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When Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg last teamed up, for Adam McKay riotous cop comedy The Other Guys, the result was a genuinely hilarious film that shone a spotlight on the blossoming screen chemistry between the acting duo. Fast forward five years and we arrive at the pair’s next collaboration, Daddy’s Home; a family romp that has the two at odds with one another.

Playing the mild-mannered good guy is Ferrell, who tries to assimilate into a new family life with Linda Cardellini’s doting mother and her two children. But a step-father faces an uphill battle from the get-go when it comes to winning over young kids, and Ferrell’s job suddenly gets a whole lot worse when Mark Wahlberg’s father brings swagger and gifts back into his children’s lives – like Santa, with abs. What follows is an over-the-top war over affection, with the two leads continually one-upping each other, whether it’s building a treehouse or digging deep to perform their best bedtime stories.

Going off the most recent trailer for Daddy’s Home, it’s difficult to muster any form of excitement for the comedy. If the comic interplay between The Other Guys helped sell McKay’s film five years ago, the same can’t really be said for the pair’s new joint venture. Beyond physical humor, many of the jokes don’t really stick and though we hope we’re wrong, there are plenty of other films vying for your attention during this year’s crowded festive corridor.

Daddy’s Home will open on December 26. Sean Anders and John Morris are behind the lens.



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