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From Wahlburgers Philly’s Facebook page, 9.24.2015: “It’s been an exciting day here in Philly with Mark Wahlberg and the ‪#‎Wahlburgers‬ food truck. Where will the food truck go next?”

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Wahlburgers will tower over the Strip’s Grand Bazaar Shops.

Looks like the first Las Vegas branch of Wahlburgers will offer distant peeks at the Bellagio fountains when it arrives at the Grand Bazaar Shops by the end of this year.

Once scheduled for a ground floor space at the rear of the Bazaar, the original property was enthusiastically toured by brothers Paul and Donnie Wahlberg on their A&E reality TV show. After months of stagnation, that footprint is now occupied by the Fuel Bar Garage.

Instead, plywood now points to Wahlburgers heading up the stairs, or adjacent elevator, to occupy 5,000 square feet originally earmarked for chef Sam Marvin, then ditched for another abandoned plan to host Nacho Daddy.

The new location will include a 600-square foot outdoor patio and a walk-up window serving the casual burger, salad and sandwich menu, plus a series of “specialty cocktails.” If you are looking for souvenirs, a Wahlburgers retail shop will take over a separate location in the Bazaar, located closer to the Strip, and feature an inventory of “branded Wahlburgers merchandise, including T-shirts, key chains, shot glasses and more.” It plans to debut sooner than the restaurant.

Scheduled for a “late 2015” debut date, Wahlburgers will be serving up “Wahlfaves” Sunday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.


44 Blue Productions has inked an overall first-look deal with Wahlburgers producer Archie Gips. He will develop unscripted TV formats for 44 Blue under his Glad I Thought of It Productions banner.

Gips serves as an executive producer and showrunner for 44 Blue-produced Wahlburgers on A&E and was an executive producer on its companion show, Donnie Loves Jenny. Gips’ other producing credits include A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Bravo’s Top Chef, WE tv’s Braxton Family Values, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Blind Date and Paramount Pictures’ musical documentary features Katy Perry: Part Of Me and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.


Fan of meat served between bread? Also a fan of Marky-Mark? And the Wahlberg brothers’ brand of Irish-American charm in general?

Well, we have good news for you then – the Wahlberg brothers’ burger chain is coming to Dubai.

When he’s not being a Hollywood A-lister, Mark Wahlberg is busy helping his brothers Donnie (from Blue Bloods) and Paul (the chef) with their new burger chain Wahlburgers.

For a year now the Wahlberg brothers have been the focus of a reality show Wahlburgers, which gives viewers behind the scenes access of the day-to-day grind of setting up and expanding a burger chain. With over 70 restaurants already under their belt, the Wahlberg brothers have announced that they now have their sights set on the Middle East.

Rick Vanzura, CEO of Wahlburgers told PR Newswire, ‘We are thrilled to continue our growth with outstanding franchise partners. The reality of bringing Wahlburgers to our friends in the Middle East is extremely exciting”.

We’ve all heard the tales of the plethora of celebrity restaurants to be opened in Dubai, including Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen, and Tom Aiken’s Pots, Pans & Boards – but we weren’t expecting Marky Mark.

The deal that’s been signed will see 20 new Wahlberg establishments in the Middle East. Worldwide the brothers have 66 locations under development that will open in the next several years.


Coney Island is getting a taste of Boston at last.

Wahlburgers, the Boston-based burger chain from Wahlberg brothers singer/actor Donnie, rapper-turned-actor Mark and their chef brother Paul, has finally opened Monday on the boardwalk after months of delays.

The 6,800-square foot space at 3015 Stillwell Ave. — across the street from the original Nathan’s Famous — fell behind schedule due to a pending certificate of occupancy, which is issued by the city’s Department of Buildings.

The DOB told the Daily News last month that the chain was waiting on a construction inspection, in which the department had to check for exit signs, emergency lighting and any outstanding safety issues.

The former New Kids on the Block boy band members put all “The Right Stuff” on the menu including a BBQ Bacon Burger, beef hot dogs, tater tots and the vegetarian-friendly Portobello Mushroom Cap.

“What really drew us to this location is the rooftop. The view is just phenomenal — there’s no better place to take in the sights of Coney Island while enjoying burgers and drinks with friends,” Donnie Wahlberg said in a statement.

Donnie and Mark filmed their first music video “Please Don’t Go Girl” at Coney Island in 1988, now they’re back where they started.

“To imagine years later that our name will be on the sign of a burger joint that probably wouldn’t even be possible without New Kids on the Block — a band that led to all these other opportunities — to come full circle…it’s a proud, proud moment,” Donnie told The News in June.


The star and producer also explains why he was initially hesitant to do the A&E docuseries, admitting: “Being on TV as ‘Mark Wahlberg’ was not of interest to me.”

Your initial reaction to the show concept was allegedly, “Will people really be interested in this?” What made you say yes?

Yeah, initially I didn’t want to be on television. I’m sick of being on television. Yes, I’m an actor and a producer, which is my first love, but being on TV as “Mark Wahlberg” was not of interest to me. But it was [ultimately] about promoting and building the business. And it’s been a nice thing that has brought our family closer.

People are surprised by how often you appear in the show. How do you squeeze in time amid your film schedule?

We just shot a bunch of stuff for the show down here in Louisiana where I’m filming [the Peter Berg action drama] Deepwater Horizon. So we just have to be flexible as far as where and when we shoot. If I finish early, we’ll go shoot some stuff. Whatever we can figure out.

How hands-on are you as a producer?

Very. Anything that involves me and the business, I’m very hands-on. As you’ll see in the second half of this season, I’ve gotten even more involved.

What has surprised you the most about making a reality show?

Whether it’s scripted or reality, I’ve been producing television for quite some time, so I’m [pretty] used to it. The only thing I’m not used to is [the producers] continuing to push to have more of me on [the show]. That was never the plan. Though as we work harder to promote the business, I find myself willing to do more stuff. But I’m only doing what I want to do and how I want to do it.

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A celebrity-owned restaurant is making its way down to the east coast to Florida.

Wahlburgers — which is owned by actor-brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg — will open its first Sunshine State location in Orlando, the Orlando Business Journal reports.

The new Wahlburgers will take a spot in the SunTrust Center in downtown Orlando at 200 S. Orange Ave.

This won’t be the only Wahlburgers in Florida: It’s the first of 20 planned locations as part of a franchise agreement with an Orlando businessman, the Orlando Business Journal reports.

The burger joint and its famous owners are the subject of an A&E TV series. No information is available on whether any episodes will be filmed at the new location. The show’s fourth season premieres July 15.