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Mark Wahlberg has an extremely busy schedule, between filming a movie in Atlanta, shooting some footage for the “Wahlburgers” TV show, promoting a line of fitness products, and making time for his own family; however, the Lone Survivor star says he will always make time to visit service men and women.

“Anytime I get chance to go thank our men and women who serve in the military- I jump at the opportunity,” says the star.

Wahlberg’s visit drew out quite the crowd as military members and their families gathered at the Exchange to catch a glimpse.

“It’ll be famous person that I get to see and he is just a really cool guy,” says fan Jeanna Hastings.

People in the crowd say they appreciate Wahlberg’s efforts to support the military.

“That’s exactly what we need. The military does a lot for this country and it’s wonderful to see somebody like a superstar like him to come in and support the military,” says John Metcalf.

“It’s really special for us that he takes the time to come out here and thank all of us for our service especially all of our soldiers,” says Ashley Nieves.

Wahlberg says the crowd took him by surprise.

“You’re always surprised. You don’t really know if anyone is going to show up but again, anytime I get an opportunity to come and personally thank the men and women who serve our country I look forward to doing that and jump at the opportunity so but yeah it was little crazy out there. A little crazy out there.”

Wahlberg says stopping by to visit with service members is actually a top priority.

“Because of what they do for us, the security they provide us, the sacrifice they make, you know these guys are going away from their families and their children and their spouses and so it’s only right we come and give them thanks and praises as often as possible.”

And the actor couldn’t stress enough during his interview, the importance of saying “Thank you”.

“It’s a sacrifice to go and have to be away from my family but I get to go home quiet often and some people don’t ever go home and to.. To risk that for our beautiful country is an amazing thing and everybody should be thanking them as often as possible.”


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