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Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg chat with Nekia Nichelle about new radio show, NFL Draft & more.

Donnie Wahlberg interview – Live! with Kelly and Michael, April 25, 2016.

SiriusXM host Jenny McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlberg pose photos at the SiriusXM Studio on April 11, 2016 in New York City.

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DAVENPORT — He stopped each time someone called his name, honored every request for a photo, and took a sincere interest in everyone he met.

Friday, before addressing a sold-out luncheon and meet-and-greet to benefit Gilda’s Club Quad Cities, Donnie Wahlberg shared time with patients and staff at the Genesis Cancer Institute.

Dressed in a blue suit, red tie and brown shoes, the member of the band New Kids on the Block and star of television’s “Blue Bloods” played to packed houses everywhere he went Friday.

Also the star of the unscripted shows “Wahlburgers” and “Donnie Loves Jenny,” Mr. Wahlberg visited Gilda’s Club and Genesis before before the noon luncheon at Davenport’s RiverCenter.

“You guys here at Genesis are the real stars,” Mr. Wahlberg said, speaking before a packed lobby filled with patients and staff. “It is amazing, the work you do. I appreciate that you applauded when I was introduced, but you are the ones who should be applauded.”

Mr. Wahlberg shared with fondness a story about the first time New Kids played Davenport 30 years ago, then set his sights on the work the institute does.

“I cannot be more proud of the strength you show,” Mr. Wahlberg said, stopping to talk with Davenport’s Kelsey Burmeister, just after Ms. Burmeister completed a cancer treatment. “It takes great resolve. I admire you. Please stay; walk with us.”


Mr. Wahlberg said he has learned to draw each day on the Gilda’s Club message.

“I have learned that message — ‘all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community’ — carries a great deal of weight,” he said. “It’s something I have taken to with everything in life.”

With the help of Sue Warren, executive director of Gilda’s Club, Ms. Burmeister secured a New Kids poster. She asked Mr. Wahlberg to sign the poster. Without hesitation, he did.

“I should be the one asking her for her autograph,” he said.


Donnie Wahlberg will be featured at the 7th Annual Intimate Conversations fundraiser to benefit Gilda’s Club of the Quad Cities on Friday at the RiverCenter in Davenport.

Tickets remain available for 7th Annual Intimate Conversations fundraiser to benefit Gilda’s Club of the Quad Cities at noon Friday at the RiverCenter in Davenport.

The event will feature Donnie Wahlberg, a driving force behind the New Kids on the Block in the 1980s-90s who now stars with Tom Selleck in the CBS TV show “Blue Bloods” and is an executive producer of another TV show, “Boston’s Finest.”

The 46-year-old from Dorchester, Mass., also is executive producer of the Emmy nominated unscripted series “Wahlburgers,” a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant owned by his brother Paul and efforts to make the business into an international chain eatery.

Donnie Wahlberg and his wife, Jenny McCarthy, also have their own TV show, “Donnie Loves Jenny.”

Tickets for Friday’s event are $55 each or $440 for a table of eight; call 563-326-7504. A meet-and-greet with Mr. Wahlberg is sold out.


Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are guests on Watch What Happens Live, March 21st, 2016.

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Donnie Wahlberg gives his perspective on Justin Bieber words when he was on stage at 1OAK in Los Angeles and why it’s important to focus on the fans that do love you.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg visit ‘Extra’ at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square on March 15, 2016.

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Go home with Donnie Wahlberg to St. Charles on June 2 & join him as he rocks the house for a great cause! A once in a lifetime solo concert (plus Special Guests!) to benefit Generation Rescue! It’ll be a night to remember!! Gain early access to tix & VIP After Party passes now at


Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are big Hollywood stars now living the “perfect little suburban life.”

The couple, who wed in 2014, live in St. Charles, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

“I grew up in Chicago and then my best friend moved to the suburbs and I looked at her Facebook photos of all of her kids playing and I said, ‘We have to move there,’” McCarthy said today on “Good Morning America.”

“He said, ‘Let’s do it,’” she said of Wahlberg. “So now we have kind of like this perfect little suburban life.”

The couple’s life in St. Charles will be on full display when the third season of their reality TV show, “Donnie Loves Jenny,” premieres tonight on A&E.

“I’m a big city boy from Boston so it’s a whole different lifestyle for us and, you know, all the different things we run into in the small town really create a lot of funny moments for us,” Wahlberg said.

Wahlberg also stars on the TV drama “Blue Bloods” and another reality show, “Wahlburgers,” that follows his famous family and their restaurant business. He’ll also be appearing on a third reality show, “Rock This Boat,” that will document his band, New Kids on the Block, on their annual cruise with fans.

“Sometimes I do get confused,” Wahlberg said of appearing on four different TV shows. “Sometimes I yell during my interviews. She’s like, ‘That’s ‘Wahlburgers’ talk. That’s not ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ talk.'”  []

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy attend AOL Build Presents ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ at AOL Studios on March 16, 2016 in New York City.

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By Donnie Wahlberg

How I lost my Monday nights — but not quite my manhood — to my wife’s favorite TV show. Don’t laugh, it could happen to you, too.

Disclaimer: Do not comment unless you read every word.

This has to be some kind of karmic retribution.

A turning of the tables for all of those husbands out there who had to put up with their wives wanting to go see the New Kids on The Block reunion concerts. Sweet revenge for the nice-guy hubbies who had to put up with their wives talking about how hunky Jordan was, cute Joey still is or how much of a “bad boy” Donnie was, during his Public Enemy T-shirt-wearing rebellious phase.

Payback, for all those men who spent their paychecks on surprise New Kids concert tickets for their spouses. The same guys who had to then shell out another $30 for a Jonathan T-shirt, or even more (than I care to mention) for a meet and greet photo op with the band.

More likely, it’s a quarter century worth of “what comes around goes around.” You know, for all those late-1980s teenage boys who had to compete with my band for the affections of their AquaNet-spraying, high-hair wearing, 16 Magazine-reading, young teenage girlfriends.

What other explanation could there be, that could make sense of the fact that …

I am addicted to the “The Bachelor”!!!

There, I said it. OK?

The freaking Bachelor.

It’s karma, isn’t it?

What other explanation can there be for the fact that I know all these Bachelor guys on a first-name and character-description basis, the same way that so many husbands had to get to know Donnie, Jordan, Danny, Jon and Joe?

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By Donnie Wahlberg

Where Donald Trump plays the role of Gary Busey — fighting it out with Bernie Sanders in the role of Meat Loaf — and we the people rule the boardroom.

What more can be said about Donald Trump that hasn’t already been said?

Regardless of how you feel about him, Mr. Trump is only a few more GOP primary wins — and a potential Hillary Clinton federal indictment — away from assuming the job of President of The United States of America.

Once upon a time, that concept seemed impossible. Today, it seems very possible.

Some Americans are embarrassed by this development. Some are angry. Many more are terrified. Like, really, really terrified.

I, however, can’t help but see the incredible irony in the fact that his presence has reduced this year’s election process to a real-life version of his own long-running reality TV series, “Celebrity Apprentice.”

I was a very big fan of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Seriously, it was an awesome show. Trainwreck TV at its finest: Former stars like Gary Busey, Meat Loaf, Dionne Warwick and Jose Canseco all took turns trying to raise money for charity (and resurrect their careers) by playing various business roles, in hopes of eventually being “hired” by Mr. Trump. Beyond the show’s victorious celebs, most had no idea what they were doing, and were often in way over their heads (much like Mr. Trump appears to be when discussing foreign policy).

At the end of each episode came the climactic and infamous boardroom scene. A scene where the celebrity contestants showed up in the dreaded “boardroom” and pleaded their cases to a scowling Mr. Trump. The contestants name-called, lied, backstabbed, cheated, manipulated and threw each other under the bus (basically, what Mr. Trump has reduced every single GOP debate to). All with the hope of convincing Mr. Trump, that they were worthy of the job, and to avoid hearing him utter the two most dreaded words in all of reality television: “You’re fired.”

The show was a ratings sensation, just like candidate Trump is now for the many news networks that can’t get enough of him.

We could choose to be appalled by the fact that one of the most important presidential elections of our lifetimes has been reduced to comparisons with “Celebrity Apprentice,” or we could choose, instead, to accept this process for exactly what candidate Trump has turned it to — a reality TV game show.

Call it, Presidential Apprentice.

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For those who missed it! Donnie Wahlberg on the set of Blue Bloods. (Special Thanks to Lady Vee)

Sartell Mayor Sarah Jane Nicoll flew to Chicago over the weekend to join two members of the iconic boy-band New Kids on the Block to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. Sarah was joined by her husband David (Sartell Firefighter) who doubled as a bodyguard for the pop stars when they did a meet and greet after the show for almost 400 attendees. The show at Subterranean was a huge success raising thousands of dollars for Danny Wood‘s foundation “Remember Betty.” The foundation is named after his mother Betty who lost her battle to breast cancer in the late 90s.

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg showed up at the concert to support his bandmate, bringing along custom made jerseys, t-shirts and sweatshirts to raffle off, and also treated the capacity crowd to $8,100 worth of meet and greets.  []

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg join Private Jet app to celebrate the launch of new Chicago routes at Chicago Executive Airport on March 4, 2016 in Wheeling, Illinois. (Photos by Gabriel Grams)

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Time to put Alma on the spot. Find out who her favorite Wahlberg is on the season premiere of Wahlburgers, March 9th at 9/8c!

New Season of Wahlburgers

Time to put Alma on the spot. Find out who her favorite Wahlberg is on the season premiere of #Wahlburgers, March 9th at 9/8c!

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