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The lines between Hollywood and the comic book industry continue to blur: Mark Wahlberg is the latest star to venture into the medium, for a sci-fi project with Vault Comics titled “Alien Bounty Hunter.” CBR has the first details.

Wahlberg and his production partner Stephen Levinson are named as “producers” of the series, which will be scripted by Vault Comics Editor-in-Chief Adrian F. Wassel & David M. Booher, illustrated by Nick Robles and lettered by Deron Bennet. Levinson created the series, and the story is credited to Levinson and F.J. DeSanto, writer of Vault Comics’ “Failsafe.” “Alien Bounty Hunter” is scheduled to debut this July at Comic-Con International in San Diego, with a monthly series launching shortly afterwards.

“Some of today’s greatest film franchises originated as comics,” Wahlberg and Levinson said in a joint statement. “We always try to get involved with the story telling process from its inception. With ‘Alien Bounty Hunter’ we are creating a new hero’s origin story.”

Here’s the official description of the story: “Ben Madsen is tasked with apprehending a wanted fugitive… but quickly learns that his target is not of this world. Madsen must track his mark through an alien enclave populated by the galaxy’s most dangerous aliens—right here on Earth.” “Alien Bounty Hunter” co-writer Adrian Wassel calls it “an homage and a send-up of every adventure flick and action hero we’ve ever loved.”

As you’d expect, the stated hope is for “Alien Bounty Hunter” to be adapted to a “wide range of media” after it’s debut as a comic book. It’s the first comic book production from Wahlberg and Levinson, who have previously collaborated on HBO series “Entourage,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “Ballers,” and USA Network show “Shooter.”

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