: "Flash!"

Hall: "Shit!"

Winters: "I don't think that's the correct reply, trooper. I say 'flash', you say 'thunder'."

Hall: "Yes, sir. Thunder, sir."

Winters: "Musette bag."

Hall: "Coach? Sir, it's Hall, sir. I was on the basketball team."

Winters: "Leg bag?"

Hall: "Prop blast got it, sir. And my radio and batteries with it."

Winters: "Mine, too. Landed somewhere behind those trees... Okay."

Winters: "Follow me."

Winters: "To hell with that!"

Winters: "Wait until they reload... Go!"

Winters: "Aren't you D Company?"

Hall: "Able, sir. Guess that means one of us is in the wrong drop zone, sir."

Winters: "Yeah, or both of us."

Hall: "Do you have a weapon, sir?"

Winters: "Just my knife."

Hall: "Do you have any idea where we are, sir?"

Winters: "Some."

Winters: "So, you're a radioman?"

Hall: "Yes, sir. Well I was until I lost my radio on the jump. I'm sure I'll get chewed out for that."

Winters: "Well, if you were in my platoon, I'd tell you were a rifleman first, radioman second."

Hall: "Well maybe you could tell that to my platoon leader. When we find him. If we find him."

Winters: "It's a deal. First I need your help. Locate some landmarks to get our bearings. Keep you eyes peeled for buildings, farmhouses, bridges, roads, trees."

Hall: "I wonder if the rest are as lost as we are..."

Winters: "We're not lost, private. We're in Normandy."


Winters: "Who's that?"

Lipton: "Lt. Winters? Is that you?"

Winters: "Any weapon?"

Lipton: "No, sir. I hit the prop blast, no more leg bag. All I got is this knife and some TNT."

Lipton: "These 82nd boys got their M-1, though."

Hall: "Man, 82nd! Where the hell are we?!"

Lipton: "Sir, I saw a sign back thataways. It said Sainte-Mère-Église."

Winters: "Flashlight? Raincoat?"

Lipton: "You got a raincoat?"

Anonymous soldier: "Yeah."

Winters: "We're about seven kilometers away from our objective and only four hours away from when we need to have it secured."

Winters: "So, we got a lot of walking ahead of us. You men will stick with us until we find your unit."

Anonymous soldier: "Hey, sarge, where are we going?"

Lipton: "Causeway number 2, Utah Beach. Germans flooded the fields inlay; we don't clear those routes, our boys ain't going nowhere."

Anonymous soldier: "The five of us ain't gonna secure a road! That looey don't even have a weapon."


Malarkey: "I don't remember hearing about any railroads near our objective."

Toye: "I'm telling you, this is the spur line that runs paraller to the river. We should be coming up to a road and bridge ahead."

Malarkey: "Yeah? How would you know?"

Toye: "Because I studied the sand tables, all right?"

Malarkey: "Probably a frigging train or---"

Winters: "Flash!"

Malarkey: "Thunder!"

Guarnere: "Lieutenant, is that you?"

Winters: "Malarkey."

Malarkey: "Sir."

Guarnere: "Glad to see you, sir. Hey fellas. Is everybody okay?"

Winters: "Guarnere."

Guarnere: "Sir?"

Winters: "You and Hall up front."

Guarnere: "Who the hell is Hall?"

Winters: "Lipton! Go! Guarnere!"

Winters: "Wait for my command."

Anonymous Easy man: "Grenade!"

Winters: "That's enough, Guarnere!"

Winters: "Everyone okay?"

Easy men: "Yes, sir."

Winters: "Next time I say wait for my command, you wait for my command, sergeant."

Guarnere: "Yes, sir."

Lipton: "Here you go, lieutenant; Kraut weapon."

Guarnere: "Fine, Quaker."

Hall: "What's that guy's problem?"

Malarkey: "Gonorrhea."

Hall: "Really?"

Malarkey: "His name, dummy. Guarnere, gonorrhea, get it?"

Hall: "So besides having a shitty name, what's his problem?"

Guarnere: "None of your fucking business, cowboy!"

Lipton: "All right, let's move out!"

Lipton: "Quietly."


Guarnere: "You see him? He just sat there."

Toye: "He didn't have a weapon. What's he gonna do? Shout at them?"

Guarnere: "Shouts at me for killing Krauts."

Toye: "He just wanted you to wait for his command."

Guarnere: "Joe, he don't even drink."

Winters: "Lipton! Wynn!"

Lipton: "Anybody need supplies or ammo, now's the time to get it."

Lipton: "McDowell! You okay?"

McDowell: "Yes, sergeant."

Lipton: "Well, let's go."

Malarkey: "Hey, I promised my kid brother I'd fetch him back a Luger; so I got first dibs, okay? Check that one."

Lipton: "It's the Navy."

Winters: "The landings have started. Let's go."

Lipton: "Let's move it out!"

Hall: "Right on time."

Guarnere: "Yeah? Tell that to him, cowboy."

Hall: "My name's Hall."

Guarnere: "That so?"

Winters: "Let's move out."

Malarkey: "You just gotta learn to return his fire, that's all."

Toye: "You just gotta realize it ain't about you..."

Malarkey: "I just heard his brother---"

Guarnere: "Malarkey, shut your yap."

Malarkey: "His brother got it at the Cassino. Found out before we jumped."


Anonymous soldier: "Morning, sir. Battalion sure will be happy to see you guys."

Winters: "Where?"

Anonymous soldier: "At the farm, sir."

Malarkey: "Top of the morning to you, fellas. Enjoying the war?"

Malarkey: "Where you from, son?"

Anonymous soldier (german prisoner): "Eugene, Oregon."

Malarkey: "Eugene? You gotta be kidding me! Popeye, do you hear this?"

Malarkey: "I'm from Astoria."

Anonymous soldier (german prisoner): "You don't say."

Malarkey: "Yeah! Orange Street."

Malarkey: "What gives? What are you doing in a Kraut uniform?"

Anonymous soldier (german prisoner): "Volksdeutsche."

Malarkey: "Come again?"

Anonymous soldier (german prisoner): "My family answered the call. All true Aryans should return to the Fatherland. Joined up in '41."

Malarkey: "You're shitting me, right?"

Toye: "Hey, Malarkey! Stop fraternizing with the enemy! Get over here!" 

Malarkey: "What got you to Eugene?"

Anonymous soldier (german prisoner): "I was born in Eugene." 

Malarkey: "Really?"

Anonymous soldier: "Popeye! Hey, Popeye!"

Winters: "Hey, Harry!"

Winters: "Carry on."

Liebgott: "Easy Company! Hey, Popeye. Good to see you."

Popeye: "This here is Hall; Able Company."

Guarnere: "Known as 'Cowboy'."

Liebgott: "You from Texas?"

Hall: "Manhattan."

Buck: "What's going on?"

Winters: "What's the holdup?"

Buck: "Not sure. Five'll get you ten it's got something to do with that. (gunfire)"

Winters: "Yeah..."

Buck: "It's good to see you, Dick."

Winters: "Yeah, you too, Buck. What's the situation?"

Buck: "Not good. 90% of the men are still unaccounted for."

Winters: "Lt. Meehan?"

Buck: "No one's seen him, or anyone from his plane. You know, if he is missing, wouldn't that put you in line to be the next commander of Easy?"

Winters: "Hey, Lt. Speirs. How many men of Dog Company got assembled?"

Speirs: "Handful, maybe 20."

Winters: "You're the only officer that made it?"

Speirs: "So far... Still waiting for orders. You got some cigarettes?"

Buck: "Yeah."

Buck: "Hey, keep the pack!"

Anonymous soldier (german prisoner): "Yeah, so I was in the plant in '39."

Malarkey: "That's when I was at Monarch, tooling propeller shafts; no kidding! What are the chances of that, huh? You and me, a hundred miles apart from
each other, working practically at the same job... "

Popeye: "Hey, Malark! We're waiting on you!"

Malarkey: "Yeah! I'm coming! I gotta run. I'll see you around."

Anonymous soldier (german prisoner): "Yeah, see you around..."

Speirs: "Zigaretten? Here you go."

Anonymous soldiers (german prisoners): "Danke. Thank you."

Malarkey: "Shit..."

Anonymous soldier: "Easy Company? Easy? Hey any of you guys know where Easy Company is? You seen Lt. Meehan?"

Buck: "No, not yet."

Anonymous soldier: "Well, Maj. Strayer wants Easy Company's CO up front."

Buck: "Well I guess that means you, Dick."

Buck: "Son of a bitch..."

Toye: "Hey, Malark. Where's the best chow?"

Toye: "In Berlin..."

Anonymous soldier: "Let's round them up."

Strayer: "And the MGs?"

Anonymous soldier: "I'd say right around here, sir. But can't be sure."

Strayer: "There's some Kraut 88s up ahead. Up ahead to the right about what? 300 yards?"

Strayer: "Up through those gardens. Now, they're right between us and Causeway number 2; firing on the boys landing at Utah."

Strayer: "Think Easy can handle it?"

Winters: "Yes, sir."

Strayer: "My guess is, they're doing some terrible damage there."

Winters: "The 88s we've been hearing have been spotted in a field down the road a ways. Maj. Strayer wants us to take them out."

Winters: "There are two guns that we know of, firing on Utah Beach. Plan on a third and a fourth here and here..."

Winters: "The Germans are in the trenches with acces to the entire battery. With machine gun covering their rear."

Winters: "We'll establish a base of fire and move under it hard and fast with two squads of three."

Guarnere: "How many Krauts do you think we're facing?"

Winters: "No idea."

Guarnere: "No idea?"

Winters: "We'll take some TNT along with us. To spike the guns. Lipton, your responsibility."

Lipton: "Yes, sir."

Winters: "Liebgott, you'll take the first machine gun, with Petty A-gunner. Plesha, Hendrix, you take the other. Who does that leave?"

Winters: "Compton, Malarkey, Toye, Guarnere. Okay."

Winters: "We'll be making the main assault. Understood?"

Easy men: "Yes, sir."

Lipton: "All right, let's pack it up, boys."

Toye: "Shouldn't you be outside with the other Able Company guys?"

Guarnere: "See you around, Hall."

Winters: "Lipton, when you see we've captured the first gun, I want you and your TNT as fast as possible."

Lipton: "Yes, sir."

Winters: "Okay, just weapons and ammo, drop everything else. Got any spare ammo in a pack or a musette bag, bring it along."

Lorraine: "Lieutenant, sir? I was wondering, sir, you need an extra hand?"

Toye: "Ain't you Sink's jeep driver?"

Lorraine: "So?"

Guarnere: "Oh shit..."

Winters: "What's you name, trooper?"

Lorraine: "Lorraine, sir. 

Winters: "You're with me, Lorraine."

Winters: "Compton, 2nd Squad!"

Buck: "Yes, sir!"

Lipton: "All right, you heard the word. Let's move! Let's move!"


Winters: "Go!"

Buck: "Three cannons."

Winters: "Petty, we've got enfilading fire."

Buck: "All right, let's go. Stay down."

Buck: "MG42s."

Winters: "I'll draw their fire to the right from the truck. Take two men and hit them from the left. Okay, go."

Buck: "Right."

Winters (to Lip): "Take Ranney, envelop right, give covering fire."

Winters: "Lorraine, on the machine gun."

Winters: "Don't give away your position until you have to. And I want that TNT as soon as you see we've captured the first gun. Go!"

Lipton: "Yes, sir!"

Winters: "Go."

Lipton: "I can't see nothing!"

Winters: "Come on, Buck..."

Buck: "Oh shit!"

Winters: "Let's go! Let's go! Follow me! Come on!"

Popeye: "Fuck! My ass!"

Popeye: "Sorry, sir"

Guarnere: "Jesus Christ! Fucking jeep jockey!"

Popeye: "Shit! I'm sorry, sir! I screwed up!"

Winters: "Grenade!!! Joe! Toye! Roll out! Roll out!"

Popeye: "Get off!!! Shit..."

Guarnere: "One lucky bastard, Joe."

Winters: "Guarnere! Malarkey! Lorraine! Secure that gun!"

Winters: "Compton, covering fire!"

Buck: "Yes, sir!"

Buck: "Where you hit, Pop?"

Popeye: "I can't believe I fucked up my ass, sir!"

Buck: "Your ass?!"

Buck: "Oh shit!"

Winters: "How bad is it?"

Popeye: "I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean to fuck up. I don't...I don't think it's too bad."

Winters: "You think you can make it back yourself?"

Popeye: "I think so, sir."

Winters: "Let's move out."

Buck: "All right, here we go. Drop your weapon, Pop, drop your weapon!"

Winters: "Come on! One, two, three!"

Buck: "Get down, Dick, get down! Pop! Popeye, get down!"

Buck: "Winters! One o'clock!"

Buck: "Grenade!!!"

Buck: "Toye! Let's go! Get out of there! Get out of there!"

Buck: "Toye!"

Winters: "Joe?"

Toye: "Jesus Christ! Fucking twice!"

Guarnere: "Jesus Christ! Lorraine! Move! Go! Malark!"

Lipton: "Ranney! Let's move! They got the first gun!"

Winters: "There's the second gun. Grenades first, then keep going. Go!"

Buck: "Right."

Buck: "Okay."

Winters: "Go!"

Anonymous soldier (surrendering german): "Nicht schießen! Nicht schießen!" (don't shoot)

Toye: "Shut up!"

Anonymous soldier (surrendering german): "Nicht schießen! No make dead!"

Toye: "Shut up!"

Anonymous soldier (surrendering german): "Nicht schießen!"

Toye: "Shut the fuck up!!"

Anonymous soldier (surrendering german): "No make dead!"

Buck: "Toye, stay down! Stay down!"

Winters: "Compton!"

Buck: "All right, cover for me!"

Winters: "We must be doing something right. Look. We got them so confused, they're firing on the third gun."

Buck: "We better blow this thing before they figure out what the hell is happening."

Winters: "I'm gonna go and see what's keeping Lipton."

Buck: "All right. Toye! Cover the lieutenant!"

Malarkey: "I think one of those dead Krauts has a Luger!"

Guarnere: "So what?!"

Liebgott: "Keep your head low, Petty! Come one, move it! Have a little suppressing fire, why don't you!"

Petty: "Jesus Christ! Malarkey!"

Liebgott: "Now you stop firing? Beautiful!"

Malarkey: "Shit..."

Petty: "Christ, they must think he's a medic or something!"

Guarnere: "He's gonna need a goddamn medic!"

Malarkey: "Okay, okay, okay..."

Liebgott: "Malarkey! Stay low! What the hell is he doing?!"

Guarnere: "Come on!"

Guarnere: "Forgot your frigging Luger? Want I should go get it for you? Stupid mick!"

Winters: "Where's Lipton with that TNT?!"

Guarnere: "Don't know, sir!"

Lipton: "You'll be all right, Popeye."

Popeye: "I'm sorry I messed up..."

Lipton: "Don't be sorry."

Popeye: "Hey, sarge?"

Lipton: "Yeah?"

Popeye: "You think this is a ticket home?"

Lipton: "Maybe."

Popeye: "Shit, I just got here..."

Guarnere: "Hiya, Cowboy!"

Hall: "Shut your fucking guinea trap, Gonorrhea!"

Guarnere: "He's all right, that kid."

Hester (?): "Jesus, you got a whole Kraut platoon out there!"

Winters: "Probably more, captain."

Hester (?): "Need help?"

Winters: "I need ammo, sir! Lots of it! And TNT!"

Hall: "I've got TNT, sir."

Winters: "Good job, private!"

Winters: "Hall! Ready?"

Hall: "Sir, I don't have any way to set it off, sir!"

Winters: "Fire in the hole!"

Winters: "Plesha! Covering fire! Third gun here! Lorraine, grab some more those potato mashers and follow me!"

Winters: "Malarkey, Hall, you two! Go!"

Buck: "Running a little low on ammo, sir!"

Winters: "How about you, Malarkey?"

Malarkey: "Okay!"

Winters: "Think you got enough to take the third gun?!"

Buck: "We'll soon find out, Dick. Malarkey, let's go! Toye, cover us!"

Winters: "Okay, Hall. Keep your head down."

Winters: "Hall! Leave your TNT!"

Winters: "Fire in the hole!"

Buck: "Malarkey, cover the front! Go to the cannon! Go!"

Anonymous soldier: "Hey, sarge? I'm looking for Battalion Headquarters."

Lipton: "Are you kidding?! It's back thataway!"

Anonymous soldier: "You mean over---"

Winters: "Fire in the hole!"

Lipton: "TNT! TNT!"

Guarnere: "Don't need it!"

Lipton: "What?!"

Guarnere: "Don't need it!"

Guarnere: "Hall!"

Lipton: "Hall?! Where did he come from?!"

Speirs: "Winters! Hester said you needed ammo!"

Winters: "Malarkey! Take as much as you can for everyone!"

Speirs: "Mind if D Company takes a shot at the next gun?"

Winters: "All yours."

Speirs: "Let's go, Dog Company!"

Anonymous soldier: "Let's get them, D Company!"

Winters: "Compton!"

Buck: "Who is that? Speirs?"

Winters: "What's he doing out of the trench!?"

Buck: "What the hell is he doing?! Oh, Jesus..."

Lipton: "Sir. Had a little trouble getting through that first field."

Lipton: "Oh, Christ..."

Winters: "We're gonna need it at the next gun. Once it's blown, pull out. Go!"

Lipton: "Yes, sir."

Winters: "Compton, police them both, then pull out! Lorraine! Toye! Move out!"

Winters: "Move out! Move out! Move out!"

Winters: "MGs first! Fall back to your original positions!"

Winters: "Everyone else maintain your base of fire!"

Winters: "Okay, back to battalion! Go! Go!"


Winters: "They were 105s, not 88s, sir. We disabled them and pulled out. I'd figure there's maybe 40 or so Krauts still manning three MG42s to the rear."

Winters: "Hey, Popeye."

Hester (?): "Forty?"

Winters: "Yes, sir. We killed maybe around 20, so yeah, probably there's 40 left."

Winters: "I think we need artillery or maybe mortars might do the job."

Nixon: "Going my way?"

Winters: "Sure."

Nixon: "Careful, don't hurt yourself."

Winters: Nice ride you got here, Nix."

Nixon: "Straight from Utah Beach. We should put them to work before they're missed."


Winters VO: "By nightfall, 2nd Battalion had secured Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. And elements of the 4th Division began to move men and material inland.
Most of the 101st Airborne, including Easy Company, was still scattered all over Normandy. And the success of the invasion was far from
certain. We had an hour to rest and scrounge whatever food we could, before we had to move south and secure the town of Culoville."

Malarkey: "Come on, what?"

Liebgott: "I don't wanna die in the back of this damn truck, that's what!"

Toye: "Come on, you're stepping on my legs!"

Liebgott: "Jesus! Let me outta here!"

Lipton: "Light! Light discipline! Guarnere, close that flap."

Guarnere: "Let the Krauts cook their own goddamn food."

Guarnere: "How are we doing, Malarke?"

Malarkey: "We're doing good."

Buck: "Yeah? What the hell do you know about cooking; you're Irish."

Malarkey: "Sir, if you have a reservation someplace else, I'd be happy to go with you."

Toye: "Thank you."

Guarnere: "Jesus Christ, give me some air!"

Malarkey: "Oh God..."

Winters: "Evening."

Guarnere: "Hello, sir."

Winters: "Did something die in here?"

Anonymous soldier: "Yeah, Malarkey's ass."

Buck: "Any word on Lt. Meehan, sir?"

Winters: "No, not yet."

Guarnere: "Don't that make you our commanding officer, sir?"

Winters: "Yeah, it does."

Toye: "Sir."

Guarnere: "Joe, the lieutenant don't drink."

Winters: "It's been a day of firsts."

Winters: "Don't you think, Guarnere?"

Guarnere: "Yes, sir."

Winters: "Carry on."

Guarnere: "Good night, sir."

Winters: "Oh, sergeant."

Guarnere: "Sir?"

Winters: "I'm not a Quaker."

Guarnere: "He's probably a Mennonite."

Toye: "What's a Mennonite?"

Nixon: "Hey! Dick!"

Nixon: "You know that mad you found? That had every Kraut gun in Normandy on it."

Winters: "Oh yeah?"

Nixon: "Yeah!"

Nixon: "Here... Don't ever get a cat."

Nixon: "What's on your mind?"

Winters: "I lost a man today. Hall."

Winters: "Thanks. A John Hall. New Yorker. Got killed today at Brecourt."

Nixon: "I never knew him."

Winters: "Yeah, you did. Radio op. 506th basketball team, Able Company."

Winters: "He was a good man. Man. Not even old enough to buy a beer."

Winters: "Not hungry..."

Nixon: "Hey, Dick... I sent that map up to Division. I think it's gonna do some good."

Winters VO: "That night I took time to thank God for seeing me through that day of days. And prayed I would make it through D-day plus 1. And if somehow I managed to get home again, I promised God and myself that I would find a quiet piece of land someplace and spend the rest of my life in peace.

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