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Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell attend the ‘Daddy’s Home’ red carpet premiere at Cinemex Antara Polanco on January 25, 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico.

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AQUAhydrate investors Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mark Wahlberg announced today (January 25) that the pair have partnered with Eminem and Wiz Khalifa to donate one million bottles of water to the natives of Flint, Michigan.

In addition, the company has pledged a long-term commitment to the area, which is suffering from a crisis due to lead poisoning in the water.

“The AQUAhydrate team is doing everything it can to help with this issue,” explained Combs. “Mark and I made an initial pledge to donate and are committed to the continued aid to Flint residents as long as they need it. We hope this commitment will inspire others to get involved as well.”

An initial shipment of 5,000 bottles are on the way to Flint and AQUAhydrate is working with Red Cross, local community leaders, the state Emergency Management system and Homeland Security to coordinate its efforts.  []

Preliminary work has begun on two Hollywood films dealing with the Boston Marathon bombings. Actor Mark Wahlberg has been in town this week to spend time with Danny Keeler, the real-life Boston cop he’ll play in “Patriots Day.” Among the stops Wahlberg, the movie’s director Peter Berg, and Keeler made Wednesday was the Eire Pub in Dorchester. The night before, we’re told, Wahlberg met with the family of Martin Richard, the youngest victim killed in the April 15, 2013, bombings. Keeler is a veteran Boston Police detective who was in command at the marathon finish line and was instrumental in the subsequent hunt for the Tsarnaev brothers.

PHOTO ABOVE:  Actor Mark Wahlberg outside the Eire Pub in Dorchester, where he had lunch with director Peter Berg and Boston Police Detective Danny Keeler, whom Wahlberg will play in the movie “Patriots Day.”  Photo credit to Bill Brett for the Boston Globe.


After months of speculation surrounding Transformers 5, some details have emerged about the movie’s filming from director Michael Bay. After confirming his return to the action franchise, Bay revealed possible locations where filming would begin in June 2016.

While speaking with WGN Radio’s Dean Richards, Bay was asked whether he will return to Michigan Avenue, to which he replied, “I love Chicago. We’ll come in with some Transformers to even it out.”

He also said that Paramount Pictures is gearing up for production of the film. In early January, Bay confirmed his return to direct the next film of the franchise after Age Of Extinction. “I’ve taken on a lot of work…. Transformers, I still have a great time. It’s fun to do a movie that 100 million people will see. But this is the last one. I have to pass the reins to someone else,” he told Rolling Stone.

Previously, Paramount Pictures hired a group of writers to frame an impeccable plot to narrate the journey of leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, and his arch nemesis group, the Decepticons. While the plot of the movie is not known, chief writer Akiva Goldsman hinted that the upcoming film will explore the mythologies of the popular series through the Hasbro toy and comic book series. He also spoke about some interaction between humans and Autobots.

Age of Extinction, was panned by critics for lack of creativity and storytelling. It ended with Optimus Prime travelling to outer space to settle scores with the Creators who are intending to eliminate humans from Earth. It is speculated that the sequel will follow the Autobots leader to a different planet or space.

Moreover, Mark Wahlberg will return to reprise his role of Cade Yeager. Co-produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Steven Spielberg is the executive producer of the upcoming film. Transformers 5 will see the return of Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager. The movie is expected to premiere in 2017.


The Many Faces of Marky Mark

It’s hard to believe an underwear model could mature into an award winning actor and producer, but Mark Wahlberg is a man of many impressive talents. An Oscar and Golden Globe nominated actor, Wahlberg is also a highly accomplished producer, a restaurant franchise owner, a sports franchise owner, a husband and a father. After the rather sordid life of a troubled youth, Mark cleaned up his act and went on to become one of America’s favorite character actors, getting featured on the cover of numerous health, fitness and men’s magazines. Mark Wahlberg is a “man’s man” if nothing else.

Getting a Little Funky


(Image Source:

After a ten-year on and off teen music career singing for New Kids on the Block (he quit before they started recording) and later Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Wahlberg decided to go into acting. One of his first critically acclaimed roles was Dirk Diggler in the Academy Award winning film Boogie Nights. The entire ensemble cast gave unexpected, amazing performances, with Mark performing impeccably as an unknown-kid-turned-superstar in the less than glamorous world of adult films. The film went on to receive numerous Oscars, including Best Supporting Actor, Actress and Original Screenplay, and many believe Wahlberg’s performance certainly merited a nomination alongside Burt Reynolds and Julianne Moore.

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The immensely popular video game franchise “Uncharted” may finally have found its leading man to play Nathan Drake.

According to, Mark Wahlberg has been the longtime front runner for the role. Initial rumblings of Wahlberg getting role came out when the scandalous Sony emails were leaked as per

Sony Pictures Entertainment former co-chairman Amy Pascal apparently had a discussion with studio executive Jonathan Kadin.

Based on the exchange, Kadin said this about the game’s leading character: “Drake is contemporary and more complex than Indiana’s period and altruistic do-gooder character. Drake is more Han Solo – (and who doesn’t love Han Solo?) – a guy who is in it for himself, he mixes with a criminal element and often gets in trouble, but ultimately stands up for what’s right and discovers he has a heart.

National treasure was a bit soft with Nicolas Cage and more about the historic puzzle solving. Drake should feel more like the Bourne or Bond version of the action adventure genre which is something audiences haven’t seen yet – a grittier, contemporary globe-trotting adventure steeped in the antiquities world that exists today.”

On a separate exchange, the 2 discussed the film’s director Seth Gordon and Mark Wahlberg’s involvement. “Mark asked where we are thinking of shooting the movie, Seth said there were casual talks about Australia or Mexico but nothing solidified yet,” he said. “Mark said he doesn’t want to do a lot of green screens – he wants as many locations as possible. Wants NATE to feel more like Bourne than Indy and of course, Seth agreed.”

“It wasn’t clear whether Mark wants to see a new draft before committing. That’s what we need to figure out. Seth is ready to work on the script his week and would like to bring [David] Guggenheim [screenwriter] out Monday,” he continued.

The exchange then shows that the film could be out by summer 2016.


While presenting the award for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes Sunday night, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg wore New Year’s Eve 2016 glasses and told the audience to stop laughing at them.

The audience did not stop laughing, and so the two actors, promoting their new movie “Daddy’s Home,” became more agitated onstage.

“It’s alright, no more drinks for Will,” Wahlberg said, handing his taller counterpart a Lifesaver and commenting on his breath. “Like puppy or kitty cat breath,” Wahlberg commented.

Ferrell kept making jokes about how the two actors were not joking, and then Wahlberg made the quip about Will’s drinking. The evidence is there: just look at those glasses! Surely a sober person wouldn’t wear those glasses.

Go see the two stars’ very serious drama about what’s presumably a father coming home in theaters now.  []

Actor Mark Wahlberg says he is working with Detroit businessman Dan Gilbert to open a Wahlburgers restaurant location in the city’s downtown Greektown district.

“I’ve been nice enough to get Dan Gilbert to give me a nice location,” Mark Wahlberg said in the Fox 2 interview. “I’m coming. It could be this summer.” Wahlberg revealed the plans during an interview with WJBK Fox 2 to promote his new movie “Daddy’s Home.” Wahlburgers is a fast-growing burger chain started in Massachusetts in 2011 by brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg. It’s also the subject of a reality TV show on A&E.

Gilbert’s Bedrock Real Estate Services confirmed the news.

“As Mark Wahlberg stated, we are working very closely with Mark and Wahlburgers to create a great location for them in the Greektown area,” Dan Mullen, Bedrock’s executive vice president, said in a statement.

Representatives for the Wahlburgers company were not immediately available for comment.

The CEO of Wahlburgers recently told the media site Business Insider that his chain could add 100 to 150 new locations in the next five years. Its current locations outside of Massachusetts are New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Toronto.


We already brought you part one of our list of 15 things you probably did not know about Mark Wahlberg, and now we’re back with part two! Check out eight more fascinating facts about the actor and former NKOTB member that you definitely (probably) did not know below. You might be surprised by what you find out!

Number Eight: He Has Famous Relatives. Fame must run in Wahlberg’s blood because he is a distant relative of Madonna! Not only that, but he is also a relative of Celine Dion’s.

Number Seven: He Has a Third Nipple. It’s true! Wahlberg really does have a third nipple.

Number Six: He Had an Extremely Troubled Childhood. Growing up, Wahlberg got involved in some very bad things. He stole cars, sold marijuana, and once he assaulted a man with a wooden pole. He was in prison for 45 days for assaulting the man with the wooden pole.

Number Five: He Wrote a Dedication to His Member. In his 1992 memoir, which is titled Marky Mark, Wahlberg actually wrote a dedication to his very own phallus. He later said that he regretted doing that.

Number Four: He Wants to Collaborate With Justin Bieber. Wahlberg has gone on the record saying that, if Justin Bieber asked him for a verse, he would be happy to come back into the music – and specifically, rap – industry.

Number Three: He Was on the Honorary Board of The Second Mile. Yup, the same charity owned by Jerry Sandusky. Wahlberg was on the board before Sandusky was arrested for child sex abuse charges in 2011.

Number Two: He Was Named the Worst Male Singer of the Year. It’s true! The former New Kids On The Block member was named the “worst male singer of the year” by the readers of Rolling Stone in 1992.

Number One: He Is Not a Fan of Intense Ab Workouts. Rather than work out his abs in a super hardcore way, Wahlberg has claimed that he got his infamous six-pack abs from light ab workouts. Wahlberg has also said that he has struggled with weight gain for his entire life, so if light ab workouts work for him, we’re going to go ahead and trust him!


Mark Wahlberg stars in the new comedy Daddy’s Home, a film that follows radio executive Brad Taggart (Will Ferrell) as he competes for the love of his step kids when their biological father Dusty (Wahlberg) re-enters the family picture.

The movie marks a reunion for Ferrell and Wahlberg after the two treated viewers to a comical on-screen performance in 2010’s The Other Guys. In Home, their odd coupling will once again leave moviegoers in stitches as they watch Wahlberg’s Dusty, the fun dad, interact with Ferrell’s Brad, the buttoned-up step-pop.

“We really like each other,” he tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest over the phone Thursday. “We’ve got great, natural chemistry and we have similar approach to the work. We both play it very straight and real.”

He adds, “He’s just a nice, sweet, kind guy and really fun to be around. He really enjoys making people laugh. He’s a family guy just like myself.”

Daddy’s Home is in theaters now.


Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Mark Wahlberg are among those presenting at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards to be held on Sunday.

As well, Jamie Foxx, Amy Adams, Jim Carey, Channing Tatum, Olivia Wilde, Patricia Arquette, Helen Mirren and Julianne Moore will also be presenting awards at the show, which Ricky Gervais will host for the fourth time.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s first round of presenters announced also includes Mel Gibson, Jaimie Alexander, Kurt Russell, Amber Heard, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kate Hudson, J.K. Simmons and Eddie Redmayne.

The Golden Globe Awards will air live from the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Sunday, Jan. 10, with the pre-show from 7-8 p.m. EST and main telecast from 8-11 p.m. EST.


Mark Wahlberg is one of the most multi-talented people in Hollywood right now. He has been involved in modeling, rapping, acting, producing – not to mention he’s one hell of a businessman. However, despite all the time that Wahlberg has spent in the public eye, there are still some things that many people don’t know about him. With that in mind, here we present our list of 15 things you probably didn’t know about Mark Wahlberg. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: His Home Gym Was Once an Airport Hangar. According to Haute Living, Wahlberg has a two-story gym that actually used to be an airport hangar. The gym includes a boxing ring and a high-tech sound system.

Number Fourteen: He Owns a Burger Joint. And what a great idea, considering his last name almost includes the word “burger”! The chain is called Wahlburgers, and it is located in Massachusetts.

Number Thirteen: He Is Physically Committed to His Roles. For his role in Pain and Gain, Wahlberg reportedly ate 10 meals a day and drank many mass gainers in order to put weight on for the role.

Number Twelve: He Used His Prosthetic Penis as a Prop. Wahlberg kept the prosthetic penis he used in Boogie Nights, and he reportedly used to take it out of the drawer he kept it in and would even slap his friends in the face with it!

Number Eleven: He Gets Followed Into Bathrooms. Because of the role Wahlberg played in Boogie Nights, he has said that many women and some men often follow him into restrooms to try and get a glimpse of his infamous manhood.

Number Ten: He is a Momma’s Boy. Well, he’s good to his mom, at the very least. In 2001, Wahlberg used his wealth to buy his mother a mansion in Beverly Hills. The mansion reportedly cost $5 million.

Number Nine: His Daughter Was Born on the Same Day His Sister Died. Wahlberg’s first child, Ella Rae, was born on September 2, 2003. On this very same day, Wahlberg’s older sister, Debbie, passed away. He now has four children.


Two feature films (one starring Mark Wahlberg), a stage play and an HBO special also are in production, though they’re all about the 2013 bombings.

BOSTON (AP) — America’s marquee marathon is ready for its close-up.

“Boston,” the first feature-length documentary film about the Boston Marathon, is in the works. Its creators say the movie will go well beyond the 2013 bombings to retrace the iconic footrace’s first steps in 1897.

“Over the years, the Boston Marathon has had so many extraordinary stories of people achieving and accomplishing things,” says producer Megan Williams, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker. “It’s like looking at cultural and social change over the last century through the lens of this major sporting event.”

Two feature films (one starring Mark Wahlberg), a stage play and an HBO special also are in production, though they’re all about the 2013 finish-line attacks that killed three spectators and wounded more than 260 others.

No Boston documentary would be complete without the dark events of 2013. Boston, however, will focus less on the chaos than the comeback. The producers had 56 cameras along the course in 2014 for the marathon’s first running since the bombings.

Director Jon Dunham said the city’s determination to take back its namesake race will be a recurring theme in the movie, which was conceived before the attacks.

But the film will be a sort of highlight reel from the 120-year-old marathon, the nation’s oldest. The Boston Athletic Association, which organizes the race, gave Dunham exclusive rights to its archive of photos, video and marathon memorabilia.

Boston will tell the stories of some of the greatest marathoners ever to conquer the hilly 26.2-mile course stretching from Hopkinton, Mass., to Boston. They include four-time winner Bill Rodgers; Johnny Kelley, who ran 61 Boston marathons and won two; and Kathrine Switzer, who in 1967 became the first woman to run with an official bib number.

“It’s a huge undertaking. We’ve got 300 hours of stuff we shot, not counting the archival material,” said Dunham, who hopes it will psych up runners like his popular Spirit of the Marathon films — cult classics that followed select amateur and elite runners at the 2005 Chicago and 2012 Rome marathons.

Nothing rivals the Boston Marathon in terms of sheer lore, says Tom Derderian, a running coach and author who’s serving as an executive producer on the pic, along with 2004 Olympic marathon bronze medalist Deena Kastor.

“The marathon is a mirror in which you can see the reflections of the times in every year,” he said. “For instance, the world of the 1910 Boston was not this world — it featured young men who were considered at great risk of ruining their health by running. That was the essential myth of those times.”

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Clip from the The Graham Norton New Year’s Eve Show. Both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg behave like lunatics when watching their kids play sports.

May your home be filled with the joy of the Christmas season. Merry Christmas from our home to yours!


Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell star in Daddy’s Home. Coming to theaters Christmas Day.

“DADDY’S HOME” follows a mild-mannered radio executive (Ferrell) who strives to become the best stepdad to his wife’s two children, but complications ensue when their freewheeling and freeloading real father (Wahlberg) arrives, forcing him to compete for the affection of the kids.

Director: Sean Anders

Starring: Will Farrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Thomas Haden Church, Hannibal Buress

The actor sat down with some kids to teach them a few things… about the birds and the bees.  []