460262660-480x360“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Mark Wahlberg at the NYC premiere of his film “The Gambler,” where the star spoke about trying to obtain an official pardon for the assault that landed him behind bars when he was just 16.

Wahlberg explained, “I was a young kid, and I was a follower. I’ve been working for 27 years to right the wrongs that I’ve done and the mistakes that I’d made as a child.”

The father of four added, “The day I woke up in prison, I had to ask, ‘Do I want to continue to be a follower or do I want to change my life and become a leader?’ And that’s what I decided to do. In no way shape or form did I try to use my celebrity or my success to get a part and hopefully it’s the hard work I put in with inner-city kids and the philanthropic work and the things that I’ve done as a man and the growth I’ve had, that I’ll be able to receive that. And if not, it won’t change how hard I’ve worked and continue to grow as a person and make a real impact on kids growing up in situations like the one I grew up in.”

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese man Wahlberg assaulted as a teenager has come forward to say he forgives the actor for punching him in 1988.

Speaking with MailOnline, Johnny Trinh said he is happy for Wahlberg to be given a pardon. “He was young and reckless, but I forgive him now. Everyone deserves another chance. He should not have the crime hanging over him any longer.”

Trinh also explained it wasn’t Wahlberg who blinded him in one eye. He received that injury while fighting the Communists in the Vietnam War. “I was not blinded by Mark Wahlberg. He did hurt me, but my left eye was already gone. He was not responsible for that.”


Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy’s new reality show is coming to A&E in January, and ExtraTV.com has two exclusive promos from the upcoming series!

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Jimmy and Mark Wahlberg compete in a high-stakes game of blackjack where the loser of each round gets smacked in the face with a giant rubber hand.

Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg are at it again in this exclusive clip from the upcoming third season of A&E’s “Wahlburgers.”

The show follows Paul, who is a chef, and his family and friends as they run the family burger restaurant, the aptly named Wahlburgers.

Season three will see the Boston-based brothers back to their usual routine of gambling, bowling and burger-eating, all while competing for mother Alma McPeck’s coveted “favorite child” title.

The nine-episode season will debut on A&E on Jan. 7.

“Wahlburgers” is produced for A&E Networks by 44 Blue Productions, in association with Closest to the Hole Productions, Leverage Entertainment and Donnie D Productions.

dtlumacki_burgers_life09Paul Wahlberg has dreamed of owning a restaurant almost since he started out washing dishes on Canal Street in the early 1980s, but the chef couldn’t have imagined something this big. Wahlburgers, the restaurant company he owns with his celebrity brothers Mark and Donnie, will on Thursday unveil plans to open 27 more locations.

The major expansion comes just three years after the first Wahlburgers restaurant opened in Hingham and follows deals for three in Las Vegas and five in the Philadelphia area. A Toronto restaurant — the second Wahlburgers — drew huge crowds to a grand opening last month.

The new franchise agreements include 20 locations in Florida and seven in New York City. But Massachusetts isn’t being left out of the growth spurt — the Wahlbergs are getting ready to open their second and third Boston-area Wahlburgers restaurants, in Lynnfield and the Fenway. Eventually, the brothers say, there could be up to 300 across the country.

Unlike other restaurant chains, this one’s growing pains are playing out in front of a TV camera. A&E’s reality show, “Wahlburgers,” has featured the business in 18 episodes so far. The show brings people to the burger joints. But it also elevates the stage on which Paul Wahlberg works, putting more pressure on him to send customers away satisfied.


B3YjFKXIAAEgFC_“The thing is, I’m not supposed to be in this position right now,” says Mark Wahlberg. He’s calling from New Orleans, where he’s in the midst of filming a new movie, to discuss his latest film, “The Gambler,” and the topic of advice for new actors has come up. “But I worked hard and never took no for an answer. It’s better to spend years becoming a slow success and building a career than becoming an overnight success. But just do the work, do the prep. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to prepare for a part or a role.”

He’s speaking from experience regarding his performance as Jim Bennett in “The Gambler,” a remake of the 1974 film, written by Academy Award winner William Monahan—whose script for “The Departed” led to Wahlberg’s first Oscar nomination—and directed by Rupert Wyatt (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”). The film is ostensibly a drama about a gambling addict and English professor, but the creative team involved is less interested in telling an Everyman story than in creating a piercing character study of a man who has embraced nihilism and then has a change of heart when it might be too late.

Wahlberg was originally comfortable playing Jim as a bulkier man, but Wyatt successfully convinced him to drop 60 pounds to create a more convincing addict (and professor, for that matter). “I loved the wardrobe and I loved the idea of Jim only having two suits and two shirts and never really worried about his appearance,” Wahlberg says. “Which is why I agreed to do the whole transformation thing, because Rupert was like, ‘He’s not really eating or worried about exercise.’ And once I start doing something I just become obsessed with it so I keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it.” He pauses. “But it also gets pretty annoying when people talk about it. You have to prepare mentally and physically—that’s the job.”


07GAMBLER1-master675Mark Wahlberg and James Caan Discuss ‘The Gambler’

LOS ANGELES — Last summer, Mark Wahlberg called James Caan to tell him that he was going to play the lead in a remake of “The Gambler,” the 1974 film that starred Mr. Caan.

“It was a respect thing,” Mr. Caan explained, adding that the conversation didn’t end there. Mr. Wahlberg told him that he and the new movie’s director, Rupert Wyatt, had discussed the possibility of casting Mr. Caan as a thug in the updated version. “What a horrible idea, a ridiculous distraction. Me, I thought, ‘Why even remind them?’ Then I think both came to their senses.”

Mr. Wahlberg, 43, and Mr. Caan, 74, have been friends since they met in 1999 on the set of “The Yards.” Mr. Caan played the corrupt owner of a company that repairs railway cars, and Mr. Wahlberg was his nephew, a soft-spoken ex-con hoping to turn his life around. At the time, Mr. Wahlberg was still relatively new to film, and he gravitated to the older actor, celebrated for his roles as charming bruisers in “The Godfather” and “Thief,” among other movies. Later, when Mr. Wahlberg invited Mr. Caan to his house for dinner, there on the wall alongside a collection of photographs of Mr. Wahlberg’s favorite masculine heroes — James Cagney, John Garfield, Steve McQueen — hung a beautiful shot of Mr. Caan from “The Gambler.”

“I got it a long time ago,” Mr. Wahlberg said. “But he thought I’d just put it up there for the day because he was coming over.”

James Gray, who directed “The Yards,” wasn’t surprised that Mr. Caan, who grew up poor in the Bronx, and Mr. Wahlberg, a former street kid from the tough Dorchester neighborhood in Boston, bonded easily. “How could they not?” Mr. Gray wrote in an email. “Mark recognized Jimmy’s tremendous authenticity, and Jimmy was an idol of his. Jimmy sensed correctly that Mark shared his essential toughness. So Jimmy took him under his wing.”


Actor and Boston native Mark Wahlberg said he’s going to get a clean shave and is calling on celebrities and athletes to do the same.

He’s modeled in underwear and has sported many different looks in movies. Now, the multi-talented Wahlberg plans to go bald for a cause, shaving his head for charity.

In a short video, Wahlberg appears with the co-founders of One Mission Buzz-Off, calling for people to buzz their heads. The money raised will go towards helping children who are battling cancer and their families. The shaved look helps children feel like they’re not different from everyone else.

He says one particular person is looking forward to his new hairdo.

“My wife will actually be happy, she says I look like an old Harry from One Direction,” Wahlberg said in the video. “I’m challenging all of you to do the same thing. Shave your head for charity, for a good cause.”

New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski has previously participated in the cause, shaving his head last summer.

“Gronkowski’s already done it, I’m challenging every other Patriot, celebrity, sports star in the world to do it, do it for the kids,” Wahlberg said.

He’s not sure when exactly he will be shaving his head, but he says he will do it after he’s finished filming “Ted 2,” “Daddy’s Home” and “Deep Water Horizon.”

For more information on One Mission Buzz-Off, click here.

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234B447100000578-0-image-71_1416484728631Mark Wahlberg has proven that he is a man’s man more than once (who can forget THAT Calvin Klein advert), and the tiger is not about to change his stripes just yet. The 43-year-old actor was spotted on set of his new comedy, Daddy’s Home, filming scenes shirtless and on a motorbike.

Wahlberg is once again teaming up with Will Ferrell, with whom he created comedy gold with The Other Guys in 2010, for the new film. Wahlberg plays the biological father to Ferrell’s stepdad, as the latter’s character marries Mark’s ex-wife. Ferrell, 47, plays a reliable and mild-mannered radio executive whose efforts to be the best stepfather ever are hampered by the arrival of Wahlberg.

Mark’s character is described as ‘a wild guy with a tendency to freeload’. Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Pictures will co-produce and finance the film, written by Brian Burns and directed by Sean Anders and John Morris.

It is hoped that Wahlberg and Ferrell will be able to recreate their on-screen chemistry that made The Other Guys such a success. In The Other Guys, Ferrell played Detective Allen Gamble, a conservative and risk-averse forensic accountant. Wahlberg’s Detective Terry Hoitz was the opposite type, a quick-tempered man of action who once shot Derek Jeter during the World Series.

Daddy’s Home is slated for release in 2015.