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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg make for one of oddest on-screen duos around: the former one of Hollywood’s silliest comedic performers, the latter an intense, intimidating figure best known for his action roles. Perhaps the only thing they have in common is that they’ve both appeared on camera only in their tighty-whiteys — though in very different contexts and to very different effect.

Five years after first teaming up in director Adam McKay’s buddy-cop film “The Other Guys,” Ferrell, 48, and Wahlberg, 44, reunite in the comedy “Daddy’s Home,” in theaters on Christmas, with Ferrell playing Brad, an earnest, mild-mannered stepfather of two kids whose position in his family is threatened when Wahlberg’s alpha-male biological dad Dusty swoops back into town.

We talked to the two about their comedic chemistry, their parenting styles and which of them can do the most pull-ups (spoiler alert: Wahlberg).

After “The Other Guys,” were you two looking for something else to do together?

Ferrell: I was always thinking I’d love to do something with Mark again, but I don’t think we actively talked about it. And then this movie was pitched to us, and it was getting developed, and there just happened to be a window in Mark’s schedule. Notice I said “Mark’s schedule” — there’s great demand for Mark, not so much for me. [laughs]

We’d had some other machinations of how this movie could be cast; there was a point where I was going to play Dusty, and I was maybe going to do it with Ed Helms, and then that fell apart. But we were like, “Mark would be great as the dad that every male wants to be and is slightly afraid of.”

Wahlberg: I don’t know where that comes from. I mean, anybody who’s young and thinks they’re cool and hip doesn’t want to be like me. I love my life but going to bed at 10 o’clock at night, tucking the kids in and looking forward to getting to bed. … My two favorite times of my own during the day are when I finish at the gym and have a protein shake and when I get to bed.

You guys are both dads in real life. Will, you’ve got a goofy-fun-dad vibe, and, Mark, I think people would assume you’re the kind of dad who runs a tight ship.

Wahlberg: I am — if it starts getting a little crazy, I’m definitely the disciplinarian. I put my foot down. But we have a lot of fun too. My kids know that dad can be a bit of a pushover. I learn a lot from Will because he is patient. He tolerates a lot. He’s understanding. His kids will say a bad word or something and I’m like, “What?!!”

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The “Ted” star discusses his new film about two dads squaring off for the love of their family.

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Hollywood superstars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg popped in to chat about their new movie Daddy’s Home, Guinness, GAA, Elf, hanging out in Ireland and more.

In Part 2 we chat about their new movie Daddy’s Home, dadbods, Christmas holidays, and Listener’s Questions – including one about their ridiness!


When it comes to trick-or-treating on Halloween, Mark Wahlberg was more of a trickster while growing up in Boston.

During a phone interview with the Dan Patrick Show on Friday morning, the actor admitted to stealing candy from kids on the ghoulish holiday, in addition to bragging about his Patriots’ latest win.

The Hollywood star said he used to wear an impromptu ninja mask made out of a T-shirt as he robbed the unsuspecting children.

“You go and you snatch everybody’s bags and hope you don’t get hit with too many eggs,” Wahlberg said.

The Dorchester native told Patrick that he was never arrested on Halloween, although he did cause quite a bit of mayhem on the holiday as a youth.

Wahlberg recalled buying—as well as stealing—eggs which he would then let rot before tossing them at people around the neighborhood.

“We’d either steal eggs or buy eggs two weeks in advance and leave them outside to rot so they could be as nasty as possible,” Wahlberg said.”You’d freeze a couple and you’d just go to war with rival neighborhood kids.”

Check out Wahlberg’s full interview in the clip below.  []

The star and producer also explains why he was initially hesitant to do the A&E docuseries, admitting: “Being on TV as ‘Mark Wahlberg’ was not of interest to me.”

Your initial reaction to the show concept was allegedly, “Will people really be interested in this?” What made you say yes?

Yeah, initially I didn’t want to be on television. I’m sick of being on television. Yes, I’m an actor and a producer, which is my first love, but being on TV as “Mark Wahlberg” was not of interest to me. But it was [ultimately] about promoting and building the business. And it’s been a nice thing that has brought our family closer.

People are surprised by how often you appear in the show. How do you squeeze in time amid your film schedule?

We just shot a bunch of stuff for the show down here in Louisiana where I’m filming [the Peter Berg action drama] Deepwater Horizon. So we just have to be flexible as far as where and when we shoot. If I finish early, we’ll go shoot some stuff. Whatever we can figure out.

How hands-on are you as a producer?

Very. Anything that involves me and the business, I’m very hands-on. As you’ll see in the second half of this season, I’ve gotten even more involved.

What has surprised you the most about making a reality show?

Whether it’s scripted or reality, I’ve been producing television for quite some time, so I’m [pretty] used to it. The only thing I’m not used to is [the producers] continuing to push to have more of me on [the show]. That was never the plan. Though as we work harder to promote the business, I find myself willing to do more stuff. But I’m only doing what I want to do and how I want to do it.

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Magazine Alert! Mark is featured in the August 2015 issue of ElleMen Thailand Magazine.

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Magazine Alerts! Mark is featured in the August issue of GQ France and he was also featured in the May issue of Aventura Magazine.


Ted 2 stars Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane wow us all with some rather impressive (and some kind of sketchy) accents in a game of ‘accentuate’!

With Ted 2 out in cinemas now Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon are joined by stars of the movie, and all around funny men Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg as they play a game of ‘accentuate’.

The rules are simple – pick two cards, read aloud the phrase on the first card and then match it with the given accent on the second, simples. Mostly, it did take the acting duo a few failed attempts to get the hang of the British classic.

Mark Wahlberg and his foul-mouthed, substance-abusing teddy bear of a best friend Ted are back in Ted 2!! Mark called into the Roz & Mocha Show to talk all the about movie.

In the follow up to the hit 2012 comedy, the furry character wants nothing more than to become a father. TED 2 is now playing everywhere!

Mark Wahlberg talks to Matt Lauer about co-starring in “Ted 2” because just reading the script had him laughing out loud. June 23, 2015