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Preview of Mark Wahlberg’s cover story in the May 2016 issue of Men’s Fitness. For the full story, including exclusive content, click here to download the issue now or pick up a copy on newsstands on April 25.  (Photos by Jeff Lipsky)

Over the course of his 25-year career, Mark Wahlberg has redefined “reinvention,” going from musician to underwear model to actor to leading man to, ultimately, one of Hollywood’s most versatile stars and megaproducers. Now he’s kicking ass in a whole new arena: that of an entrepreneurial powerhouse.

Wahlburgers, the hamburger chain he launched with his brothers Paul and Donnie—and turned into an A&E reality show by the same name—is blowing up, with seven locations and another 100 planned. AquaHydrate, the fitness water company he fronts with Sean Combs, is gobbling up market share. And this month Wahlberg will launch his most personal venture yet: a “clean” supplement company called Performance Inspired. (He’s not the only big name involved—ultrafit golfer Rory McIlroy is attached to the company, too.)

Built on Walberg’s experience beefing up his physique for films like Lone Survivor, The Fighter, and Transformers, Performance Inspired is no mere “endorsement” for the star. Every free moment he has, he’s hustling for the brand—researching the competition, working the phones, and reaching out to distributors. Yet somehow he does all this and his day job: He recently wrapped Deepwater Horizon, about the 2010 BP oil spill, and is now filming Patriots Day, about the Boston Marathon bombing. And after that it’s the next Transformers movie, with director Michael Bay.

So how does a superstar, superproducer, and nascent business mogul—not to mention father of four—even find the time to play golf, much less with a 300-yard swing? We caught up with him in the Hollywood Hills, still sporting an oil-rig worker’s goatee, to talk about his drive on and off the golf course.


“The great thing about my partner Tom Dowd is that he worked for 25 years at GNC and helped build some of the greatest products out there. We see how the space is growing. [We’re] creating a product line 
that wasn’t out there yet. I’ve always been adamant about being natural, no matter what I was doing—training, putting on weight, losing weight. So this is an all-natural product— nothing that can give you a bad reaction. Student athletes
 can take it, collegiate athletes—you never have to worry.”

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Presenting the star of the May 2016 issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine, Mark Wahlberg!

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