Actor and Boston native Mark Wahlberg said he’s going to get a clean shave and is calling on celebrities and athletes to do the same.

He’s modeled in underwear and has sported many different looks in movies. Now, the multi-talented Wahlberg plans to go bald for a cause, shaving his head for charity.

In a short video, Wahlberg appears with the co-founders of One Mission Buzz-Off, calling for people to buzz their heads. The money raised will go towards helping children who are battling cancer and their families. The shaved look helps children feel like they’re not different from everyone else.

He says one particular person is looking forward to his new hairdo.

“My wife will actually be happy, she says I look like an old Harry from One Direction,” Wahlberg said in the video. “I’m challenging all of you to do the same thing. Shave your head for charity, for a good cause.”

New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski has previously participated in the cause, shaving his head last summer.

“Gronkowski’s already done it, I’m challenging every other Patriot, celebrity, sports star in the world to do it, do it for the kids,” Wahlberg said.

He’s not sure when exactly he will be shaving his head, but he says he will do it after he’s finished filming “Ted 2,” “Daddy’s Home” and “Deep Water Horizon.”

For more information on One Mission Buzz-Off, click here.

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234B447100000578-0-image-71_1416484728631Mark Wahlberg has proven that he is a man’s man more than once (who can forget THAT Calvin Klein advert), and the tiger is not about to change his stripes just yet. The 43-year-old actor was spotted on set of his new comedy, Daddy’s Home, filming scenes shirtless and on a motorbike.

Wahlberg is once again teaming up with Will Ferrell, with whom he created comedy gold with The Other Guys in 2010, for the new film. Wahlberg plays the biological father to Ferrell’s stepdad, as the latter’s character marries Mark’s ex-wife. Ferrell, 47, plays a reliable and mild-mannered radio executive whose efforts to be the best stepfather ever are hampered by the arrival of Wahlberg.

Mark’s character is described as ‘a wild guy with a tendency to freeload’. Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Pictures will co-produce and finance the film, written by Brian Burns and directed by Sean Anders and John Morris.

It is hoped that Wahlberg and Ferrell will be able to recreate their on-screen chemistry that made The Other Guys such a success. In The Other Guys, Ferrell played Detective Allen Gamble, a conservative and risk-averse forensic accountant. Wahlberg’s Detective Terry Hoitz was the opposite type, a quick-tempered man of action who once shot Derek Jeter during the World Series.

Daddy’s Home is slated for release in 2015.




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OCTOBER 8-12, 2015

NKOTB CRUISE 2015! from New Kids on the Block on Vimeo.

All aboard, Blockheads! Six months after it was first announced, the NKOTB reality show has a premiere date. Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block is due to set sail on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015 — and Us Weekly has an exclusive sneak peek at the first minute of the eight-episode series.

The Pop (currently TV Guide Network) show spotlights the boy band’s famous annual cruises, which are so popular that they have wait lists of thousands. This year, the ship took Blockheads on a five-day journey from New York City to Bermuda.

“Every year, my bandmates and I go on a cruise with 3,000 of our wildest and most adoring fans,” NKOTB’s Donnie Wahlberg explains. “For the first time ever, we’re gonna take you behind the scenes to see what it’s like. Three thousand fans, 20 cameras — that equals a whole lot of potential chaos.”


Damnit Maurie sat down with Donnie Wahlberg and Chef Paul at the grand opening of the Toronto location of Wahlburgers and asked about reality TV and will LEAF games be shown at the famous restaurant.

Donnie Wahlberg with Damnit Maurie at the Wahlburgers Grand Opening on KiSS 92.5:


Actor and musician Donnie Wahlberg says Canadian investors were instrumental in starting up the Wahlburgers restaurant he owns with his brothers. Wahlberg launched a Toronto location of the burger joint on Saturday (November 15, 2014).

492520049Mark Wahlberg loves Toronto. And not just because he’s opening up a Wahlburgers restaurant here and wants to move product. He really, really loves it. Here’s why:

You and your brothers Paul and Donnie recently opened a Wahlburgers on Blue Jays Way. There are already one million burger joints in this city. What sets a Wahlburger patty apart?
Wow, I dunno. I haven’t visited all one million. In fact, I don’t know anything about the competition. But I do know that my brother Paul is an absolute rock star in the kitchen. It’s one thing to have a celebrity name to draw people in, but it’s his food that keeps people coming back.

What is it about the food?
They’re really, really good burgers. We have the basics, and Paul, Donnie and I each have our own signature creations, but we have mushroom and salmon burgers, too. It’s a pretty extensive menu.

The original Wahlburgers is in Boston. Why did you choose Toronto for your first expansion site?
It’s a great place to test the waters. If a film does well at TIFF, it stands a great chance of being successful around the world. I think the same is true of restaurants. It’s a cutting-edge city with a lot of cool people. If you can make it in Toronto, you can make it anywhere.

Last year you called Toronto the “most interesting city in the world.” Can you share a Mark-Wahlberg-in-Toronto anecdote, so we know you’re not just buttering us up?
Oh, trust me, I’ve had some very interesting and very crazy times in Toronto. My first time at the film festival was with Boogie Nights, and that was a very special occasion. Shooting my first movie in Toronto, The Big Hit, was special, too.


The Canadian launch of Wahlburgers Family Restaurant on November 15, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.


Blue Bloods celebrates the filming of its 100th Episode Monday Nov. 10, 2014 on the stage in Brooklyn with cast, crew and CBS executives. Credit to


la-et-mn-afi-fest-gambler-mark-wahlberg-201411-002After the world premiere of Mark Wahlberg’s new movie, “The Gambler,” Monday night at the AFI Fest, a five-minute highlight reel of the actor’s career played for the audience at the Dolby Theatre before Wahlberg came on stage for a post-screening Q&A.

It was an enviable montage, underscoring the number of great movies Wahlberg has made (“Boogie Nights,” “The Departed,” “The Fighter” among them) and how his work in these films has often been taken for granted. David O. Russell, who has directed Wahlberg in three movies, once told me, “[He’s] from the Spencer Tracy school of acting. You know, ‘Don’t let them catch you do it.’ It’s not showy, but not many people can do it.”

“The Gambler,” a remake of the 1974 James Toback-written drama about a free-falling college English professor given seven days to pay off a substantial gambling debt, lands on the showier side of Wahlberg’s work. His character doesn’t really want to make things square. He’s full of self-loathing over his privileged upbringing, desperately wanting something real he can call his own. He gambles because he doesn’t have it and believes he never will. He’s unafraid of oblivion.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”) and written by William Monahan (“The Departed”), “The Gambler” works as a stylish, fitfully persuasive character study, though it doesn’t do its supporting cast — particularly its underserved women, Brie Larson and Jessica Lange — any favors. Larson’s love interest, in fact, stands as one of the most ill-defined characters in recent memory.