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His rugged physique helped win him lucrative modelling contracts long before his reinvention as one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors.

But while his early days as a Calvin Klein poster boy are behind him, Mark Wahlberg still adheres to the rigorous health and fitness regimen that helped win him an army of female admirers.

Speaking to the October issue of Men’s Health, Mark, 45, admits he trains intensively and refrains from excess, opting instead to limit his calorie intake and force himself into having early nights – but a series of exercise related injuries means he has to limit himself.

‘There’s no way I’m going out, eating dinner, drinking wine. I literally go home and go to bed. If I finish work at 8pm, I try to be in bed by 9pm. You gotta put the work in. Then you gotta get the rest and recovery,’ he explained.

‘I always do full-body workouts, and I gotta prevent myself from getting any more injuries: I’ve got some herniated discs, labrum tears in my shoulders, a couple broken bones in my hands.
‘And I don’t want to just look like a bodybuilder. I’ve done that before, with Pain & Gain. I want to be able to play with my kids. I want to run and play basketball.’

Early morning starts are also key to his healthy lifestyle, with the actor somehow finding the time to squeeze in a game of golf at 6am.

‘We’re usually sprinting pretty much. If you’re doing the right things, then there’s enough time in the day to get it all done,’ he said.

Frequently away from his Los Angeles home – the actor has just wrapped forthcoming movie Deepwater Horizon on location in New Orleans – Mark admits he uses every opportunity to train, however unorthodox.

‘I get a room next door to mine and take all the furniture out,’ he said. ‘It’s not the same level that I’ve got at home but it’s a pretty good set-up. I’ve got a sled, so I go up and down the hallways. Hopefully without disturbing guests…’

But his devotion to fitness was reluctantly put on hold while shooting his latest film, a biographical thriller about the devastating 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Wahlberg takes the lead as Mike Williams, and electrician employed on the Deep Water oil rig – and he was required to bulk up for the highly physical role while shooting in Louisiana.

‘I ate a lot of fried food, subs, pasta; we were in New Orleans so there was no shortage. I got as heavy as possible, which was fun, for a while,’ he revealed. ‘Then it got a little tough in the heat. And it gets harder to lose the weight. Your metabolism slows down.’

The new film will be his 39th big screen appearance during a hugely successful 22-year acting career that began auspiciously enough with a supporting role in 1994 comedy Renaissance Man.

However the actor remains pragmatic about his enduring popularity.

‘It’s a relatability,’ he said. ‘I’ve got a lot of real-life experience and hopefully that translates. It’s difficult for me to talk about: I don’t really analyse myself in that way.

‘You can find yourself chasing something that… It’s either there organically or it’s not. But I think they can tell how hard I work. I’m 110% committed to everything I do.’

He added: ‘I’m going to work harder every day until I’m not doing it anymore. And while I’m doing it, I have to be the best that I can be. I feel like I’m always willing to work twice as hard as everybody else.’


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