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Thursday night, actor and singer Donnie Wahlberg rocked the house, raising over $700,000 for wife Jenny McCarthy’s, autism charity, Generation Rescue, at his first ever solo-concert!

The iconic Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL hosted nearly 1,000 fans in an intimate concert experience, AND the Blue Bloods star made a matching donation of $100,000 to the foundation.

Special guests included New Kids on the Block band mates, Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, and Danny Wood with hip hop artists, Nice & Smooth and Naughty by Nature.

The Chicago lovebirds then brought the party back to the historic Hotel Baker, where the two wed almost two years ago, for an exclusive after party, closing the night for a cause near and dear to their hearts (as if they could get any bigger!).

McCarthy’s son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism in 2005. Wahlberg joined the board of directors for Generation Rescue in 2015.

The evening was presented by Hotel Baker, Jenee L. Polaczek, and OxyHealth, all longtime supporters of the organization.

Generation Rescue is the leading national nonprofit organization providing hope and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

[Images via Brian Babineau and Ruthie Hauge Photography]

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Wherever the New Kids on the Block are, Kristen Parness and Danielle DeCristoforo are not far behind. They go to their concerts. They’ve seen them get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They’ve even gone on a fan cruise with the band — three times.

On Thursday, their fandom brought the besties from New York all the way to the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles. Parness won the #GoHomeWithDonnie fan sweepstakes.

The win got her plane tickets for two, front row seats for a solo performance by St. Charles resident Donnie Wahlberg, VIP after-party access, and accommodations at the Hotel Baker. And she couldn’t think of a better person to bring with her than DeCristoforo.

“My husband now has a man-crush on Donnie,” Parness said. “He loves him in ‘Blue Bloods.’ When I won, he was like, ‘I’m so excited to meet him. He seems so cool.’ And I was like, ‘You’re not coming.'”

Parness and DeCristoforo met at a CD signing the band hosted during a 2008 reunion. They’ve been best friends ever since, bonding over their #BHlove (BH is short for Block Heads, a term of affection for fans of the New Kids).

“God, we just love them,” Parness said. “From ages 8 to 12 they were like our first loves. They were such a part of our life when we were little, and now they are still so great with their fans. We’ve just grown up with them.”

The pair have had some one-on-one encounters with various New Kids over the years. At one point, a member of the fan duo’s crew of friends even got Donnie Wahlberg’s cellphone number.

“Ever since we got it we’ve been harassing him on that number for free tickets to things,” laughed Parness. “But I guess the number belongs to some NFL player now.”

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SiriusXM Host Jenny McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlberg kick off SiriusXM’s Prom Radio Channel on May 17, 2016 in New York.

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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy attend Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show from Grant Park in Chicago, IL before the NFL Draft on April 28, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.

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SiriusXM host Jenny McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlberg pose photos at the SiriusXM Studio on April 11, 2016 in New York City.

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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are guests on Watch What Happens Live, March 21st, 2016.

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Donnie Wahlberg gives his perspective on Justin Bieber words when he was on stage at 1OAK in Los Angeles and why it’s important to focus on the fans that do love you.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg visit ‘Extra’ at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square on March 15, 2016.

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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are big Hollywood stars now living the “perfect little suburban life.”

The couple, who wed in 2014, live in St. Charles, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

“I grew up in Chicago and then my best friend moved to the suburbs and I looked at her Facebook photos of all of her kids playing and I said, ‘We have to move there,’” McCarthy said today on “Good Morning America.”

“He said, ‘Let’s do it,’” she said of Wahlberg. “So now we have kind of like this perfect little suburban life.”

The couple’s life in St. Charles will be on full display when the third season of their reality TV show, “Donnie Loves Jenny,” premieres tonight on A&E.

“I’m a big city boy from Boston so it’s a whole different lifestyle for us and, you know, all the different things we run into in the small town really create a lot of funny moments for us,” Wahlberg said.

Wahlberg also stars on the TV drama “Blue Bloods” and another reality show, “Wahlburgers,” that follows his famous family and their restaurant business. He’ll also be appearing on a third reality show, “Rock This Boat,” that will document his band, New Kids on the Block, on their annual cruise with fans.

“Sometimes I do get confused,” Wahlberg said of appearing on four different TV shows. “Sometimes I yell during my interviews. She’s like, ‘That’s ‘Wahlburgers’ talk. That’s not ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ talk.'”  []

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy attend AOL Build Presents ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ at AOL Studios on March 16, 2016 in New York City.

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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg join Private Jet app to celebrate the launch of new Chicago routes at Chicago Executive Airport on March 4, 2016 in Wheeling, Illinois. (Photos by Gabriel Grams)

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Jenny McCarthy’s husband, Donnie Wahlberg, gets a reading from psychic medium Nini Grace with some surprising results.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg visit the SiriusXM set at Super Bowl 50 Radio Row at the Moscone Center on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photos by Cindy Ord)

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Donnie Wahlberg performs a song about Jenny’s purse, which apparently can carry a lot of stuff.

Danny Wood has a new solo album, “Look At Me” and stopped by Dirty, Sexy, Funny to tell Jenny McCarthy how he and Donnie would steal Donnie’s brother’s clothes to go to school dances and try to impress girls.

Donnie Wahlberg and Host Jenny McCarthy at the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2016 on December 31, 2015 in New York City.

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