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I know that everyone has been accustomed to my articles about new movies, trailers and what’s coming soon on big screens from Hollywood. Today I decided to talk about a good movie I accidentally saw these days on TV. I cannot call it too old, but taking into account that now we are in 2017, the 2008 year of production is counting 9 years already…

Risk, love and… money. 21 is a great movie about living and loving life. They say it’s a fact-based story. Maybe. However, the plot is not that of a traditional American drama; it’s not a love soap opera, it’s something more: it’s a fabulous story, where the end cannot be so easily predicted.

Have you ever been a casino player? Even if not, you will fully taste the passion and risk of this game by watching this movie. The magic of this movie is the feeling that everyone can be Ben Campbell, the main character – a young and smart man, M.I.T. student in Boston, who is waiting for a scholarship to transfer to the Harvard School of University and become a doctor. Unfortunately, Ben cannot afford the 300,000$ cost for schooling, and here the magic begins…

Ben’s usual life turns upside down, when his professor of math, Micky Rosa, introduces him to a secret group of his best five students and teaches them the skill of card counting at BlackJack (learn more about this game here). As a result, every weekend, the five students go to secret trips to Las Vegas and, using their math skills and secret signals, win thousands of dollars in casino after casino. In order to remain incognito, the five students change clothes, wigs and names, pretending each time to be someone else.

I don’t want to tell you the full story and let you enjoy this movie by yourself, as the beautiful transformation of Ben’s life is not forever. The problems start when the security service of a Las Vegas casino begin to count losses and start hunting the secret group of math geniuses…

Even though Ben promised that he will stop playing when he reaches the sum of 300,000$, his pride and ambitions played a low-down trick. The sincere, shy young man becomes a provident card-sharper. This is how money will change Ben.

Of course any dramatic story isn’t full without a beautiful love fairy-tale. And 21 isn’t an exception. Ben falls in love or, maybe, it’s all just adrenaline and passion? Where all these problems and false dreams will lead him, together with the problems with the casino security, his professor of math and passion for his bad-luck genius colleague, see in the full movie.

You will not be disappointed, as besides the interesting plot, the actors are very well selected. Among them you will recognize Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and others. If you, like me, are tired of soap dramas and predictable endings, this movie is for you. Here is the taste of adrenaline, risk and big money. So how about reserving a few hours to watch a good movie?

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