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Scary good! While It continues to scare moviegoers, Donnie Wahlberg told Us Weekly he found some comic relief in the film thanks to several New Kids on the Block references. Watch the video above!

Wahlberg, 48, revealed that he caught the movie with his son and when NKOTB’s “Please Don’t Go Girl” song hit the screen, the two tried acting nonchalant about the whole thing.

“I looked over at him and he looked over at me and we don’t want to blow our cover either because it’s dad and son time,” Wahlberg told Us while sipping on his wife Jenny McCarthy’s newly launched ready-to-serve vodka cocktail, Blondies. “We are trying to be low-key. I don’t want to embarrass him, and fortunately no one heckled the New Kids stuff.”

Turns out Wahlberg’s son wasn’t embarrassed at all. In fact, he thought it was pretty cool.

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Guilty pleasure?  Watching The Real Housewives with my wife [actress Jenny McCarthy]. We’ve just got into Ladies of London.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?  My brother Mark [Wahlberg].

Where is home?  Spread between Boston, New York and just outside Chicago, where we spend most of our time.

Career plan B?  Police officer.

Biggest bugbear?  The dishonesty of politicians in the US right now.

As a child you wanted to be…  A professional baseball player.

Earliest memory?  Playing with a car on the kitchen floor in Boston while drinking Kool-Aid.

Your best quality?  My positive attitude – I try to stay grateful.

And your worst?  When I’m not being positive or grateful, I get crabby.

Last meal on earth?  Fried chicken and fish and chips – with homemade chips – followed by chocolate-chip cookies and ice cream.

Dream dinner-party guests?  James Corden, Beyoncé and the major politicians in the US. I’d ask James to make them laugh, Beyoncé to serenade them – and I’d try to talk some sense into them.

Advice to teenage self?  Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be just fine.

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Donnie Wahlberg new funny interview on LIVE with Kelly – November 02, 2016 (full version, HD).

Mark Wahlberg’s team prevails – It’s a hot and humid Saturday morning in Pontiac, Michigan, where Mark Wahlberg is filming “Transformers: The Last Knight” and a small crew is on hand to shoot the cover of 24Life. He’s been working 16 hours a day, and there’s no rest on the weekend: he’s got Wahlburgers restaurant business to address here, as well as a working dinner. Nevertheless, he is going to make sure he attends church, squeezes in a round of golf, and has some fun with the 24Life crew, too.

Wahlberg is in action-hero shape, and his hair is longer than usual for the latest chapter in the Transformers saga. It’s a fast follow-on to his role in “Patriots Day,” a film about the Boston Marathon bombing, and his character Mike Williams, the electronics technician who became the face of one of the world’s largest man-made disasters, in “Deepwater Horizon” — due in theaters September 30.

As we talk with Wahlberg about his sensitive and skilled portrayal of Williams in “Deepwater Horizon”— and the opportunity it gave him to bring forward the human story behind the environmental tragedy — it becomes clear how deeply Wahlberg values people and community, not only in his career as an actor and producer, but also in his family life and in his ventures in the restaurant industry and in performance water and supplementation.

24Life: “Deepwater Horizon” presents the untold story behind that disaster — that of individuals and a community facing life-or-death decisions. Many of the standout roles you’ve played are ones in which your character’s relationship to others is crucial. Is that element a factor in your choice of parts or projects?

Mark Wahlberg (MW): A lot of things go into the decision-making process, but with stories like “Deepwater Horizon,” we’re talking about the lives of real people and dealing with tragedy and loss of life. Those are obviously extremely delicate subjects, especially in the case of Deepwater Horizon. Eleven people lost their lives, but all the media attention and focus was on the environmental disaster. It seemed like not a lot of people know that … the 11 people that lost their lives do a job, and are part of a world and a community that provides a service for us, [and we’re] unaware of the dangers and risks they face to get those resources that are part of our daily lives.

We had the huge responsibility of making sure that we did it right, and that we did proper justice to the lives of the people we portrayed. Obviously, every movie is different, every role is different, but when dealing with true stories, we make that sure every single person involved is committed to getting it right and making sure that we honor the people [we are portraying]. That’s the golden rule. And no one has a problem doing that.

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Mark Wahlberg loves for working with director Peter Berg. And Berg loves Wahlburgers (but more on that later). The duo have worked together on “Lone Survivor” and the new “Deep Horizon,” the true story of the BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, in 2010, which killed 11 people and caused the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history. Wahlberg plays chief engineer technician Mike Williams, the last survivor to make it off the Deepwater Horizon rig. The 45-year-old actor explains the appeal of true stories and how his relationship with Berg blossomed over burgers.

You’ve worked on three films with Peter Berg. You’re friends now, right?
Well, he is from New York and I’m from Boston, so that’s a big problem. [Laughs]

How did this collaboration come about?
It’s one of those stories where we have the same agent and he introduced us. In fact, he was trying to get us together for some time. But for one reason or another, we resisted. But when we finally got together for “Survivor,” I was like ‘I could make 20 movies with this man.’ We motivate each other. We support each other. He focuses on the story and has a mindset to see the whole picture, rather than deal with his own agenda, which is very rare.

While on the subject of your friendship with Peter Berg, tell us what a guy from Boston and a guy from New York have in common when it comes to food?
[Laughs] Look, I took him to all the great restaurants in Boston. But he keeps saying that Wahlburgers burgers were the best. He tried the turkey, classic and fish. He ate them all; he could not stop.

What is your favorite dish?
Oh God, you’re asking someone who craves everything all the time. I’ve been eating very healthy. For my birthday my wife hosted a dinner at home and brought the chef of my favorite Italian restaurant, but I could not eat everything that I wanted. The problem is that I gained a lot of weight for “Deep Horizon” and “Patriots Day.” Then I saw Michael Bay, the producer for “Transformers” and he said, “Friend, what’s going on here?” So I had to do the 10-week training program in three.

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Mark Wahlberg stars in new film Deepwater Horizon as Mike Wheeler, a real-life survivor of the worst oil rig explosion in US history.

This is the second time the actor has worked with filmmaker Peter Berg who’s perhaps best known for creating TV series Friday Night Lights, the first being 2013’s Lone Survivor.

A younger generation may be shocked to learn that Wahlberg began his career – not as an actor – but as the frontman of a hip-hop collective known as Marky Mark and the Funky Group who hit their prime in 1991 when single “Good Vibrations” made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

The Independent asked the actor – currently promoting Deepwater Horizon – if he’d ever consider a biopic based on his time in the group, and it turns out he has someone in mind: Justin Bieber.

“It depends – who would we get to play me?” he mused. “If it was the Marky Mark days, I don’t know, we’d get maybe Justin Bieber to play the part.”

At the suggestion of Bleed For This actor Miles Teller, Wahlberg wasn’t so convinced.

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While his brothers Mark and Donnie are in the entertainment industry, the only showbiz Paul really partakes in is his restaurant’s reality TV show Wahlburgers. Food has always been to main focus in Paul’s life.

While we inhaled a few items from the Wahlburgers’ TIFF special menu that features housemade Lobster Poutine, sweet potato tots, and popcorn jalepeno shrimp, we also had a chance to catch up with Chef Paul to chat about Toronto and TIFF.

So, why did you open the first restaurant outside of Massachusetts in Toronto?

Paul: I’ve been to Toronto a bunch a times so I know the city well. I love the city life and the energy here. Walking around it’s amazing. Everyone is so nice here. For us, you know Mark and Donnie film here so much and we have so many connections here in Toronto it just made sense for us. They have a huge fan base here in the city.

Do people recognize you too?

Paul: People are nice here and they don’t really bug me. Once in a while they recognize me and I can hear them whispering. Sometimes I hear “Oh look, it’s Donnie!” which is totally fine. I got chased out of a store once with someone yelling Donnie Wahlberg! Donnie Wahlberg! The funniest is when people come up to me and complain about my brothers. They don’t like a movie they’re in or something and I guess they think I’ll go back and discuss that with them. But what’s really funny is when people come up and tell me that they love my mother. So I tell my mom that people love her and that they say hello. But then she’ll ask me who they were.

Are you TIFFing while you’re here?

Paul: (laughs) I’ve been here a few times around TIFF and I like to walk around the area and along King Street and Spadina. I love all the pop-up places but it’s been a busy time for me here at the restaurant. I did walk over to get a porchetta sandwich down on King Street near here. It was pretty amazing. The crackling, the bread, it’s the perfect sandwich. Mark is here for TIFF. It’s a beautiful time of year to be here. (Mark is in town for the premiere of his film Deepwater Horizon)

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New Kids on the Block is ‘hangin’ tough’ with 1010 WINS and WCBS-FM on Thursday (June 9).

The group kicked off their day with an appearance in a special edition of ’22 Minutes’ with 1010 WINS’ Brigitte Quinn. Immediately afterwards, they joined 1010 WINS and WCBS-FM in a live Q&A session hosted by Jen Peros and ‘Broadway’ Bill Lee.

Donnie Wahlberg’s familial connection on Blue Bloods wanes in comparison to his real-life bond with his mother, Alma.

“She has to be politically correct, but I already know,” Donnie joked with ET in a joint interview with his mother when asked who her favorite child is. “I’m the favorite,” he whispered.

It’s no wonder Donnie proudly labels himself a “mama’s boy.” As a single mother, Alma had to raise her nine kids — Donnie, Mark, Paul, Robert, Jim, Arthur, Debbie, Tracey and Michelle — by herself on welfare.

“I had to learn how to make meals out of nothing, and I would go to the Salvation Army store and buy shirts and different stuff,” Alma told ET.


ET first met Alma 27 years ago during Donnie’s New Kids on the Block days.

“Donnie came from a family of 9 children,” Alma told ET in a 1989 interview. “He was the second youngest, so he usually wore his brother’s hand-me-down sneakers.”

After her sons Donnie and Mark climbed the ladder of success in Hollywood, Alma is a celebrity in her own right, starring in the family’s A&E reality show, Wahlburgers. Alma told ET that she’s getting recognized so much now that it’s starting to affect her daily life.

“Yesterday I was in the market. I didn’t think I was going to get out. I’m serious!” she said. “They’re taking my picture in the market.”

But if you think fame and fortune has changed her, think again.

“To this day, I only thrift shop — even jewelry,” Alma said. “Somebody will say to me, ‘That ring is gorgeous!’ I say, ‘Yeah, it was $29.'”

It’s this humility and value system that Donnie credited for his family’s success.

“We’re only a reflection of her,” Donnie said. “Mark and I get all the glory for being so successful, but that’s all superficial. It really is.”


Donnie Wahlberg’s success as an actor, producer and musician first began when he captured the hearts of teen girls everywhere as a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. He now stars as detective and Iraq war veteran Danny Reagan in the hit CBS drama “Blue Bloods.” Wahlberg joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why he supported former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio and to preview the “Blue Bloods” sixth season finale.

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg joined Boomer and Craig live in the Allstate Studio on Tuesday to talk about his hit CBS show and his band, New Kids On The Block.

Wahlberg talked about life as both a TV star and member of a beloved boy band. The Patriots fan also discussed Tom Brady’s suspension and his burger chain, Wahlburgers.

Mark Wahlberg took the advertising world by storm in 1992, thanks to his provocative, indelible Calvin Klein underwear campaign, which was shot by the late Herb Ritts. He’s been surprising us ever since, transitioning from Marky Mark, the rapper behind the ’90s hit “Good Vibrations,” to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, thanks to films like Boogie Nights, Ted, Transformers: Age of Extinction and The Departed (which landed him an Oscar nomination).

A decade ago, he made yet another bold pivot, branching into producing projects for both television (HBO’s Entourage, which was based on his life, as well as the premium cable channel’s series Boardwalk Empire and Ballers) and film (Lone Survivor, The Fighter and Patriots Day, his forthcoming drama about the Boston Marathon bombing).

As he helps engineer the steady rise of the Wahlburgers chain, Wahlberg talks with Adweek about why he initially hated the name of the restaurant, his approach to working with brand marketers and what he learned from posing in those boxer briefs back in the day.

Adweek: Where did the name Wahlburgers come from?
Mark Wahlberg: We had already done Alma Nove (named for their mother, Alma), which was a big success, and I was grateful I was I able to help [my brother] Paul see that dream come to reality. But once he mentioned the idea of Wahlburgers, I said, “Are you out of your mind?” I spent 20-some-odd years building my brand and going from the music world to being taken really seriously as an actor and a producer. I said, “There’s no way. Call it Paul’s Place, whatever you want. I’ll fund it for you, but this is not going to happen.” Then I thought, wait a second here. If we could really build a business, a real business, then that’s something that I’m interested in. But we’re going to do it in a big way. I want to be around to enjoy it. And so things kind of happened.

Was the plan always for you to be this heavily involved in the show? You’re featured as much as anyone else in your family.
Originally it was like, OK, we’re going to put my brother Paul and my mother and [my friend Johnny] Drama and those guys there. But I just said, you know what? I think to really give it the best chance to succeed—and again, we’re talking about the business—I should be involved in every aspect.

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What does Donnie Wahlberg think of the hype surrounding “Making A Murderer”? The reality TV star tells Sangita Patel why the audience should be asking more questions before signing any petition.

Donnie Wahlberg Dishes On 'Making A Murderer'

Donnie Wahlberg explains his recent commentary on the Netflix series Making A Murderer.

Posted by Sangita Patel on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


It was whal to whal Wahlbergs at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel on Wellington St. Saturday, when brothers Paul and Donnie came to talk food, sports, their various TV shows and share the love with several charitable organizations they were hosting later in the evening.

The two famous brothers — there’s a whole whack of them spread across the continent, including uber-hunk actor Mark Wahlberg — also came to talk about the recent expansion of their Wahlburgers restaurant franchise to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

They have plans to open Wahlburgers in more than 100 locations.

“But, we take it one day at a time,” said Paul, a professional chef for more than 30 years. “Mark wants one everywhere — he wanted one on Mars after watching the movie, The Martian.”

What excites the two about Canada, Toronto in general?

“The food scene here is unbelievable!” says Donnie, of New Kids on the Block fame, who juggles his work on Blue Bloods, his band, his production work and his reality show with his wife, Jenny McCarthy. “Here at the SoHo there’s Susur Lee’s restaurant and the food there is unbelievable.”

“It’s a city where you can get any food you want, all authentic; the diversity is amazing, and that includes the staff,” added Paul. Which may explain why the brothers are in and out of the city on a regular basis.

“There’s always something new and exciting,” said Paul, adding the relationship with the suppliers of Canadian products used in the restaurant is “the best.” “We’re dealing with the finest. The foods we sourced are some of the best in the world. Toronto is the type of city that delivers all the right ingredients.”

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Mark Wahlberg stars in the new comedy Daddy’s Home, a film that follows radio executive Brad Taggart (Will Ferrell) as he competes for the love of his step kids when their biological father Dusty (Wahlberg) re-enters the family picture.

The movie marks a reunion for Ferrell and Wahlberg after the two treated viewers to a comical on-screen performance in 2010’s The Other Guys. In Home, their odd coupling will once again leave moviegoers in stitches as they watch Wahlberg’s Dusty, the fun dad, interact with Ferrell’s Brad, the buttoned-up step-pop.

“We really like each other,” he tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest over the phone Thursday. “We’ve got great, natural chemistry and we have similar approach to the work. We both play it very straight and real.”

He adds, “He’s just a nice, sweet, kind guy and really fun to be around. He really enjoys making people laugh. He’s a family guy just like myself.”

Daddy’s Home is in theaters now.