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Jason Fein, owner of School of Rock in Geneva, is used to working with local kids to hone their musical skills. But he got quite the surprise last month when the production team from the Wahlburgers called to see if Donnie Wahlberg could stop by for a visit with his nephew, who has aspirations of becoming a musician, to shoot for their upcoming season.

Fein got the voicemail the night of Nov. 19 and called the Wahlburgers production team right back. Donnie, his nephew, and the Walburgers crew stopped by the next morning. They also brought with them Rob Lewis, also known as Young Q, who is a well-known producer and has worked with several famous musicians including Christina Aguilera, Dr. Dre and Mary J. Blige.

“When Donnie came in he walked right up to me and introduced himself. He was just a really regular and friendly guy,” Fein said. “He doesn’t come across as being really famous.”

They stayed for an hour and Fein and one of his instructors provided some vocal coaching to Donnie’s nephew. Donnie also got on the drums for a bit during the lesson and Young Q played the piano. Fein said another highlight from the visit was when Donnie asked if Fein would take a selfie with him and his nephew.  []

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