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Mark Wahlberg is bringing the real-life disaster story of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion to life on the big screen.

“Good Morning America” debuted the new trailer for the film, “Deepwater Horizon,” which features the stories of those who worked on the BP rig during its harrowing final hours. The April 2010 explosion killed 11 people and triggered the biggest oil spill in U.S. history.

Wahlberg stars as Mike Williams, an electrician who escaped from the burning rig. He’s joined by an impressive cast: Dylan O’Brien as floorhand Caleb Holloway; Gina Rodriguez as young crew member Andrea Fleytas; Kurt Russell as crew member Jimmy Harrell; and John Malkovich as BP representative Donald Vidrine.

“Deepwater Horizon,” hits theaters Sept. 30, 2016. Watch the trailer below.  []

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Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg have already announced Atlanta expansion for their appropriately named Wahlburgers burger chain, and one of those restaurants is headed to Cobb County. Wahlburgers will take up residence at The Battery, the forthcoming entertainment district surrounding SunTrust Park, future home of the Atlanta Braves. Battery officials announced several new tenants for the development on Friday.

“We think The Battery Atlanta will be the absolute destination around the Atlanta area with the new park and all the other things they’ll have in that development, which is so exciting to me,” Mark Wahlberg, the current actor and former rapper known as Marky Mark, said in a prepared statement. “For our family, it’s a great opportunity to be at The Battery Atlanta, so we’re thrilled.”

The Wahlbergs first announced plans to enter the Georgia market in March. The franchise agreement calls for six restaurants in the “greater Atlanta area” and Savannah, though the exact number for each city hasn’t been revealed. Those who have never eaten at a Wahlburgers might know of the chain thanks to the Emmy-nominated reality television series of the same name. Wahlburgers chronicles the trio’s restaurant ventures, and it’s been renewed for at least two more seasons on A&E.

In addition to Wahlburgers, Friday’s announcement revealed plans for another Goldberg’s Bagel Company & Deli outpost at The Battery. Shake Shack, another white-hot national burger chain, was previously rumored to be looking at the development. There’s no word on whether this Wahlburgers location will affect those potential plans. Shake Shack operates a restaurant in Buckhead, and another is in the works for Perimeter Mall.

Initial details for the project were revealed last October. The Battery will bring in an impressive roster of local culinary talent, including Ford Fry’s The El Felix (initially announced as Superica), a steakhouse from Linton Hopkins, and Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q. The first openings should come online in time for the start of the 2017 Major League Baseball season, when the Braves will debut their new home.


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SiriusXM Host Jenny McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlberg kick off SiriusXM’s Prom Radio Channel on May 17, 2016 in New York.

Gallery Link:
Home – Donnie | Public Appearances – SiriusXM’s Prom Radio Channel

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Hey New Kids on the Block fans, are you ready for some arena pop?

NKOTB have been talking about releasing a new album for a long time. Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood assure Billboard it’s coming sooner than later. “Yes, we’re gonna do some new music soon. I’m putting it out there,” Wood says. “I know talk is cheap; we will take action and get it done.”

“We’re talking about either doing a whole new album or at least a good chunk of songs and then be able to go on tour and perform those new songs,” Knight adds. “You’ve heard of arena rock. We’re going to come out with a new genre called arena pop. It has to be very danceable, and anthemic. There’s got to be some oh-ohs and callbacks and chants. Very upbeat and inspiring.”

“What inspires me is what will work best live. Although we were thrilled with the reception of our last two records, we are a touring act. We love to perform,” says McIntyre referring to the group’s 2008 Interscope album The Block, and 2013 set 10, released on The Block/Boston Five. Both reached the top 10 on the Billboard 200.

“I always think, ‘Can this work in an arena?’ We have great fans, and we have a great party and we get to put on really entertaining shows — that’s what gets me going,” Knight adds.

While fans remain on hold for the new tunes, there’s no shortage of ways to stay connected with the group, which also includes Donnie Wahlberg and Jonathan Knight. “These days with social media its easy to stay connected. They know everything we’re up to,” says Wood.

There’s a level of intimacy that comes from interacting with many of the same fans for decades. “Back in the day it seemed like our fans were a wall of people, just a bunch of flashes from a camera, but now we really know them,” Knight says. “We’ve been touring so much, we know a lot of them and we’re so grateful.”

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Optus is targeting small and medium-sized business (SMBs) with a new campaign partnering with actor and Wahlburgers fast-food chain founder, Mark Wahlberg.

The new drive, which also features Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe, will support the opening of 126 new stores specializing in offering support for SMBs as Optus works to position itself as a player in the business market alongside Telstra.

The campaign represents the first work for Optus by With Collective after a major reshuffle of its agencies.

Thrive PR + Communications, UM and Amobee all also worked on the campaign.

Wahlberg will be used to promote smaller businesses thinking bigger, tapping into his own heritage growing up in working class Boston, becoming a successful actor and then founding his own burger chain, Wahlburgers.

Rob Parcell, managing director of Optus Small Business, said the new initiative had been designed to offer businesses premium service.

“Mark absolutely epitomises what it is to believe big because he has done it. He grew up in working class Boston with plenty of hurdles, but through hard work had the courage to believe big and make things possible,” Parcell said.

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Wahlburgers will establish its first South Carolina location in the heart of Myrtle Beach.

The eatery – a burger joint that inspired a reality television show staring Mark and Donnie Wahlberg – will open later this year at Broadway at the Beach just inside Celebrity Square. The Myrtle Beach location is the first of four slated to open in the Carolinas.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing Wahlburgers to Myrtle Beach,” CEO Rick Vanzura said in a news release. “While we look forward to welcoming the throngs of tourists who visit Myrtle Beach, we’re especially eager to open our doors to the local community and become a meaningful part of it.”

Wahlburgers will share the same signature green interior and characteristics of the flagship location in Hingham, Mass., complete with a fast casual counter, full-service dining room with a bar, mezzanine seating and an outdoor patio, according to the news release. A retail section will sell branded Wahlburgers merchandise.

The Myrtle Beach location will occupy 5,070 square feet while offering a full menu that “emphasizes creativity and quality ingredients.”

The restaurant inspired a hit reality TV series on A&E that began airing in 2014, and features the behind-the-scenes drama of operating a restaurant as well as their efforts to expand the burger joint to new markets.

The show has featured a unique mix of celebrity guest stars, including NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr., music titan P. Diddy and Pope Francis I.

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Chef Paul Wahlberg­ paints a colorful portrait of his circa-­1970s Dorchester childhood among a large, growing and now very famous family.

“Imagine a nest of birds with all their mouths open chirping and it’s always time to feed them,” Wahlberg, one of nine children of Alma and the late Donald Wahlberg, told the Boston Herald. “That was our house. When somebody went to the store for milk, they came back with two gallons. We ate meals that fed a lot of people.”

It’s those images of family life that inspired the new menu he’s releasing this week at Wahlburgers restaurants here in Greater Boston (Fenway, Hingham, Lynnfield) and beyond. (The company is in the midst of a massive franchise expansion plan.)

Fortunately for Paul, his customers and the rest of the Wahlberg clan — including international celebrity brothers Donnie and Mark — Mom and Dad were pretty good cooks.

“My dad made chili all the time,” said Wahlberg, who’s now a TV star in his own right thanks to the success of the A&E reality series “Wahlburgers,” where he and Mom play a central role. “Nothing fancy. No onions. No sour cream. Just chili. It was awesome.”

Alma specialized in sauce and pasta. “Her lasagna is still my brother Mark’s favorite thing and he asks for it whenever he comes home. It was also a great dish at a time when she was feeding a lot of kids.”

The new menu features several dishes right off the Wahlberg dinner table, modified for scratch cooking and contemporary tastes.

Paul and the kids grew up eating sloppy joes with canned Manwich sauce, in true blue-collar style. The new Wahlburgers version is a simply simmered blend of ground beef, onions, tomatoes and seasonings, served open-faced on Texas toast with crispy onions and house-made cheese sauce.

The Wahlberg clan also ate mac ’n’ cheese made from scratch with “government cheese” — a box of processed cheese familiar to many struggling families decades ago. In my neighborhood, kids used to boast that “government cheese makes the best grilled cheese.”

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Donnie Wahlberg’s familial connection on Blue Bloods wanes in comparison to his real-life bond with his mother, Alma.

“She has to be politically correct, but I already know,” Donnie joked with ET in a joint interview with his mother when asked who her favorite child is. “I’m the favorite,” he whispered.

It’s no wonder Donnie proudly labels himself a “mama’s boy.” As a single mother, Alma had to raise her nine kids — Donnie, Mark, Paul, Robert, Jim, Arthur, Debbie, Tracey and Michelle — by herself on welfare.

“I had to learn how to make meals out of nothing, and I would go to the Salvation Army store and buy shirts and different stuff,” Alma told ET.


ET first met Alma 27 years ago during Donnie’s New Kids on the Block days.

“Donnie came from a family of 9 children,” Alma told ET in a 1989 interview. “He was the second youngest, so he usually wore his brother’s hand-me-down sneakers.”

After her sons Donnie and Mark climbed the ladder of success in Hollywood, Alma is a celebrity in her own right, starring in the family’s A&E reality show, Wahlburgers. Alma told ET that she’s getting recognized so much now that it’s starting to affect her daily life.

“Yesterday I was in the market. I didn’t think I was going to get out. I’m serious!” she said. “They’re taking my picture in the market.”

But if you think fame and fortune has changed her, think again.

“To this day, I only thrift shop — even jewelry,” Alma said. “Somebody will say to me, ‘That ring is gorgeous!’ I say, ‘Yeah, it was $29.'”

It’s this humility and value system that Donnie credited for his family’s success.

“We’re only a reflection of her,” Donnie said. “Mark and I get all the glory for being so successful, but that’s all superficial. It really is.”


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Donnie Wahlberg’s success as an actor, producer and musician first began when he captured the hearts of teen girls everywhere as a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. He now stars as detective and Iraq war veteran Danny Reagan in the hit CBS drama “Blue Bloods.” Wahlberg joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why he supported former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio and to preview the “Blue Bloods” sixth season finale.

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“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg joined Boomer and Craig live in the Allstate Studio on Tuesday to talk about his hit CBS show and his band, New Kids On The Block.

Wahlberg talked about life as both a TV star and member of a beloved boy band. The Patriots fan also discussed Tom Brady’s suspension and his burger chain, Wahlburgers.

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The Hollywood actor is a dad to two daughters and two sons with wife Rhea Durham and has been able to strike a balance between his career and family life. That said, Mark doesn’t choose jobs as lightly as he used to now that he’s got other responsibilities.

“Absolutely,” he told Men’s Fitness magazine when asked if being a spiritual person impacts the films he chooses. “And also being a dad. And a husband. What I’m willing to do and not do. I never want to compromise my artistic integrity. But at the same time, with (playing a porn star in) Boogie Nights, I already did that. I’d be hard-pressed to do something in that world today.”

It’s fair to say that Mark is a far cry from the younger man he used to be, with numerous run-ins with the law and drug addictions in his past. Now with success to his name and children who look up to him, the 44-year-old is most concerned with focusing on making a positive impact.

“Sometimes you have no control,” he sighed. “Once you’ve done everything you can to create something, it goes out there and it either works or doesn’t. At the end of the day I just know I did everything I could do to make it the best it would be. Then you gotta be able to move on. Let it go.”

He also goes out of his way to ensure his offspring have everything he missed out on growing up, while instilling a strong work ethic in them. So amid all the fun they have together, Mark maintains discipline and structure and tries to keep his brood busy at all times.


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Mark Wahlberg is known for his extremely fit figure, which you can see on this current cover of Men’s Fitness.  In the video below, the actor offered a few secrets into his workout regime as he kicks off his latest fitness project — the natural workout supplement line Performance Inspired!

Speaking on the company he founded with GNC exec Tom Dowd, Wahlberg, 44, said he has always been committed to taking an all-natural approach to building muscle and staying in shape.

The actor said that “getting the proper nutrition with proper supplements” was “one of the big reasons” he became involved in the Performance Inspired project. “We want to give people the best that there is and give them the best chance to succeed. And the only way to do it right is to do it naturally,” he explained.

Wahlberg went on to share part of his philosophy for making sure he maintains a healthy body and avoids a workout lull! “Eating and the proper nutrition is probably about 85 percent of it,” he said. For me, I like to push the workouts and kind of change it up and test myself. I always want to be able to lift a little bit more. Do a couple more reps. It really comes down to eating right.” []

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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy attend Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show from Grant Park in Chicago, IL before the NFL Draft on April 28, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.

Gallery Link:
Home – Donnie | Public Appearances – NFL Draft 2016 / SiriusXM

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