Band of Brothers - The Breaking Point

Part seven - The Breaking Point

January 2, 1945, Ardennes Forest, Belgium

Lipton VO: "After holding the line at Bastogne, Easy Company was once again called on help to push the Germans back through the Bulge."

Lipton: "We were here this morning. And then we came this way."

Buck: "All right. So right here's gotta be the logging road coming through here, which means we get right there."

Malarkey: "Hey! Take it easy!"

Buck: "Stop crying, Malark, or I'll nail it to your head."

Guarnere: "You should. It's made of wood."

Buck: "Guarnere, move them out. Let's go."

Guarnere: "Yes, sir. 2nd Platoon, let's go!"

Lipton VO: "I was glad to be out of my foxhole and moving again, even if only to get warm."

Muck: "Spread out. Keep your interval."

Lipton VO: "E Company was sent out to clear the woods near the town of Foy, in preparation of what we all knew would be the eventual assault on Foy itself."

Muck: "I see it, Buck."

Buck: "Watch for mines."

Lipton VO: "During that 1000-yard attack through the woods, we encountered sporadic German machine-gun fire, and had a couple of casualties,
but for the most part met little resistance." 

Lipton VO: "Hoobler's run-in with the German officer on horseback was the most dramatic moment of the day."

Hoobler: "Halt! Halt!"

Hoobler: "Oh, shit..."

Hoobler: "Thank you."

Lipton VO: "Hoobler had been talking about getting a Luger since Normandy. As we dug in, he went from foxhole to foxhole telling everyone just how he'd finally got one."

Hoobler: "And down he goes, right out of the sattle, like a sack of potatoes."

Hoobler: "Outstanding accuracy on my part, if I do say so myself."

Lipton: "Which you do."

Hoobler: "Which I do."

Hoobler: "Hell, Shifty, I think maybe I could've even given you a run for your money, right?"

Shifty: "No, no, I'm not a good shot. Now, dad, he was an excellent shot. Excellent. I declare, he'd shoot the wings off a fly."

Hoobler: "Hey, Lip. That German, what'd you think he was doing?"

Lipton: "Probably on a recon. He must have figured nobody'd hear a horse."

Hashey: "Maybe he was just trying to get the hell outta Dodge."

Hoobler: "Yeah."

Shifty: "What happened to horse?"

Hoobler: "I don't know. Probably still running. Hope he's okay."

Lipton: "You dug in?"

Hoobler: "Yeah, yeah."

Hoobler: "Yeah, just taught I'd take a walk, shoot the shit."

Lipton: "You're a good shot, Hoobler. Just glad you're on our side."

Hoobler: "Thanks, Lip."

Shifty: "Hey, Lip?"

Lipton: "Yeah?"

Shifty: "Thanks for the help."

Lipton: "You got it, Shifty."

Buck: "Hey, Lip. You got a sec?"

Lipton: "Yes, sir."

Lipton (to Malarkey): "Give him a hand."

Buck: "Where's Dike?"

Lipton: "He's around."

Buck: "Could you be a little more specific there, sergeant?"

Lipton: "Not really, sir."

Buck: "I haven't seen him all day. I didn't see him when we were coming through the woods, and I have to figure it out how we ended up."

Lipton: "Two wounded."

Buck: "Who?"

Lipton: "Brown and Stevenson."

Buck: "Goddamn it. Now, where's Dike? Where the hell is he? Where does he ever go?"

Malarkey: "I don't know, but I wish he'd stay the hell there."

Lipton: "Shut up, boys."

Malarkey: "Shutting up, sarge."

(gun fire)

Buck: "Okay! What the hell was that?"

Malarkey: "Patrol?"

Lipton: "No, we would've heard."

Buck: "One man, maybe a sniper."

Shifty: "That was no rifle."

Lipton: "What do you see, Shift?"

Shifty: "Nobody out there."

Buck: "Are you sure?"

Shifty: "Uh-huh."

Hashey: "Oh, Jesus! It's Hoob! He's shot!"

Buck: "Sniper?"

Hashey: "No, no, he, he shot himself!"

Hoobler: "Stupid..."

Perconte: "Medic!"

Buck: "What happened!?"

Perconte: "Doc!"

Hoobler: "It's my fucking leg."

Perconte: "You'll be all right, Hoobler."

Buck: "He did what? What happened?"

Hoobler: "It just went off."

Buck: "What the hell are you doing with a loaded gun in your pants? Damn it!"

Hoobler: "Fuck! I wasn't touching it or nothing."

Buck: "Goddamn it! Damn it!"

Hoobler: "I wasn't touching it, I swear."

Perconte: "Medic!"

Lipton: "Where are you hit, Hoob? Hoob, where are you hit?"

Hoobler: "In my leg!"

Buck: "Hold on, Hoob, hold on."

Lipton: "Stay calm."

Buck: "Now, don't look, Hoob. It'll be fine. Don't look."

Hoobler: "Hurts like a son of a bitch!"

Buck: "It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be okay."

Lipton: "Doc!"

Buck: "Don't worry about it, Hoob."

Perconte: "You'll be all right, Hoob. Hear me?"

Lipton: "Warm him up. Warm him up."

Lipton: "Somebody keep him warm."

Roe: "Sarge!"

Buck: "How's it looking, doc?"

Roe: "Sergeant, move. Let me see it."

Buck: "Huh?"

Hashey: "Can't we get him some blankets or something?"

Lipton: "You're gonna be fine."

Perconte: "How is he, doc?"

Roe: "Keep talking to him."

Buck: "Okay, listen to me, Hoob. It's okay."

Roe: "You think it was a German leg, Hoob?"

Perconte: "Doc says it's not that bad. Ain't that bad."

Buck: "Hold on, Hoob! Hold on! Put this across him!"

Roe: "Wrap him up. Wrap him up."

Lipton: "Hang in there, Hoob."

Hoobler: "Hey, Lip, you said I was a great shot?"

Lipton: "You are. You're a great shot."

Buck: "Come on, Hoob, you jump out of planes. You're a tough man. You're tough. It's not that bad at all."

Lipton: "Stay with us, Hoob. Stay with us!"

Buck: "Hoob?"

Hashey: "Take it easy. It's all right. Don't worry."

Lipton: "Doc, what are we gonna do?"

Buck: "How we doing, doc?"

Roe: "I can't see a thing! We gotta get him back to aid station!"

Lipton: "All right, let's get ready to move him."

Hashey: "Relax. Take it easy, Hoob. Take it easy."

Lipton: "Hoob? Stay there, Hoob."

Buck: "Doc."

Roe: "I can't see anything!"

Buck: "Doc!"

Buck: "Perc, I'll need a jeep."


Lipton: "He was wearing so many clothes we could't tell how bad he was bleeding."

Lipton: "By the time we got him to the aid station, he was already dead. The bullet cut the main artery in his leg, sir."

Nixon: "Ah, hell, Lip. It wouldn't have made a difference if you had known. Cut that main artery in the leg, that's--that's it."

Lipton: "Yes, sir. Well, I'm gonna go back, make sure the boys are all dug in, sir."

Winters: "Lip? Where's Dike?"

Lipton: "You wanna see him, sir?"

Winters: "No, I just would've expected to get this kind of news from him."

Lipton: "Well, I was--I was there, sir. Figured it might as well be me."


Lipton VO: "Where's Dike? I probably heard that question a thousand times. I probably asked it a few times myself."

Lipton VO: "There were long stretches where we didn't know where Lt. Dike was. He'd disappear, go off on his walks for hours at a time.
It wouldn't have been so bad if he was just one of the guys in the company. But Lt. Dike was supposed to be leading the company."

Lipton VO: "Capt. Winters was a CO we could all respect. Moose Heyliger probably would've done a good job, but before we got a chance to find out,
he was accidentally shot by a sentry."

Lipton VO: "Then came Norman Dike."

Dike: "And I want tight security around the company CP, Lt. Shames. Is that understood?"

Shames: "All right."

Lipton VO: "Dike wasn't a bad leader because he made bad decisions. He was a bad leader because he made no decisions."

Dike: "Now, Battalion S3 is planning a move, so I will probably be called away regularly."

Dike: "Are there any questions?"

Buck: "Uh, yeah. What's the formation you're wanting us to go for?"

Dike: "At present, as per usual, but I'll clarify that with you at a later---time, Lt. Compton."

Buck: "Yes, sir."

Dike: "All right, I gotta make a call."

Buck: "Let's move it out."

Lipton VO: "Dike was a favorite of somebody at Division. He'd been sent down to E Company to get some combat experience. Sometimes we got the feeling
E Company was an annoyance to him. Something unpleasant he had to get through before he could continue his march up the ladder."

Guarnere: "I'm telling you, boys, we're screwed."

Penkala: "If you ask me, I'm glad Lt. Dike's never around."

Malarkey: "Hey, you know what? We're doing all right, even with Foxhole Norman."

Guarnere: "Yeah, Don, we're doing all right. We're doing all right now."

Guarnere: "In case you ain't noticed, there's a little town down the hill over there, right?"

Guarnere: "And in that town are these guys, and these guys are called 'Germans'. These Germans got tanks."

Malarkey: "I know!"

Guarnere: "Yeah! And our side's gonna want to go into that town. Wanna take one guess who they're gonna want to go knocking on their goddamn doors?"

Malarkey: "I know, Bill, all right? It's me you're talking to here."

Guarnere: "Jesus Christ! We gotta do all this with a CO who's got his head so far his fucking ass, that lump in his throat is his goddamn nose!"

Muck: "Hey, first sergeant."

Lipton: "Hey, boys."

Penkala: "Hey, sarge."

Guarnere: "Hey, Lip."

Lipton: "Hey, Muck, what's the word?"

Muck: "You know, sitting around freezing our ass off, singing Dike's praises."

Lipton: "Oh, yeah. Lt. Dike."

Lipton: "Well, I'll tell you, I wouldn't wanna be a replacement officer, coming here. Get thrown in with a group of guys who've known each other for what, two years?"

Lipton: "Who've been in combat together since Normandy. He's supposed to just show up and lead them? How does a guy do that?"

Lipton: "How could anyone really hope to gain the respect of the toughest, most professional, most dedicated sons of bitches in the entire ETO?"

Lipton: "Huh? If you ask me, a guy would have to march off to Berlin and come back with Hitler's mustache or something."

Lipton: "Anyway, listen. You guys don't worry about Dike. All right?"

Malarkey: "Yeah."

Lipton: "We all do our jobs, everything'll be fine."

Muck: "See you, sarge."

Lipton: "Yeah, boy."

Lipton VO: "Well, I don't know if I believed any of that, but as company first sergeant, it was my job. Not to protect Dike, but to protect the integrity of the company."


Winters: "You know what Dike's problem is, don't you?"

Nixon: "Hmm?"

Winters: "He's just another one of those arrogant, rich jerks from Yale."

Nixon: "Oh, God, not another one of those."

Winters: "Division's not gonna let me replace him just 'cause I got a bad feeling about him."

Winters: "Even if they would, who'd I put in his place?"

Winters: "Shames?"

Shames: "Do not ever talk when I'm talking! You got that?! You never ever talk when I'm talking!"

Winters VO: "Shame's seen too many war movies. He thinks he has to yell all the time."

Shames: "Both you little crapheads did not listen to a word I said during the briefing, did you?!"

Winters: "Or Peacock?"

Winters VO: "God bless him, no one tries harder, but he's not cut out to take men into combat. I'm sure as hell not gonna make him company
CO when I don't even want him as a platoon leader."

Nixon: "What about Compton?"

Winters: "He's the only real choise."

Winters VO: "Buck's a real combat leader, but you know, I want Easy company to have at least one experienced platoon leader."

Winters: "Not that it matters anyway, because I can't get rid of Dike."

Nixon: "Well, we all know who you'd like to have running Easy. Trouble is, it's not your job anymore, Dick."

Nixon: "You gotta find somebody."


Lipton VO: "We all agreed Buck Compton would've been the best choice to run Easy, if Winters had been able to get rid of Dike. But to be honest,
Buck wasn't the same soldier he'd been before he got shot in Holland. He was more serious somehow."

Buck: "He had a goddamn Luger in his pants."

Guarnere: "Jesus."

Buck: "Dear God. And don't you two do something stupid like that, all right?"

Babe: "We'll try not to, Buck."

Buck: "I mean it."

Buck: "And you, Wild Bill. I've invested too much goddamn time to shaping you into something useful."

Buck: "You do something crazy and get yourself knocked out of this thing--"

Guarnere: "I know, I know, you'll kill me."

Buck: "Even if you're dead, I'll still kill you."

Buck: "I'll see you guys later, all right? I'm gonna check on the other guys."

Babe: "Crazy Joe McCloskey."

Guarnere: "What?"

Babe: "This guy used to hang out in front of Delancey's and just--you know, just stare at people."

Guarnere: "Yeah, I know who Crazy Joe McCloskey is. What the hell's that gotta do with anything, Babe?"

Babe: "Buck kinda reminds me of him now."

Guarnere: "What?!"

Babe: "You know, ever since he got shot in Holland."

Guarnere: "Wait, wait, wait. What are you saying, he's nuts? Because Crazy Joe McCloskey was fucking nuts, Babe. That's why the called him Crazy Joe!"

Babe: "No, no, I'm not saying he's nuts. I'm just saying..."

Guarnere: "What? What are you saying?"

Babe: "Forget it!"

Guarnere: "What?!"

Babe: "Forget it!"

Babe: "Oh, come on! You've seen him, Bill! He's--he's all wound up like a spring!"

Guarnere: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's fine!"

Guarnere: "It wasn't getting shot that got him, it was being in that hospital. I've been there, okay? Ain't pretty."

Babe: "Yeah..."

Guarnere: "Besides, you saw, once he was up and moving around, he was his old self again."

Guarnere: "I'm telling you, Buck Compton's fine."


Buck: "I'm serious."

Penkala: "Sure thing, Buck. Nothing stupid. We got it. Right?"

Muck: "We got it."

Buck: "All right. George?"

Luz: "Nothing stupid, Buck."

Buck: "Yeah..."

Penkala: "'Don't do anything stupid.'"

Penkala: "Who the hell is he talking to? A bunch of morons who voluteered to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Can you get anymore stupid than that?"

Luz: "Probably not."

Penkala: "Right."

Muck: "I swum across the Niagra once."

Penkala: "Yeah."

Muck: "I swear. On a bet."

Luz: "What, in a barrel?"

Muck: "No. I didn't go over the falls, George. I swam across the river."

Luz: "I don't know."

Muck: "Ten miles up from the falls."

Muck: "I tell you that current is damn strong."

Penkala: "Oh yeah."

Muck: "Must have carried me at least two miles downstream before I got across."

Muck: "But, I got across."

Muck: "Now, personally, I didn't think it was all that stupid, but my mom, my sister Ruth, they gave me all kinds of hell."

Luz: "Yeah, I bet, Muck."

Muck: "So did Faye."

Luz: "Ah, sweet Faye Tanner."

Muck: "Shut it, George."

Penkala: "Well, they had a point. You're an idiot."


Dike: "I heard about Hoobler. Shame."

Lipton: "Yes, sir. It is."

Dike: "That the Luger?"

Lipton: "Yes, it is."

Dike: "What are you gonna do with it?"

Lipton: "I don't know yet."

Dike: "Where you from, Lipton? Where'd you grow up?"

Lipton: "Huntington, West Virginia."

Dike: "Huntington?"

Lipton: "Yes, sir."

Dike: "I don't know it."

Dike: "What kind of work did you do there?"

Lipton: "My brother and I helped my mom run a boarding house."

Dike: "And your father?"

Lipton: "He was killed when I was ten, sir. Automobile accident."

Dike: "That's sad."

Dike: "So, what made you decide to join the paratroopers?"

Lipton: "I read an article about paratroopers in Life magazine. Talked about the training, how hard it was. It said if you wanted to make it as a paratrooper,
you had to be the best. And I wanted to fight with the best, sir."

Dike: "You miss it?"

Lipton: "Miss what?"

Dike: "Huntington."

Lipton: "Honestly, sir, I try not to think about it that much."

Lipton: "Where are you from, s---?"


Anonymous soldier (bringing a letter): "Capt. Nixon, sir? Capt. Nixon?"

Nixon: "What?"

Anonymous soldier: "Morning, sir. Sorry to disturb you. This came from Division."

Nixon: "All right."

Nixon: "Morning."

Winters: "Lew. Eviction notice?"

Nixon: "Not quite, but I think I got something that'll help you with your leadership problem."

Winters: "Ah, Dike's being transferred?"

Nixon: "No, I can't help you with that."

Nixon: "But Division's decided to pluck one officer from each regiment that had served in the heroic defence of Bastogne, send him back to
the States on a 30-day furlough, get him up banging the drum for the war bond drive and that kind of thing."

Nixon: "Turns out I've been plucked."

Winters: "Hey, that's fantastic, Lew. Good for you."

Nixon: "Thank you."

Winters: "How in the world does your leaving help me?"

Nixon: "It doesn't. I'm not going."

Nixon: "I've already seen the States, I grew up there. That's why I came to Europe. Just wish they'd told me there was a war on.
Anyway, the point is, this thing's wasted on me."

Nixon: "But I'm sure we can find an officer somewhere in this Battalion who could use a long trip home."

Bull: "Congratulations, Lt. Peacock. I can't think of anybody who deserves this more."

Peacock: "Thanks."

Luz: "Really glad that you're going home."

Peacock: "Oh, yeah?"

Christenson: "Best news I've heard in weeks. Hell of a guy."

Peacock: "Thanks, guys. I mean, it really means a lot, you know?"

Bull: "Stop, get outta here. Three cheers to Lt. Peacock."

Easy men: "Hip, hip, hooray. Hip, hip, hooray. Hip, hip, hooray."


Col. Sink: "If they come by here, you all remember to smile for the camera. Got to keep the morale up for them folks back home."

Winters: "Why?"

Col. Sink: "Damned if I know."

Col. Sink: "All right, Nix, what do they got waiting for us in Foy?"

Nixon: "At least one company from the 10th Panzer Grenadiers, dug in along here. They've also got at least one 88, although we haven't been able to spot it yet."

Col. Sink: "How about armor?"

Nixon: "As of last night, three Tigers."

Winters: "Would you excuse me for a moment, sir?"

Col. Sink: "Yeah."

Toye: "How do I feel about being rescued by Patton? Well, I'd feel pretty peachy about it, if it wasn't for one thing. We did't need
to be fucking rescued by Patton. You got that?"

Winters: "Joe?"

Toye: "Sir."

Winters: "Excuse us for a moment."

Toye: "Sorry, sir."

Winters: "Sorry about what? Patton? I couldn't agree more."

Winters: "What are you doing here?"

Toye: "I wanna head back to the line, sir."

Winters: "Joe, you don't have to do that. Get yourself back to the aid station. Heal up."

Toye: "I'd really like to head back with the fellas, sir."

Winters: "All right, then go."

Toye: "Thank you, sir."

Lipton Vo: "Joe Toye had been at the aid station for three days and everybody was glad to have him back. Especially Bill Guarnere."

Guarnere: "Hey, Joe."

Toye: "Hey, Bill."

Guarnere: "Good to see you, pal."

Toye: "You, too."

Guarnere: "What the hell are you doing back here?"

Toye: "Had to make sure you're on top of things."

Guarnere: "I'm on top of things. Tied me own boots once last week. All by meself."

Guarnere: "Hey, fellas. Look who I found."

Muck: "Hey, Joe Toye, back for more."

Toye: "Hey, Rick, how are you?"

Penkala: "All right, Joe?"

Toye: "Yeah, doing pretty good. Escaped from the aid station."

Webb: "Where'd you get hit?"

Toye: "What's that?"

Muck: "That's Webb. Replacement."

Toye: "Really? Thought it was some guy I've known for two years and I forgot his face."

Penkala: "Joe got hit in the arm. New Year's Eve gift from the Luftwaffe."

Toye: "Jesus."

Webb: "Lot of you guys been injured?"

Martin: "It's called wounded, peanut. Injured's when you fall out of a tree or something."

Muck: "Don't worry. There's enough crap flying around here, you're bound to get dinged sometime."

Muck: "Almost every single one of these guys've been hit at least once. Except for Alley. He's a two-timer. He landed on broken glass in Normandy
and got peppered by a potato-masher in Holland."

Alley: "You'll find out, son."

Muck: "Now, Bull, he got a piece of exploding tank in Holland."

Muck: "And George Luz here has never been hit. You're one lucky bastard."

Luz: "Takes one to know one, Skip."

Muck: "Consider us blessed."

Muck: "Now, Liebgott. That skinny little guy, he got pinked in the neck in Holland."

Muck: "And right next to him that other skinny little guy, that's Popeye. He got shot in his scrawny little butt in Normandy."

Malarkey: "And Buck got shot in his rather large butt in Holland."

Penkala: "Yeah, kind of an Easy Company tradition, getting shot in the ass." 

Muck: "Hey, even 1st Sgt. Lipton over there. He got a couple pieces of a tank shell burst in Carentan. One chunk in the face. Another chunk almost took out his nuts."

Guarnere: "How are those nuts, sarge?"

Lipton: "Doing fine, Bill. Nice of you to ask."


Lipton VO: "On the afternoon of January 3rd, most of E Company headed back to our old position in the woods overlooking Foy.
A few men remained attached to D Company to hold the main line of resistance."

Guarnere: "Good luck, ladies."

Toye: "Been nice knowing you."

Alley (?): "Wouldn't drink too much if I were you."

Malarkey: "Hey, be careful if he offers you a cigarette."

Webb: "What are they talking about? If who offers us a cigarette?"

Christenson: "Speirs."

Webb: "Who?"

Christenson: "Lt. Speirs."

Lipton VO: "Lt. Ronald Speirs was one of the platoon leaders in D Company. He was already a legend."

Christenson: "The stories about Speirs are probably all bullshit anyway."

Webb: "What stories?"

Webb: "What stories?"

Perconte: "Well, supposedly Speirs shot one of his own men for being drunk."

Webb: "You're kidding. That's unbelievable!"

Christenson: "Yeah, and there's another one about him giving cigarettes to 20 German POWs, before killing them."

Webb: "He shot 20 POWs?"

Perconte: "Well, actually, I heard it was more like 30."

Speirs: "Christenson."

Christenson: "Lt. Speirs."

Speirs: "I got the name right, didn't I? Christenson?"

Christenson: "Yes, sir."

Speirs: "What are you men doing out here?"

Christenson: "We're watching the line, sir."

Speirs: "You keep up the good work. While you're at it, you might wanna reinforce your cover."

Perconte: "Oh, actually, sir, Lt. Dike said we don't have to bother. That we're only gonna be here one day."

Speirs: "Lt. Dike said that, huh?"

Speirs: "Then forget what I said."

Speirs: "Carry on."

Speirs: "Oh, anyone care for a smoke? You?"


Lipton VO: "Late in the afternoon on January 3rd, we returned to our old position in the woods overlooking Foy."

Toye: "You gotta be fucking kidding me! Someone's gonna die. Someone's gonna fucking die!"

Toye: "Guarno, look at this shit! One of those 1st Battalion fuckers took a dump in my foxhole!"

Guarnere: "Think they shit in everyone's foxhole, Joe. I don't think they wanted to spend much time above ground."

Lipton VO: "While we were in the Bois Jaques, the Germans had been shelling our old position. There were signs of tree bursts everywhere. That got our attention."

Anonymous soldier: "Light and noise discipline. We're getting close."

Lipton VO: "Looking across the field at Foy, I could see enemy troops. I still couldn't see their artillery, but I knew it was down there."

Lipton: "Looks like the Krauts have been pounding this area with pretty big stuff; 88s. I'd say they got this whole strech of the line targeted."

Shames: "Well, they're not shelling now. Maybe they've got a new target."

Lipon: "No. They're just waiting."

Shames: "For what?"

Buck: "For us to reoccupy the position."

Shames: "Maybe we should fall back to a different location, dig in?"

Lipton: "No, it's our job to hold the line here. We got pretty good foxholes, we just need to fortify their covers."

Foley: "If they got us targeted, maybe---"

Buck: "We hold the line here. Sgt. Lipton's right. We're gonna strengthen our covers and we're gonna hang in."

Buck: "We're not gonna fall back. Right, lieutenant?"

Dike: "Hmm?"

Buck: "Right, lieutenant?"

Dike: "Fine. You all take care of it."

Dike: "I gotta go talk to Regiment."

Lipton: "We better get moving."

Lipton: "Here you go, Bill."

Guarnere: "Hey, thanks, Lip."

Lipton: "You got it. I'll get you some more branches."

Guarnere: "I appreciate that."

Lipton: "Incoming! Take cover!"

Buck: "Take cover!"

Anonymous soldier: "They're 88s!"

Lipton: "Take cover! Come on, find some cover!"

Anonymous soldier: "They've got us zeroed!"

Lipton: "Find some cover! Find a foxhole! Come on, take cover!"

Lipton: "Take cover!"

Lipton: "Come on, find some cover! Take cover!"

Toye: "Shit."

Lipton: "Come on, find some cover! Find cover!"

Lipton VO: "For some reason at that moment, in that half-finished foxhole, all I could think about was the 4th of July when I was a kid. I loved to make my own
firecrackers, cherry bombs, ladyfingers. I loved to blow up dirt clods and pop bottles and like. Looked forward to it all year long. What I saw that day was the
most awesome and terrifying display of firepower I'd seen in my life."

Lipton VO: "Of course I wouldn't have been laughing if I'd known what happened to Joe Toye."

Malarkey: "Maybe we should check if anybody's hit."

Guarnere: "Nah, Malark, that's what they want. Krauts are trying to draw us out in the open."

Lipton: "Stay in your foxholes! Stay in your foxholes!"

Lipton: "You okay? Can you walk? Come on, find a foxhole."

Toye: "I gotta get up... I gotta get up... I gotta get up!"

Toye: "I need my helmet."

Malarkey: "You hear that?"

Toye: "I need help!"

Guarnere: "Is that Joe?"

Malarkey: "Yeah, I think that's Joe."

Guarnere: "Stay."

Buck: "Stay down! Stay down! 

Lipton: "Stay down! Stay in your foxholes!"

Lipton: "Stay in your foxholes!"

Babe: "Help!"

Babe: "Help! Anyone there?!"

Lipton: "Jesus..."

Toye: "I gotta get up. I gotta get up."

Guarnere: "Shit. Come on, Joe. Come on, buddy."

Guarnere: "Come on, pal."

Toye: "You said you'd get back to the States before me."

Guarnere: "You ain't going anywhere. You're all right."

Toye: "I gotta get my helmet!"

Guarnere: "Forget it."

Toye: "I gotta get my helmet!"

Guarnere: "Forget it, Joe!"

Babe: "Anyone there?! Help!"

Lipton: "Hang on."

Lipton: "Who's that?"

Babe: "Heff! Babe! Come on, get me outta here, Lip!"

Guarnere: "Come on."

Toye: "I gotta get to the hole."

Guarnere: "I got you."

Toye: "I gotta get to my foxhole!"

Guarnere: "Come on, Joe, I got you."

Guarnere: "Come on, Joe."

Lipton: "Hang on. You okay?"

Babe: "Yeah."

Lipton: "Come on. Come on!"

Babe: "Oh, Jesus! Think I overdid it on the cover of my foxhole?"

Lipton: "Incoming!"

Anonymous soldier: "Take cover!"

Buck: "Come on! Come on! Hurry up!"

Buck: "Guarno! You're gonna get bombed! Come on! Come on!"

Buck: "Move it, Bill! Move it!"

Guarnere: "Come on, Joe."

Buck: "Hold on! I'll be there! I can help!"

Buck: "No!"

Anonymous soldier: "Medic!"

Lipton VO: "During the second barrage, I wasn't laughing anymore."

Luz: "Lip!"

Lipton: "Are you okay?"

Lipton: "Stay down! You stay down!"

Dike: "1st. Sgt. Lipton?"

Dike: "You get things organized here. I'm gonna go for help."

Luz: "What the fuck?"

Luz: "Lip, where the fuck's he going?"

Lipton: "I don't know. Listen, get Battalion on the line. Tell them to notify BAS."

Luz: "Battalion's up, Lip."

Buck: "Me---Medic!"

Lipton: "Stay ready! Stay ready! Those stupid sons of bitches might be trying to come through!"

Lipton: "You okay, One Lung?"

McClung: "Sergeant!"

Lipton: "How you doing, Popeye?"

Popeye: "100% ready to kill Germans, Lip!"

Roe: "Okay, Joe..."

Malarkey: "Doc, what can I do?"

Roe: "Hold this."

Toye: "You got a smoke?"

Malarkey: "Yeah."

Toye: "Jesus. What's a guy gotta do to get killed around here?"

Roe: "Bill, you're going first."

Guarnere: "Whatever you say, doc. Whatever you say."

Roe: "Over here! Take this man."

Guarnere: "Hey, Lip, they got old Guarnere this time."

Anonymous soldier: "We got you, soldier. Just lie back."

Guarnere: "Hey, Joe, I told you I'd beat you back to the States."

Luz: "Hey, Lip."

Lipton: "How's Buck?"

Lipton: "Luz!"

Lipton: "How's Buck?"

Luz: "He's fine."

Lipton: "You sure?"

Luz: "Yeah, he's fine."

Luz: "I think you should probably go talk to him now, huh?"

Lipton: "All right."

Lipton VO: "Some say Buck changed after he was shot in Holland. Maybe. But I know something happened to him when he saw Toye and Guarnere on the ground."

Lipton VO: "On the report it said Compton was being taken off the line because of a bad case of trench foot. Didn't say anything about him losing his friends.
Buck was a great combat leader. He was wounded in Normandy and again in Holland. He received a Silver Star for his part in taking out those German guns on D-Day.
He took everything the Krauts could throw at him time and again."

Malarkey: "Lt. Compton?"

Malarkey: "UCLA did not make the Rose Bowl this winter, probably because you weren't there. I'm sure you're teaching all of your young soldiers the
joy you have of the sport. Gosh, how we all know what an exciting young man you are, and how your heart and love--"

Lipton VO: "I guess he just couldn't take seeing his friends Toye and Guarnere all torn up like that. No one ever thought any less of him for it."


Lipton: "Hey, Bull."

Lipton VO: "With Buck off the line, there was no longer any possible alternative for Lt. Dike. At least none we could see."

Lipton: "Thanks."

Lipton: "Hey, Muck."

Muck: "Yes, sergeant?"

Lipton: "I'm looking for Lt. Dike."

Muck: "Maybe he's over there."

Lipton VO: "We were stuck with Dike and he was off taking a walk."

Lipton: "Thanks."

Muck: "Sure thing."

Winters: "Lightning Six. Kidnap."

Winters: "Uh, yes, sir. We've cleaned all the green area between---."

Lipton VO: "We'd cleared the woods east of Foy. So a few days later E Company and the rest of the 506 cleared the woods west of Foy. There was little resistance."

Winters: "We have KIA."

Nixon: "Thirteen."

Luz: "You fellas know I got no reason to bullshit you, right?"

Muck: "Yeah, right."

Luz: "Okay, I'm not gonna bullshit you. This is what I saw."

Luz: "It was so unbelievable, you might not believe me."

Luz: "You-know-who comes running up to Lipton. He's got no helmet, no gear, no nothing."

Luz (Dike imitation): "1st Sgt. Lipton, you organize things here, and I'm gonna go for help."

Luz (Dike imitation): "I need to go polish my Oakleaf clusters."

Lipton: "Hey, Luz."

Muck: "Complete asshole."

Malarkey: "That's really good."

Luz: "You know, fellas."

Malarkey: "Good night, all."

Muck: "Yeah, see you, Luz."

Muck: "See you, Malark."

Luz: "What can I do for you, sarge?"

Lipton: "Two things. First, great impression of Dike."

Luz: "You think so? I thought it was a little off."

Lipton: "Nah, you got it pretty good."

Luz: "Yeah?"

Lipton: "Second, don't do it anymore. Especially the part about what he said to me."

Lipton: "It doesn't do anybody any good, okay?"

Luz: "Yeah, I got you."

Lipton: "All right."

Lipton: "Wiseass."


Anonymous soldier: "Incoming!"

Muck: "Luz! Come on! Come on! Hurry! Luz!"

Penkala: "Move!"

Muck: "Luz!"

Muck: "Stay down! Come on! Get in!"

Penkala: "Come on! Luz!"

Penkala: "Come on, move!"

Muck: "Come one! Luz---"

Lipton: "Luz!"

Luz: "Muck and Penkala!"

Lipton: "What?"

Luz: "Muck and Penkala got hit!"

Hashey: "Medic! Medic!"

Anonymous soldier: "Hashey!"

Hashey: "Shit! It's my shoulder!"

Anonymous soldier: "Come on! Get up! Move!"

Luz: "I thought you didn't smoke."

Lipton: "I don't."

Luz: "Uh-huh..."


Lipton VO: "The shell that hit the foxhole Luz and I were in was a dud. The one that hit Muck and Penkala's foxhole wasn't. That's just the way it was.
Muck and Penkala were good men. Their death hit Malarkey the hardest. Malarkey's best friends in the company had been Compton, Muck and Penkala.
In less than a week he'd seen two of them die."

Lipton: "What's the word?"

Anonymous soldier: "Well, the men in line are okay. Food has just been resupplied."

Lipton: "Okay, we'll just hunker down. We might get some relief soon."

Lipton: "Okay? All right."

Lipton VO: "Later that day we were back in our old position overlooking Foy. We were all worried about Malarkey."

Lipton: "Hey, Malark."

Lipton: "Hey, didn't I hear you say you wanted to bring a Luger home for your kid brother?"

Malarkey: "Yeah."

Lipton: "Well, why don't you give him that?"

Malarkey: "It's Hoob's, right?"

Lipton: "Yeah... I was--I was gonna get rid of it, but I don't know."

Lipton: "Listen, uh, Capt. Winters was wondering if you want to go back to Battalion and work as his runner for a few days."

Malarkey: "Tell him thanks. I'm--- I'm gonna stay here."

Lipton: "Well, look, why don't you at least come back for an hour or so, say goodbye to Buck? I'm sure it'll mean a lot to him."

Malarkey: "All right."

Lipton: "You be careful with that."

Lipton VO: "Getting even 50 yards back from the line just for an hour or two could make a big difference in a soldier's state of mind."

Lipton VO: "The morning after the shelling that killed Muck and Penkala, I saw a soldier try to dig a foxhole with his bare hands.
He didn't notice that he'd torn off all his fingernails."

Lipton: "Private!"

Lipton VO: "I got him out of there quickly. Not for his sake, but for ours. Fear is poison in combat. Something we all felt but you just didn't show it.
You can't. It's destructive, and it's contagious."

Malarkey: "Told you I'd get you started."(offers smokes to Buck)

Lipton VO: "Buck was never the same after seeing Toye and Guarnere get hit that day. I guess he just needed some time away from it all."

Lipton VO: "The barrages on January 3rd and the shelling on January 9th marked the low point in the war for many of the men in E Company.
Even then, very few actually broke. But I knew the terror of those shellings and the unrelenting pressure we'de been under since we got to
Bastogne could take their toll anotherways. I was afraid the men would lose focus, suffer a drop in morale. And that was dangerous,
especially in combat. More of which lay on store for us."

Lipton VO: "We'd cleared the woods east and west of Foy. Now it was time for the inevitable assault on Foy itself. Frankly, I was dreading it.
I always knew E Company men who trained at Toccoa wouldn't get through the war unscathed. But now I was beginning to wonder
if any of us was gonna make it through at all."

Lipton VO: "E Company would lead the attack. The problem was, at least in my estimation, E Company still did not have a leader."

Lipton VO: "The night before the attack, I did something as 1st Sergeant I would never have imagined myself doing."

Winters: "Lip! Didn't figure you for a smoking man."

Lipton: "Neither did I."

Winters: "D Company, Lt. Speirs, patrol order."

Winters: "So?"

Lipton: "We've been watching Foy all day, sir, not much activity."

Winters: "Want a coffee?"

Lipton: "No, thank you, sir."

Winters: "How's Easy's status?"

Lipton: "The men are good, sir. They're prepared."

Lipton: "I'm gonna be leading 2nd Platoon tomorrow."

Lipton: "They're probably the weakest after losing Toye and Guarnere and Muck and Penkala."

Lipton: "But all and all, I have every confidence in the men, sir."

Winters: "Good."

Lipton: "But on the other hand, I have no confidence in our CO, sir."

Lipton: "Lt. Dike is an empty uniform, captain. He's just... He's not there, sir."

Winters: "Well, he's gonna be there tomorrow."

Lipton: "Yes, sir, I understand he will be there physically. But tomorrow's gonna be the real deal. And he's gonna have to lead those men.
He's gonna have to make decisions, sir, and..."

Lipton: "I gotta tell you, sir, I think he's gonna get a lot of Easy Company men killed."

Winters: "Thank you, sergeant. That'll be all."

Lipton: "Yes, sir."

Lipton VO: "I said what I had to say. There was nothing Winters could do."


Lipton VO: "He couldn't very well remove a company's CO. Specially a well-connected one because of the misgivings of a company 1st Sergeant."

Winters: "You got about an eight of a mile of open field to cross before you get down here in Foy. There's very little cover, so you gotta move quickly.
I've set up two sections of machine guns at either end here. They'll give you covering fire."

Winters: "3rd Battalion will come from the east, led by I Company. That's to cause distraction. D Company will be in reserve, but you shouldn't need them."

Winters: "The point is, you gotta move in there fast."

Winters: "Get in there before they can bring their mortars and artillery down on you."

Winters: "Clear?"

Dike: "Clear."

Winters: "I'm relying on you. Get it done."

Anonymous soldier: "Covering fire!"

Lipton: "Let's go! Keep it moving!"

Anonymous soldier: "Suppressing fire!"

Lipton: "Keep moving!"

Lipton: "Let's go! Let's go!"

Anonymous soldier: "Suppressing fire!"

German soldier: "Feuer!"

Dike: "Keep them tight, Shames."

Lipton: "Keep moving!"

Anonymous soldier: "Krauts in the open!"

Foley: "Keep moving! Keep moving!"

Liebgott: "Three inside."

Dike: "Wait a minute, wait a minute. Where's Foley?"

Foley: "Randleman!"

Foley: "Liebgott."

Dike: "Where the hell is 1st Platoon?"

Dike: "Hold up!"

Lipton: "Keep moving!"

Dike: "Easy Company! Hold up!"

Lipton: "2nd Platoon! Hold up! Hold up!"

Winters: "Will you move!"

Dike: "Get me Foley on the radio."

Winters: "Get out of there! Move!"

Luz: "Sir, I think we should take cover."

Lipton: "Find some cover! Find some cover!"

Dike: "What?"

Luz: "Easy Red, Easy Red. Easy. Six over."

Perconte: "Six, Easy Red. Go ahead."

Luz: "Easy Red, Easy Red. Stand by for the Six."

Dike: "Foley! Foley, you get back here where I can see you, goddamn it!"

Foley: "1st Platoon! Hold up! Hold up! Take cover! Martin."

Foley: "Come on, soldier, with me!"

German soldier: "Feuer!"

Dike: "Fall back! Fall back!"

Lipton: "Goddamn it."

Winters: "Go forward!"

Lipton: "Herron, on me! Stay on my ass!"

Lipton: "Hold fast, 2nd Platoon!"

Anonymous soldier: "Follow Lipton! Take cover!"

Foley: "What are we doing, lieutenant?"

Lipton: "Why are we stopped?"

Dike: "Fall back! Fall back!"

Luz: "Roger, Kidnap. Stand by for Six."

Foley: "Lieutenant, what's the plan!?"

Dike: "I don't know, I don't know!"

Winters: "You better get Dike on that radio now!"

Foley: "Lieutenant, what's the plan?"

Luz: "Captain Winters, sir."

Shames: "Give us a plan!"

Lipton: "Give us a plan!"

Dike: "Okay, okay, Foley. Foley! You take your men--- You take your men on a flanking mission around the village and attack it from the rear!"

Lipton: "We cannot stay here!"

Foley: "You want 1st Platoon to go around and attack the village by itself!?"

Dike: "We will provide suppressing fire."

Foley: "We're gonna be kind of alone out there, lieutenant."

Dike: "We will provide suppressing fire!"

Winters: "Get going forward!"

Luz: "You need to talk to Capt. Winters, sir."

Martin: "Sir!"

Foley: "Okay, here it is."

Foley: "We go on a flanking run around the back of the village, and we attack from the rear."

Martin: "Ramirez. Two guys. Take them. Find some cover behind this table."

Foley: "Go! Go!"

Winters: "Jesus Christ."

Martin: "Webb, move up! Find cover!"

Lipton: "Suppressing fire! Now!"

Ramirez (?): "Perconte! I got you!"

Martin: "Give me some cover!"

Martin: "How you doing, Perconte?"

Perconte: "They shot me in my ass!"

Ramirez: "Stay down! Stay down!"

Foley: "I think we lost five men. Can you locate?"

Lipton: "The building with the caved-in roof!"

Luz: "The building with the caved-in roof! Over."

Lipton: "Sir, we are sitting ducks here. We have to keep moving!"

Winters: "You've got to keep moving!"

Col. Sink: "Dick! Captain Winters!"

Col. Sink: "Goddamn it! You do not go out there! You're the battalion commander! Now, get back here!"

Col. Sink: "Now, Dick, I understand your attachment to Easy Company ---"

Winters: "Speirs! Get yourself over here!"

Winters: "Get our there and relief Dike and take that attack on in."

Martin: "Webb, fall back! You're too exposed!"

Martin: "Come on, Webb. Let's go, kid."

Bull: "Hang on, Perco."

Anonymous soldier: "Lieutenant, what are we doing?!"

Speirs: "I'm taking over. 1st Sgt. Lipton!"

Lipton: "Here!"

Speirs: "What do we got?"

Lipton: "Sir, most of the company is spread out here. 1st Platoon tried an end-around. They're streched out, pinned out by a sniper.
I believe he's in the building with the caved-in roof."

Speirs: "All right. I want mortars and grenade launchers to that building till it's gone. When it's gone, I want 1st to go straight in.
Forget going around. Everybody else, follow me."

Lipton: "Yes, sir."

Luz: "Thank God, huh?"

Shames: "3rd Platoon! Let's go! Go!"

Lipton: "All right! You heard the word! 2nd Platoon on the CO!"

Lipton: "Sgt. Alley!"

Alley: "Got it, sarge!"

Foley: "Okay, 1st Platoon! Move out!"

Lipton: "On your feet, 2nd Platoon! Move out!"

Lipton: "Get on your goddamn feet! Come on!"

Shames: "Come on, let's get that bastard! Right flank!"

German soldier: "Feuer!"

Lipton: "Come on! Move out!"

Shames: "Fire!"

Shames: "Go! Go! Go!"

Lipton: "Come on, come on."

Speirs: "Radio, get over here!"

Luz: "Sir."

Speirs: "Lipton."

Luz: "Streetfight, Item. Streetgfight, Item. Easy Six. Over!"

Speirs: "What do you see, Lipton?"

Lipton: "Armor and infantry. A lot of infantry."

Speirs: "I Company's supposed to be on the other side of town. Do you see any sign them?"

Lipton: "No."

Speirs: "Radio, anything?"

Lipton: "Sir, I think they're gonna pull back. If we don't connect with I, they're gonna slip away!"

Speirs: "That's right. Wait here."

Luz: "Item! Item! Easy Six."

Luz: "What the hell!?"

Lipton VO: "At first the Germans didn't shoot at him. I think they couldn't quite believe what they were seeing."

Lipton VO: "But that wasn't the really astounding thing. The astounding thing was that after he hooked up with I Company, he came back."


Lipton VO: "We took over 100 German prisoners. After that it was mostly cleanup."

Lipton: "Let's go. Move it. Move it! Take them down to the barn."

Anonymous soldier: "Sit down!"

Anonymous soldier: "Sniper!"

Lipton: "Take cover! Take cover!"

Lipton: "Come on! Come on!"

Foley: "Where is he?"

Lipton: "Shit. I can't see him."

Lipton: "Second floor, building on the right. Don't miss, Shifty."

Lipton: "Now!"


Anonymous soldier: "Over here. I need help over here. Can you guys come and help me?"

Lipton VO: "Mellet, Herron, Sowosko and Ken Webb were killed by a sniper. There would have been more if it hadn't been for Shifty Powers."

Lipton: "You hit bad, Perconte?"

Perconte: "Beautiful wound, Lip. Shot me right through my ass."

Lipton: "You hang tough."

Perconte: "Hey, sarge?"

Lipton: "Yeah?"

Perconte: "Is it true about Dike?"

Lipton: "Yeah."

Perconte: "Thank God for small mercies, huh?"

Lipton: "Yeah..."

Lipton VO: "We'd been looking down at the town of Foy for the better part of the month, knowing that's where we had to go. It was a great relief to have done it.
I guess a lot of the men thought that once we'd taken Foy, they'd get us off the line, ship us back to Mourmelon for a breather. But that wasn't to be.
Two days later we took Noville and after that, Rachamps."


Lipton VO: "We spent our night in Rachamps in a convent. It was the first time we'd spent the night indoors in a month."

Lipton VO: "The sisters there brought in their choir to sing for us. It was heaven."

Lipton VO: "The mood of the men was relaxed. We were finally being relieved and would soon be in Mourmelon. Of course, in the morning we found
out that Mourmelon would have to wait. Hitler had launched a counteroffensive. We were bound for the town of Hagenau to help hold the line."

Lipton VO: "But at least for that night, we didn't know it yet. That night, we were okay."

Lipton VO: "I spent part of that night trying to come up with a roster for the company to see who we had left. We'd come in to Belgium
with 121 men and officers plus 24 replacements. That's 145 total. We were going out with 63." 

Lipton VO: "Guarnere was badly wounded, and Hoobler died accidentally."

Lipton VO: "Joe Toye had lost his leg."

Lipton VO: "Among the dead were Herron, Mellet, Sowosko, Kenneth Webb, Harold Webb, Alex Penkala and Skip Muck."

Lipton VO: "Our month in Belgium cost us one good officer, Buck Compton, and one bad one, Norman Dike."

Lipton VO: "But we gained a good one in the end, so I guess we came out ahead."

Speirs: "What is it?"

Lipton: "Nothing."

Speirs: "Well, I better get back to Battalion before they disappear."

Speirs: "You wanna ask me, don't you?"

Lipton: "Ask you what, sir?"

Speirs: "You wanna know if they're true or not, the stories about me."

Speirs: "You ever noticed with stories like that, everyone says they heard it from someone who was there."

Speirs: "But then when you ask that person, they say they heard it from someone who was there."

Speirs: "It's nothing new really. I bet if you went back 2000 years, you'd hear a couple of centurions standing around and yakking about how
Tertius lopped off the heads of Carthaginian prisoners."

Lipton: "Well, maybe they kept talking about it because they never heard Tertius deny it."

Speirs: "Well, maybe that's because Tertius knew there was some value to the men thinking he was the meanest, toughest son of a bitch in the whole Roman Legion."

Lipton: "Sir?"

Lipton: "These men aren't really concerned about the stories. They're just glad to have you as our CO."

Lipton: "They're happy to have a good leader again."

Speirs: "Well, from what I've heard, they've always had one."

Speirs: "I've been told there's always been one man they could count on."

Speirs: "Led them into the Bois Jaques, held them together when they had the crap shelled at them in the woods."

Speirs: "Every day kept their spirits up, kept the men focused, gave them direction."

Speirs: "All the things a good combat leader does."

Speirs: "You don't have any idea who I'm talking about, do you?"

Lipton: "No, sir."

Speirs: "Hell, it was you, first sergeant."

Speirs: "Ever since Winters made Battalion, you've been the leader of Easy Company."

Speirs: "Oh, and you're not gonna be a first sergeant much longer, first sergeant."

Lipton: "Sir?"

Speirs: "Winters put in for a battlefield commission and Sink approved on your behalf." 

Speirs: "You should get the official nod in a few days."

Speirs: "Congratulations, lieutenant."


Luz: "Hey, look. It's 1st Battalion."

Luz: "Hey! Hey!"

Anonymous soldier: "What do you want?"

Luz: "Yeah, thanks for crapping in our foxholes, you shitheads."

Anonymous soldier: "Hey, it's our pleasure!"

Bull: "Enjoy the walk, boys."

Anonymous soldier: "There they go, Easy Company, riding out again!"

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