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Among those hoping the Red Sox could avoid a four-game sweep at the hands of the Chicago White Sox was Donnie Wahlberg, who was cheering for the home town team from sweet seats near home plate. Wonder if the “Blue Bloods” star stopped into the Wahlburgers around the corner from the ballpark.



Boston has a plethora of hamburgers, a vast abundance that some might consider excessive. But our overwhelming bounty of beef did not stop the Wahlberg brothers from staking their claim in the city game.

Mark, Donnie, and Paul — Boston’s family men turned Hollywood’s darling burger bros — held an exclusive opening party Thursday night at their newest Wahlburgers spot in Fenway. They also walked the red carpet outside the soiree, and even Mark — ever the covert one — took a moment to media-mingle.

“I’m in training for a movie right now, so it’s the worst,” Wahlberg said. “It’s torture being here and not being able to eat. Obviously my favorite is the Thanksgiving Day burger. I’m smelling them now and it’s torture.”

Donnie, on the other hand, mentioned he was going to have “about 10 burgers.”

“This place is the sacred ground in the city,” he said. “To open a business here, and to have our name up on the sign here is just [an honor].”  []

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Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are set to be in town Thursday for the opening of the new Wahlburgers near Fenway Park. There’s an invitation-only red carpet event for the new location, although, with rain predicted, who knows how weather might affect the party. Other guests will include chef Paul Wahlberg and Wahlberg matriarch Alma. We assume cameras will be there for the brothers’ TV show, “Wahlburgers.” Wahlburgers already has locations in Hingham, Lynnfield, Coney Island, and Toronto.



Wahlburgers Will Open Its First Boston Proper Location on October 1

For fans who love celebrity-owned burger restaurants and celebrity-studded reality shows about those burger restaurants, good news: The first Boston proper Wahlburgers, which will be in the Fenway neighborhood, will finally open on October 1, Boston Restaurant Talk reports.

The restaurant is giving people the chance to sign up to attend the restaurant’s opening…virtually. There will be a “VIP” live stream, and “attendees” will be entered to win autographed “Wahlgear,” burgers for a year, and other prizes.

Helmed by Wahlberg brothers Paul, Donnie, and Mark, the growing restaurant group began in Hingham in 2011 but had world domination on its mind early and already has locations opening or in the works in Florida, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Toronto, along with a 20-franchise deal in the Middle East. Locally, there’s a Lynnfield restaurant, the original Hingham one, and eventually one at Logan Airport. But first, there’s the Fenway location (132 Brookline Ave.), opening next week. (Plus, there’s the reality television series.)

Earlier this month, Eater NY critic Robert Sietsema checked in on the new Coney Island Wahlburgers and found that the best part of it was the “Boston-style milkshake known as a frappe.” It was “paradoxically thick and also foamy, intensely flavored with chocolate, and damn delicious.”



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