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The buddy comedy done right is hard to top. And we’ve seen both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg nail “buddy comedy” time and again. But when these two are paired together – as we saw back in 2010 with “The Other Guys,” – it’s a match made in hell, with gullibly sweet Ferrell pushed to the brink by freewheeling badass Wahlberg.

In what looks to be the comedy event of the holiday season, Ferrell and Wahlberg are paired up again for Daddy’s Home , and we’re lucky enough to have a look at the exclusive new poster.

Ferrell nailed his turn as an immature man-child in “Stepbrothers,” and now he takes a stab at loveably pathetic stepdad, with a notably “cooler” Mark Wahlberg returning home as biological dad. What ensues is all-out warfare for child affection – and puppies, ponies, and straight up cash money are fair play.


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