Band of Brothers - Carentan

Part three - Carentan

June 8, 1944, Normandy, France

Talbert: "Hey, it looks like what's-his-name... You know, from 1st Platoon?"

Shifty: "Our 1st Platoon?"

Smokey: "He sure does."

Talbert: "Blithe. Hey, Blithe."

Smokey: "Blithe!"

Talbert: "Thought that was you. You alone?"

Blithe: "You're the first familiar faces I've seen."

Smokey: "I ain't surprised. They dropped us all over the peninsula."

Talbert: "We've been fighting with the 502nd since we hit the ground. You?"

Blithe: "I've been... trying to find Easy."

Talbert: "Join the club."


Talbert: "Hey, fellas!"

Luz: "Well look who decided to show up, Floyd."

Talbert: "Hey, Luz."

Talbert: "I thought we would never find you guys."

Luz: "You okay?"

Liebgott: "Hey, Tab, get a load of this. You like that?"

Luz: "Nice, huh?"

Talbert: "Yeah, it's the real stuff?"

Liebgott: "Yeah, of course."

Talbert: "You like this?"

Luz: "Oh, nice! That's a beauty, sarge!"

Luz: "It's a hell of a poncho."

Hoobler: "My Luger's gonna put you all to shame when I get it."

Dukeman: "How was your jump?"

Blithe: "Well, I missed the DZ."

Perconte: "Yeah, that goes without saying."

Blithe: "I guess so..."

Perconte: "Got any souvenirs to trade?"

Perconte: "They're all ticking, unlike their previous owners. Got anything good?"

Blithe: "Not yet."

Perconte (to Dukeman): "Hey!"

Blithe: "So, have we lost anybody?"

Dukeman: "Tommy Burgess took one in the face. Popeye Wynn got pinked in the behind. They're gonna be okay."

Blithe: "That's good."

Perconte: "You run into Lt. Meehan on you travels?"

Blithe: "No. Why?"

Perconte: "Company's HQ's still missing. They think the plane went down."

Dukeman: "They say he's gonna turn up."

Perconte: "Yeah, I ain't holding my breath."

Blithe: "Who's in command now?"

Dukeman: "Winters for now. Lt. Welsh is 1st Platoon."

Anonymous soldier: "Easy Company, on the road!"

Welsh: "Let's go! 1st Platoon!"

Anonymous soldier: "Platoon! Move out!"

Anonymous soldier: "On your feet! Let's go, 1st Platoon!"

Welsh: "Easy's moving out. On your feet!"

Anonymous soldier: "Stand up! Here we go!"

Anonymous soldier: "Today, people!"

Welsh: "Listen up! It'll be dark soon. I want light and noise discipline from here on."

Welsh: "No talking, no smoking and no playing grab-fanny with the man in front of you, Luz."

Anonymous soldier: "So where are we headed to, lieutenant?"

Welsh: "We're taking Carentan."

Perconte: "That sounds like fun."

Welsh: "It's the only place where armour from Omaha and Utah Beach can link up and head inland."

Welsh: "Until we take Carentan, they're stuck on the sand. General Taylor's sending the whole division."

Luz (Taylor imitation): "Remember boys, give me three days and three nights of hard fighting, and you will be relieved."

Hoobler: "Lieutenant, I'll take point."

Welsh: "Hoobler will be lead scout."

Welsh: "Blithe, glad you could join us."

Blithe: "Thank you, sir."

Welsh: "1st Platoon, fall in behind Fox Company. You people from 2nd and 3rd Platoons, follow us. Shake a leg."

Luz (Taylor imitation): "Another thing to remember, boys: flies spread decease; so keep yours closed."

Anonymous Easy man: "Shut up, Luz..."


Hoobler: "Don't wake Jerry."

Hoobler: "Damn it..."

Welsh: "What?"

Hoobler: "We lost F Company, sir."

Welsh: "Again?!"

Hoobler: "We lost F Company."

Perconte: "Again?! Hey, Blithe, Skinny, guess what."

Welsh: "Perconte, go back and pass the word to hold up."

Perconte: "Yes, sir."

Welsh: "Hoobler, take Blithe, go find F Company."

Hoobler: "Yes, sir. Come on, Blithe."

Winters: "Did you send somebody?"

Welsh: "Yeah, I got Hoobler and Blithe out there now."

Nixon: "Why are we stopped?"

Winters: "This is about officers crapping out on their training, Nix."

Winters: "Come on, let's get this show on the road."

Hoobler: "Dang mosquitoes!"

Blithe: "What is it?"

Anonymous soldier: "Flash."

Hoobler: "Thunder."

Anonymous soldier: "I can hear ya all, all the way across the field."

Hoobler: "You F Company?"

Anonymous soldier: "That's right... Where ya all been?"

Hoobler: "Blithe, go back to the lieutenant. Tell him we found F Company. I'll figure out where these yokels are at."

Anonymous soldier: "Hey! Who ya all calling a yokel?"

Nixon: "He's dead, private."

Winters: "Did you find Fox Company?"

Blithe: "Yes, sir... I thought he... I thought he had me."

Nixon: "Fallshcirmjäger."

Blithe: "Paratrooper?"

Nixon: "Division thinks there's a regiment of them holding Carentan."

Winters: "Well there's one less to worry about."

Nixon: "Yeah... That's Edelweiss. That only grows in the Alps above the tree line. Which means he climbed up there to get it. It's supposed to be
the mark of a true soldier."


D-Day plus 6, Carentan, France

Winters: "I want you to take the 1st straight up the middle, hard and fast. We have to move quickly. I'll be right behind you with 2nd and 3rd."

Winters: "Go!"

Welsh: "Let's go, 1st, let's go!"

Winters: "Go! Go! Go!"

Anonymous Easy soldier: "In the ditch! Down! Down! Down!"

Winters: "Incoming!"

Luz: "Goddamn it!"

Welsh: "Where the fuck is everybody!?"

Welsh: "Where did everybody go?!"

Luz: "I have no idea!"

Strayer: "Let's go, Easy! Get those MGs moving, will you!? Let's get them outta there!"

Nixon: "They're in the open, for Pete's sake!"

Winters: "Go! Go! Get them going, Buck! Follow me, Easy!"

Winters: "Move out! Move out, men! Go!"

Winters: "Move out! Move out! Get yourselves out of that ditch!"

Winters: "We have men getting killed out there, Blithe!"

Winters: "Move! You got no cover here! Go!"

Nixon (?): "Spotter, upstairs window, left!"

Winters: "Get yourselves out of those trenches!"

Anonymous Easy man: "Down! Down! Down!"

Anonymous Easy man: "Incoming! That's an MG42!"

Buck: "Medic up! No! Stay down! He's shot!"

Anonymous Easy man: "There's one in the upper ---"

Lipton: "Medic! Pull him back!"

Luz: "Oh shit!"

Liebgott: "Sniper! Thataways! Second door left!"

Shifty: "Ah, shit!"

Welsh: "I need some covering fire! You ready, Luz?"

Welsh: "Okay, I'm out!"

Lipton: "Guarnere! Clear that sector on the right!"

Anonymous Easy man: "Hey, up with me!"

Welsh: "Move, Luz! Here! Hide!"

Lipton: "You okay, Shifty?"

Lipton: "We gotta take that warehouse!"

Lipton: "Shifty! Hammer those windows."

Welsh: "Tipper, take Liebgott and start clearing these buildings!"

Tipper: "Right!"

Welsh: "Two on a house!"

Buck: "Second two! Go! Go!"

Anonymous Easy man: "Houses on the right!"

Hoobler: "Smash it."

Hoobler: "Grenade! Luz! Come on, Luz! Come on!"

Luz: "Close behind."

Lipton: "Ah, shit! They got us zeroed! Spread it out! Spread it out!"

Lipton: "Get the hell out of there!!!"

Lipton: "Get out of there! Go! Go! Get the hell out of the street! Move!"

Buck: "Let's go! Go! Go!"

Anonymous Easy man: "Move over! Through the window!"

Bull: "Come on. Let's get you outta here. Come on, boy!"

Lipton: "Move! Move! Move! Get out of the street! Go! Go!"

Talbert: "Lip!"

Talbert: "Hey, buddy."

Talbert: "You're okay, Lip. Everything's right where it should be."

Talbert: "Come on. Upsy-daisy."

Anonymous Easy man: "Get Tipper out there with the bazooka!"

Tipper: "Hello? Anybody there?"

Liebgott: "Tipper! Tip! Tipper! Answer me! Tip!"

Tipper: "Joe?"

Liebgott: "Hey...looking good, Tip."

Tipper: "That you?"

Liebgott: "Looking real good. Come here, buddy. You gotta sit down. Come on."

Liebgott: "Easy, easy! There you go, there you go."

Liebgott: "Ah, Jesus..."

Liebgott: "You hang in there, buddy. We're gonna get you fixed up, all right?"

Liebgott: "Okay, guys, you wanna give me a hand here? Come on."

Anonymous Easy man: "Take the left flank! Take the left flank"

Anonymous Easy man (medic): "In the name of the Father, the Son..."

Muck: "Hey, Malark! You see what I'm seeing?"

Anonymous Easy man (medic): " now and forever shall be, world without end. Amen."

Malarkey: "Crazy fools, the Irish!"

Muck: "You should know."

Anonymous Easy man: "Smokey, the window! Let's go!"

Fransworth (on horse): "Morning, sir."

Winters: "What's your name, trooper?"

Fransworth: "Sgt. Fransworth, from Able Company, 501st. I'm here and I'm supposed to tell you that we got it clear from here all the way to the north
of them Krauts."

Winters: "Well tell you CO 506 arrived in force and secured all positions south of you."

Fransworth: "Yes, sir, I'll tell him. Come on, let's go!"

Strayer: "Lt. Winters!"

Winters: "Yes, sir?"

Strayer: "Is it safe to cross now?"

Winters: "What's that, sir?"

Strayer: "Is it safe to cross? We wanna move the wounded."

Winters: "Yes, sir. Okay."

Anonymous soldier: "Come on, let's get them out of here!"


Roe: "There she is. You're lucky it was a ricochet. You just caught a piece of it."

Winters: "Stupid."

Roe: "What?"

Winters: "Nothing..."

Roe: "Now, you gonna be able to stay off it?"

Winters: "Doesn't look that way."

Roe: "Well, you gotta try, huh?"

Buck: "What have we got planned, chief?"

Winters: "Well, we expect a counterattack. Carentan is as important to them as it is to us."

Buck: "Any idea when?"

Winters: "We're not waiting around to find out. Battalion wants us to head east toward high grounds, set up a defensive position."

Winters: "With all the flooded fields, it's the one direction they'll approach from."

Buck: "Yeah. You gonna be all right?"

Winters: "Y-yeah."

Buck: "Good."

Winters: "What's wrong with Blithe?"

Roe: "Well, nothing. Except he can't see."

Winters: "He can't see?"

Roe: "So he says."

Winters: "Blithe? It's Lt. Winters. What happened?"

Blithe: "I don't know, sir. Well, things... They just kinda went black on me."

Winters: "What, you can't see?"

Blithe: "Not a thing, sir. I can't see a thing."

Winters: "Well, you just take it easy, Blithe. I'm gonna get you out of here. Get you back to England."

Winters: "It's gonna be okay."

Blithe: "Sir... I didn't wanna let anyone down."

Winters: "No. Just take it easy. It's okay, son."

Blithe: "Sir?"

Winters: "Yeah? What is it?"

Blithe: "Thank you, sir. I'm okay. Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay... I think I'm okay."

Winters: "You can see?"

Blithe: "God, I don't know what happened. I think--I think I'm okay."

Winters: "All right. Well, stay here a little while longer and make sure. And then you can report back to your platoon."

Blithe: "Yes, sir."

Roe: "Now can we get that bandage on?"

Winters: "Yeah."


More: "Berlin by Christmas. That's how I see it."

Malarkey: "Yeah, you're full of it."

Muck: "Oh God! This Kraut cheese tastes like--- It stinks!"

Penkala: "Bread's stale, too."

Muck: "Gimme that."

More: "Yes, sir... The way we came in town and took over? You know, it don't seem like Jerry's got too much fight left in 'em."

Malarkey: "Hey, More, don't get hit in the face when Jerry throws in the sponge, all right?"

More: "You mark my words, Mal: Berlin by Christmas."

Speirs: "Enjoy it while it lasts. We'll be moving out soon."

More: "Out of town, lieutenant? Already?"

Speirs: "That's right."

More: "Don't they know we're just getting settled here?"

Muck: "Nice, Groucho... "

More: "What?"

Muck: "Real smart. You know, you're taking your life in your own hands. Ain't that right?"

Malarkey: "I told you. I didn't actually see it."

Penkala: "What, Speirs shooting the prisoners, or the sergeant in his own platoon?"

More: "Sergeant?"

Muck: "What? I didn't hear that!"

Malarkey: "Wait, wait! Shot one of his own guys?!"

Penkala: "Well, supposedly the guy was drunk and refused to go on patrol. Who knows if it's true..."

Muck: "Well, I know a guy..."

Malarkey: "Hey!"

Muck: "...Who said an eyewitness told him that Speirs hosed those prisoners."

Blithe: "Why? What for?"

Muck: "On D-Day. Speirs comes across this group of Kraut prisoners, digging a hole or some such, under guard and all..."

Muck VO: "He breaks out a pack of smokes, passes them out. He even gives them a light. Then, all of a sudden, he swings up his Thompson,
and...(makes gun-noise) He hoses them."

Muck: "I mean, goddamn! Gives them smokes first?!"

Muck: "You see, that's why I don't believe he really did it."

Malarkey: "Oh, you don't believe it?"

Penkala: "I heard he didn't do it."

More VO: "No, no, no, it was him all right..."

More: "But it was more than eight guys. More like 20."

Muck: "Hell of a shot."

More: "All except one guy, who he left alone."

Penkala: "Well all I know, from what I heard, he took that last 105 on D-Day practically by himself. Running through MG-fire like a maniac."

Malarkey: "Yeah, that I did see."

More: "On his own?"

Malarkey: "Yeah."

Penkala: "I don't care if any of the other stuff's true."

Muck: "Hey, Albert. What do you think?"

Blithe: "I don't know... Gonna have to take everybody's word for it. I didn't see any of it."

Welsh: "Let's go! 1st Platoon! Weapons on me! We're moving out!"

Welsh: "That means you, private Blithe."

More: "Come on, bud, get up."

Muck: "You got the bread, Penky?"


Perconte: "Hey, Luz. How far are we going?"

Luz: "Oh, Jesus Christ, Frank. I don't know. Until they tell us to stop."

Hoobler: "High ground. There's high ground up ahead."

Perconte: "Okay, genius. Answer me this then: Why is Easy Company the only company who's either at the front of an advance, or, like now,
exposed at the far edge of the line?"

Hoobler: "To keep you on your toes."

Perconte: "No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that we're never in the middle, and we're the fifth of nine companies of this regiment.
Able through Item. Think of it."

Hoobler: "See there? You see that---"

Anonymous soldier: "Incoming!"

Welsh: "Contact right! Get in the hedgerow!"

Hoobler: "See what I mean?!"

Welsh: "Bring it around! Right there! Sgt. More! Stay low! Luz, get down here with the radio! Sgt. More! On me!"

Anonymous soldier: "Go, go, go, go!"


Martin: "What have they got to sing about?"

Martin: "Flash!"

Welsh: "Thunder."

Welsh: "Catchy tune, ain't it?"

Martin: "Hey, lieutenant. What's the news?"

Welsh: "Same as it was this afternoon. They're in their hedgerow, we're in ours."

Martin: "Spell me a minute, sir?"

Welsh: "You gonna let Blithe get some sack time?"

Martin: "My back teeth are floating."

Welsh: "Get back here ASAP, Martin."

Martin: "You can count on me, sir."

Welsh: "How you doing, Blithe?"

Blithe: "I'm okay, sir."

Welsh: "What happened at the aid station today?"

Blithe: "Doc Roe, he called it hysterical blindness."

Blithe: "No thank you, sir."

Welsh: "You know what they said in basic: Dehydration's a soldier's worst enemy."

Welsh: "Yeah... It's a game, Blithe. That's all. Hell, we're just moving the ball forward one yard at a time."

Welsh: "Nothing but a game."

Blithe: "What is, sir?"

Welsh: "This. The whole thing."

Blithe: "No. Thank you, sir."

Welsh: "Just a game."

Winters: "Harry."

Winters: "S2 said the Germans only left a company to defend Carentan."

Welsh: "Yeah..."

Winters: "The rest pulled out some time last night."

Welsh: "I knew that town was too easy."

Winters: "Yeah."

Winters: "They regrouped south of town. May have been on the way to a counterattack when we ran into them here."

Winters: "Strength unknown. They want the town back. And we're in their way. If they don't come before then, we're attacking at first light, 0530."

Welsh: "I'll tell the men to fix bayonets."

Welsh: "Not much of a limp."

Winters: "I'll surive."

Welsh: "How is it?"

Winters: "Hurts."

Welsh: "War is hell."


Talbert: "Smith, wake up. Come on, Smith, get up. It's your watch. Smith, it's you watch."

Talbert: "Easy, Smith! It's me, Talbert!"

Liebgott: "Smith! What the hell are you doing!? That's Talbert!"

Smith: "I didn't--"

Liebgott: "Goddamn!"

Smith: "Gosh!"

Talbert: "Medic!"

Smith: "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. He looked like a Kraut! I didn't know it was him."

Liebgott: "Can you breath?"

Talbert: "Yeah, I can breath."

Liebgott: "Look at me. Look at me!"

Talbert: "Yeah, I can breath!"

Liebgott: That's good."

Roe: "I'll put some sulpha on the wound, Floyd. You're gonna be fine."

(Tab moans on the background)

Martin: "What the hell is that?"

Martin: "Sounds like it's coming from 3rd Platoon."

Martin: "Don't you wanna get some sleep?"

Blithe: "I don't think--- I don't think I can."

Martin: "Then go take a look."

Blithe: "Sarge."

Speirs: "Flash."

Blithe: "Thunder. Thunder!"

Blithe: "Lt. Speirs, sir."

Speirs: "Where you going, private?"

Blithe: "Check out the noise, sir."

Speirs: "I just came from there. Everything's under control."

Speirs: "Got some nervous privates in your company."

Blithe: "We do, sir. Yeah, we do. I can vouch for that."

Speirs: "They just don't see how simple it is."

Blithe: "How simple what is, sir?"

Speirs: "Just do what you have to do."

Blithe: "Like you did on D-Day, sir?"

Blithe: "Lieutenant..."

Blithe: "Sir, when I landed on D-Day, I found myself in a ditch all by myself. I fell asleep. I think it was the air-sickness pills they gave us."

Blithe: "When I woke up, I didn't really try to find my unit... to fight."

Blithe: "I just--- I just kind of stayed put."

Speirs: "What's you name, trooper?"

Blithe: "I'm Blithe, sir. Albert Blithe."

Speirs: "You know why you hid in that ditch, Blithe?"

Blithe: "I was scared."

Speirs: "We're all scared."

Speirs: "You hid in that ditch because you think there's still hope. But, Blithe, the only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead.
And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be able to function as a soldier's supposed to function."

Speirs: "Without mercy. Without compassion. Without remorse. All war depends upon it."


D-Day plus 7, Outskirts of Carentan

Anonymous soldier: "Hey, guys, got any smokes? You want some of this candy shit? No?"

Luz: "Nah, I'm all right."

Anonymous soldier: "The outpost got ammo. Here you go, guys."

Welsh: "We don't know what they've got. We may be attacking a weaker force. Possibly more paratroopers."

Hoobler: "And you know how they can be."

Welsh: "Fire and maneuver."

Welsh: "That's the name of the game: Fire and maneuver."

Welsh: "Dog and Fox Companies will be on our left flank, moving with us. Any questions?"

Welsh: "Let's make them holler."

Perconte: "It's 9:30 in the evening back home. Must be---"

Anonymous soldier: "Mortar!"

Anonymous soldier: "Incoming! Everybody in the hole!"

Anonymous soldier: "Down, down, down!"

Welsh: "Get that OP in!"

Winters: "Tell them to hold. I'm checking the line."

Anonymous soldier: "All Easy stations. Easy 6, hold in position. Over."

Anonymous soldier: "Go! Lock and load!"

Welsh: "Easy 6, Easy red 6! I've got mortars across my line. No sign of infantry yet. I'm pulling the OP in. Over."

Malarkey: "Right stake plus 15. Charge three! Range 600."

Anonymous soldier: "Lock and load. Fire!"

Anonymous soldier: "Up and load! Fire!"

Anonymous soldier: "Come on! Move it! Move it! Hurry!"

Winters: "Watch for silhouettes on the horizon! Find your target! Muzzle fire!"

Winters: "Nail it! Mortar, keep it low! Keep low! Go! Go! Go!"

Winters: "Perconte! Perconte! Get your men in ordrer! Stay low! Pour it on then, Perconte! To your left!"

Winters: "Keep going! Keep going! Keep it up!"

Winters: "I want fire superiority! Guarnere, keep them pinned down! Keep firing!"

Guarnere: "Sergeants, reverse! Cover the crest of that hill!"

Blithe: "No! No!!!"

Welsh: "Where the hell did they come from!?" (tanks)

Welsh: "Holy shit! There goes our left flank!"

Nixon: "Sir, Dog and Fox are pulling back."

Strayer: "What? Who gave that order?! Goddamn it..."

Winters: "Keep firing! Stay low! Stay low! Keep firing, Perconte!"

Winters: "Come on, Blithe. Stand up! Get up on your feet, soldier. Get up, Blithe."

Winters: "That's right, Blithe. You can do it."

Winters: "Fire your weapon, Blithe. Hit those goddamn Germans, Blithe! Rip it at them, Blithe!" 

Winters: "Keep firing! Let them have it! Keep firing! Don't slack it off! Let them have it, Blithe!"

Winters: "Pour it on them, Blithe!"

Anonymous soldier: "The left flank! Watch your left flank!"

Bull: "Krauts over here! Keep the line of fire up here! Move it!"

Welsh: "Let's go, McGrath! On me! Shift your fire right!"

Welsh: "Down! Down!"

Hoobler: "Get together!"

McGrath: "Come on! You're gonna get me killed, lieutenant!"

McGrath: "I knew you'd get me killed!"

Welsh: "Wait 'til I tell you, McGrath!"

McGrath: "I can't!"

Welsh: "Hold your fire!"

McGrath: "No, that's too close!"

Welsh: "Bitch! Son of a bitch!"

McGrath: "Too close!"

Anonymous soldier: "Medic!"

Welsh: "Come on! Now fire, McGrath! Fire!"

Welsh: "Yeah!"

Winters: "Covering fire!"

Liebgott: "Keep firing south!"

Liebgott: "You hit a home run, huh?"

Anonymous soldier: "Smith, I've been hit!"

Smith: "I got you! I got you!"

Anonymous soldier: "Get me out of here!"

Buck: "Medic!"

Anonymous soldier: "Randleman!"

Anonymous soldier: "You okay?"

Bull: "Move it! Move it!"

Anonymous soldier: "Rounds complete!"

Anonymous soldier: "Skip, more ammo! Go! Go!"

Muck: "I'm on my way!"

Anonymous soldier: "Medic! Medic!"

More: "Jesus! What was that?!"

More: "Shermans!"

Nixon: "Well hello, 2nd Armored."

Perconte: "That's right, you sorry asses! Run!"

Welsh: "Oh, you beautiful babies, you!"

Winters: "Let's go! Pour it on them! Let them have it! Come on!"

Muck: "Check it out! Shermans!"

Malarkey: "About damn time."

Smokey: "Come on!"

Blithe: "Come on. Come on."

Anonymous soldier: "Hey, buddy. Hey, buddy, you okay?"

Anonymous soldier: "Looks like you fellas had one heck of a fight."


D-Day plus 25

Nixon: "We need to know what's in there."

Welsh: "I don't now who the hell to send."

Nixon: "Ask for volunteers."

Welsh: "I hate asking for volunteers."

Nixon: "Then pick them."

Welsh: "Need to take a look at that farmhouse. Who wants to go?"

Blithe: "I'll go."

Welsh: "Anybody else?"

Welsh: "Martin, Dukeman, you just volunteered. Hubbah, hubbah."

Blithe: "I'll be the lead."

Welsh: "Blithe's lead scout. Move out."

Nixon: "Harry, what exactly are you doing with your reserve chute?"

Nixon: "You've been hauling that thing around since we jumped."

Welsh: "Gonna send it to Kitty when we get back to England."

Welsh: "Silk. Figured it'll make a good wedding dress, you know, what with rationing and all."

Nixon: "Gees, Harry, I never would have guessed."

Welsh: "What? That I'm so sentimental?"

Nixon: "No. That you think we're gonna make it back to England."

Blithe: "Okay..."

Welsh: "Here we go again. Covering fire! Covering fire!"

Martin: "Go, go!"

Martin: "Come on, hang in there, Blithe."

Anonymous soldier: "Keep moving down!"

Welsh: "Medic up!"

Anonymous soldier: "Top window right!"

Dukeman: "Hang in there."

Martin: "Medic! We need a medic down here!"

Welsh: "Cease fire! Cease fire!"

Martin: "Take it easy, Blithe. Take it easy. Come on, Dukeman, come on."

Roe: "Move! Move! Coming through! Give me room."

Roe: "Get outta my way. I got it."

Winters: "What happened?"

Nixon: "Sniper."

Roe: "All right, Blithe, I got you. Nice and easy. Nice and easy."

Winters: "They're pulling us off the front line."

Nixon: "Now?"

Winters: "To a field camp north of Utah Beach. Hot food, hot showers. Then back to England."

Roe: "All righ, you'll be okay."


Winters: "Harry."

Welsh: "How's the leg?"

Winters: "Stiff. Sore."

Winters: "They want me to take it easy for a few days."

Welsh: "Yeah, you should."

Winters: "Talked to Col. Sink."

Winters: "Said he appreciated Easy holding the line. Said General Taylor was pleased."

Welsh: "That's why I came to France, to please General Taylor."

Winters: "Yeah."


Anonymous soldier (to Smokey): "In grateful acknowledgement of the blood shed in the service of your country, it is my honor to present you
with the Order of the Purple Heart."

Smokey: "Thank you, sir."

Popeye: "How many does that make? Two? Three?"

Popeye: "You have no shame."

Smokey: "Hey, I got one hole in my shoulder, a second in my calf. Then there's the boil on my shin that ought to be lanced."

Popeye: "And he only gets one."


Malarkey: "Yeah! Woo-hoo!"

Malarkey: "This is great!"

Malarkey: "She fancied me, Alton."

More: "In your dreams, buddy."

Malarkey: "Whoa! Jesus!"

More: "Hey, look! No hands!"

Malarkey: "It's good to be alive!"

Malarkey: "Jesus Christ, that sure was close."

More: "Nah, missed him by mile."

Hoobler: "Hey, Bull! Come over here! Come over here! I got a seat for you."

Muck: "Hey, Hoobler! Be quiet for the man."

Smokey: "The Night of the Bayonet."

Smokey: "The night was filled with dark and cold, when Sgt. Talbert, the story's told..."

Talbert: "I don't like this."

Smokey: "...Pulled on his poncho and headed out, to check the lines, dressed like a Kraut..."

Malarkey: "Why is everyone in such a hurry to get back, huh?"

More: "We don't need you anymore, Tab."

Smokey: "...Upon a trooper our hero came, fast asleep, he called his name..."

Smith: "Oh God..."

Smokey: "... Smith, oh, Smith! Get up! It's time to take your turn out on the line..."

Hashey: "Do you guys have any idea what he's talking about?"

Garcia: "The night of the bayonet."

Garcia: "Whatever that is."

Nixon: "Harry, Buck..."

Smokey: "...But Smith, so very weary, cracked an eye, all red and bleary..."

Buck: "Hey, Lip."

Smokey: "...Grabbed his rifle, he did not tarry, hearing Floyd, but seeing Jerry..."

Smith: "Oh my God!"

Anonymous soldier: "Way to go, Smithy!"

Smokey: "..."It's me" cried Tab, "Don't do it!" and yet Smith charged, with bayonet, he lunged, he thrust, high and low..."

Smith: "Oh, come on!"

Smokey: "...And skewered the boy from Kokomo."

Babe: "I'm heding back to barracks."

Guarnere: "You Heffron?"

Babe: "Yeah."

Guarnere: "Where you from?"

Babe: "Who's asking?"

Guarnere: "You from Philadelphia?"

Babe: "South Philly, yeah."

Guarnere: "I could tell."

Guarnere: "Seventeenth Street."

Babe: "Yeah? Front Street!"

Guarnere: "Come here, sit down."

Guarnere: "Hey, you know a guy named Johnny Waylon?"

Babe: "Yeah, I know Johnny."

Smokey: "Since you weren't wounded by the enemy and thus didn't qualify for a Purple Heart, we've taken matters to our own hands. Tab, this is for you."

Anonymous soldier: "A souvenir!"

Ramirez: "That's right."

Anonymous soldier: "Congratulations."

Talbert: "I could have shot the kid a dozen times."

Liebgott: "Yeah, right."

Talbert: "I just didn't think we could spare a man."

Lipton: "Couple of announcements to make, men."

Lipton: "First-- Listen up. First, the training exercise scheduled for 2200 has been cancelled."

Muck: "Oh yeah!"

Lipton: "Secondly. All passes are hereby revoked."

Lipton: "We're heading back to France, so pack up all your gear. We will not be returning to England, boys."

Lipton: "Anyone who has not made out a will, go to the supply office."

Lipton: "Trucks depart from Membury at 0700. As you were."


Malarkey: "Hello? Hello?"

Malarkey: "Good morning, Mrs. Lamb. Sorry to bother you so early."

Mrs. Lamb: "That's all right, private...?"

Malarkey: "Malarkey."

Mrs. Lamb: "Come in."

Malarkey: "Actually, it's Sgt. Malarkey now, ma'am. I just got promoted."

Mrs. Lamb: "Oh, lovely."

Mrs. Lamb: "I expect you'll be wanting your laundry. I heard the trucks, rumbling by all night. I guess the Yanks must be off again."

Malarkey: "Yes, ma'am. Looks like for good this time."

Mrs. Lamb: "I'm sorry to hear that."

Mrs. Lamb: "Two shirts, two pairs of trousers. Two bob and tuppence, please."

Malarkey: "I can't--"

Mrs. Lamb: "Thank you."

Mrs. Lamb: "Would you like a cup of tea? I've got the water boiling."

Malarkey: "No. No, thank you. I'm in a hell of a--- Bit of a hurry. But thank you anyway."

Mrs. Lamb: "Oh, private?"

Malarkey: "Yes, ma'am?"

Mrs. Lamb: "Lt. Meehan's one of yours, isn't he? I hope he hasn't forgotten his laundry."

Malarkey: "I'll take it."

Mrs. Lamb: "Thank you."

Mrs. Lamb: "You, uh-- You couldn't be a dear and help me with a few others, could you?"

Mrs. Lamb: "Uh, let's see... Sgt. Evans, Pvt. Moya, Blowzer, Gray, Miller, Owen, Collins, Elliot, Blithe."

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