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Mark Wahlberg stars in new film Deepwater Horizon as Mike Wheeler, a real-life survivor of the worst oil rig explosion in US history.

This is the second time the actor has worked with filmmaker Peter Berg who’s perhaps best known for creating TV series Friday Night Lights, the first being 2013’s Lone Survivor.

A younger generation may be shocked to learn that Wahlberg began his career – not as an actor – but as the frontman of a hip-hop collective known as Marky Mark and the Funky Group who hit their prime in 1991 when single “Good Vibrations” made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

The Independent asked the actor – currently promoting Deepwater Horizon – if he’d ever consider a biopic based on his time in the group, and it turns out he has someone in mind: Justin Bieber.

“It depends – who would we get to play me?” he mused. “If it was the Marky Mark days, I don’t know, we’d get maybe Justin Bieber to play the part.”

At the suggestion of Bleed For This actor Miles Teller, Wahlberg wasn’t so convinced.

“We’ve got to harden him up a little bit. We’ve got to put him in jail for a couple of months, see if he could survive first.”

In the interview, Wahlberg also reflected upon Entourage, revealing just how much of an influence he was on Doug Ellin’s TV series.

“It was my early days and it was loosely based – the things that we got up to and got into to were far crazier – also probably illegal,” he said. “We don’t know if there was a statute of limitations on those things that we did.

“But I loved what they did with the show. Once we got the ball rolling, they took liberties and did their thing.”

Following his next team up with Berg – Patriot’s Day – Wahlberg will reprise the role of Cade Yeader in Transformers: The Last Knight which Michael Bay has suggested will be his final film as director of the franchise. Wahlberg’s not so sure.

“He also said the last one was the last and the one before that was the last one so I don’t know. I would say if you ask him now, he would definitely say no, but ask him a year from then and you might get a different answer.”

Would he return to the world of Autobots and Decepticons without Bay present?

“Oh, well that would depend,” he said. “I signed on to make the movies because of Michael and our experiences on Pain & Gain.”

Deepwater Horizon is out now.


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